Milk Dudd: TheDream feat. Kanye West – Walking on the Moon

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Back before TheDream’s near flawless album, Love vs. Money was released, I posted a leak of this song, Walking on the Moon featuring Kanye West. But once the album came out, I was able to enjoy it in its entirety and this song fell on to the back-burner. Instead I was bumpin’, Take Her Home to My Mama, Mr. Yeah, or Put it Down instead. But…Def Jam still decided to release this song as TheDream’s third single. More likely because of Kanye being featured in the song will raise Dream’s profile in Mainstream media, a bit more. So I pocketed my opinions and watched the video, directed by one of my favourites, Hype Williams.

I’m sorry, this is a big NO for me. The video has stolen from been inspired by Michael & Janet Jackson’s innovative video, Scream. And I understand the recession, but this video looks cheap. From Dream’s homemade studded leather jacket to the played out black pleather gloves, you get the feeling they scaled back significantly on the Dream’s wardrobe in order to afford Kanye’s (he is the fashionista after all). The video models are pretty and Kanye raps his best lines to a dark Choklit model who seems as uninterested in the video as I am. The video looks like it is looking for its star, but Dream doesn’t fit the role, unfortunately. I hope this single does raise Dream’s profile a bit more, because I doubt we will be seeing another video from this stellar album.  Can’t win ’em all I guess.

*Side Note*: If you want to see the real thing, click here.


Music News ROLO: Jeremih readies his Def Jam Debut & Video

Source: via WireImage/Getty

Source: via WireImage/Getty

In addition to Girl Group season, get ready for the Summer of Jeremih. I’m calling it. I featured Jeremih’s runaway hit, Birthday Sex,  a month or so back. Since the song’s independent release late last year and its tremendous success, Hot ChokLit dude Jeremih has been signed to Def Jam Records and has filmed the video for his hit to be released very soon.

Ya girl just came back from a Spring break-style vacation and trust, Birthday Sex was the late night grindfest song of choice. And the ladies were not complaining at all! Not to mention, Jeremih is a handsome guy and will definitely have the ladies screaming swooning. And to think, Jeremih has only been at this R&B game for 3 years before getting signed. I hope he’s ready, because me thinks his is about to blow!

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Melt in Your Ears: RichGirl brings the HEAT!

Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven

Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven

This must be Girl Group season. Despite no R&B Girl Group having any real mainstream success since Destiny’s Child, Record labels are flocking like moths to a flame for these new girl groups poppin’ up everywhere. Between Electrik Red, Sophia Fresh and Danity Kane, the one thing lacking with these groups has been the powerhouse vocals Destiny’s Child Beyonce brought to the table.  Now here comes along a little group called RichGirl.  Audra, Brave, Lyndriette & Seven make up the 4 young ladies of RichGirl, a group headed by producer Rich Harrison of Amerie’s 1 thing fame.  2 of the females were associates of Rich’s through the industry connects while the other two were recruited through Myspace and through an audition process.

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Of course all 4 women are beautiful, and represents all 4 different shades. But wait – they can SING! All of them! Peep their first video, He Ain’t With Me Now (Tho), a hard-hitting track with tonnes of energy, sass and percussion. The girls channel Amerie’s energy from 1 thing, but give their own taste to it. And their voices are on point. RichGirl is expecting to release their self-titled album this Summer on Rich Harrison’s label, RichCraft. Also check out their first U.S single 24 inches below. There is another version featuring Bun B floating around and expect to hear a remix coming up for 24′ inches featuring Jim Jones & Lloyd Banks.

I think these girls have choklit mounds of potential! Also, the opening singer favors Beyonce in the voice. What do ya’ll think of RichGirl?

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Pour A Lil’ Choklit Liquor: R.I.P Dolla

As some of you may have heard by now, ATL rapper Dolla aka Roderick Anthony Burton II has been murdered outside a Los Angeles Mall this past Monday.

Dolla was well known in the ATL after having being signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik Label back in 2007. He had previously formed a rap group The Razkals Cru (no relation to Canadian Group of similar name) in his teens, and had done some modelling with Diddy Comb’s Sean John line as well. Eventually, after impressing the likes of Diddy & Missy Elliot, Dolla appeared on the Step it Up soundtrack, with a song called, Feelin’ Myself .

Most of us remember Dolla from his hit song with T-Pain, Who the F is that. I remember bouncin’ to the song when I first heard it, and thought the kid had a nice flow to him. I watched him appear on a Spring Bling episode that same year, but soon after that, he faded from the Public eye.

The last I had heard, Dolla had some words for another up-and-coming Rapper, 2Pistols, who Dolla complained stole his hit song’ when Pistols released She Got it with T-Pain. The two actually got into a physical altercation at the BET Awards, where Dolla reportedly punched 2Pistols.

Dolla was shot in the head by the Assailant while shopping at a swanky L.A mall. He had just  flown into the City and was supposed to be working on his forthcoming album, Another Day, Another Dolla. According to reports, Dolla had got into a previous altercation at the airport before arriving at the mall.

The police have charged an individual they believe is responsible for the shooting: Aubrey Louis Berry of Snellville, Georgia. The police found Berry trying to buy a ticket out of L.A, armed with a gun on him. He was detained without a struggle.

Dolla was a very young, rising star on his way  to bigger and better things. I think he had a bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, it also appears he had quite the temper as well. May his soul Rest in Peace. Lets pour a lil’ ChokLit Liquor for him…

“I can do street music or pop music, but I make music from the heart — meaningful songs, songs with substance. I rap about the struggle, like being five years old, seeing your father killed before your eyes and instantly becoming a man on the streets.”  – Dolla 1988 – 2009



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Now Playing: Chrisette Michelle – Epiphany


I must admit, there is not much I  knew about Ms Michelle. I’ve done my best Google search to dig up some dirt on her, but most of the information I could find on her is the token PR fodder. Not that there is a problem with that. So, no, she hasn’t stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife, doesn’t have any nude pics floating around and she is not romantically linked to any of the Rappers she has collaborated with – including the Game, Nas, Jay-z or Kanye. Whew. Maybe that’s why we may have almost missed Chrisette on our ChokLit Radar. Side Note: She does have a new blonde-streaked haircut though. Its pretty cute.

In fact, Chrisette’s current claim to Blog fame is her trumping of crunk-popstar Ciara for the Number One spot on the Billboard & iTunes charts, her fist week out, for her sophomore album, Epiphany. Since I’ve already posted one of Chrisette’s videos and her second single, I told myself (and my readers) that I would give Chrisette the good ol’ college try, this time around. I can safely say, I was not prepared for what I about to hear. Epiphany is one of the best Contemporary R&B albums I have heard in a long time. I’m not even going to sugar-coat this. Not only can this girl blow, she has an enviable producing and writing team that needs to be acknowledged.

Chrisette officially appeared on the scene with her debut album I Am, back in 2007. The album was not a commercial success, though it was Certified Gold. Chrisette was nomiated for various awards including two Grammys. However, Chrisette began to express an interest in exploring a more youthful, uptempo sound for her next album. So this time around, she decided to start from scratch and worked with a new batch of producers & song-writers including Ne-Yo, who executive-produced the project and wrote 7 of the songs; Rodney Jerkins, Claude Kelly, Bei Maejor, Jayms Madison (All I ever think about) and Chuck Harmon. This was definitely a good move on Chrisette & her Label’s part; the album has a very youthful, but cohesive, testimonial feel to it. The music on Epiphany incorporates a lot of drums, guitar licks and snaps – similar to what you would expect from a Ne-Yo album. But the beautiful melodies, masterful backup vocals and Chrisette’s sassy but succinct voice give the music a new life; very polished yet extremely heartfelt. The album opens strong with the title track, Epiphany (I’m Leaving), a song about that exact moment when you realize things are indeed over.  Notebook follows, a beautiful song that shows Chrisette’s vulnerability, setting the mood for the album. The second single What You Do is next, a duet with Chrisette & Ne-Yo that has her finally telling ol boy, “No more, ‘I’m sorry‘”


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Hot ChokLit: Trey Songz – I Need A Girl video


How did I almost forget about this one? Trey released the video for his first single, I Need a Girl, a couple weeks back. Unfortunately, by now, I have gotten over listening to this song. I am more likely to bump Brand New, which is a Banger!

I will give props for the video showcasing all shades of Choklit ladies for Trey to rub up on. But other than that, the video is nothing special – but we do get to see Trey walk down the beach, Trey in an un-buttoned shirt, Trey playin’ volleyball…Ok I’ll stop. I pity the chicks who, a couple years back, wrote my boy Trey off as a skinny birdcage-chested boy. Trey is all grown up – Now who’s laughing? 😉

All jokes aside, do we like the video? Trey’s new album Ready will be in stores & on iTunes August 8th!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Melt in Your Ears: Amerie – Why R U


Amerie is back with a new sound and a new Label! Now signed with Def Jam after parting with Sony Records last year, Amerie is trying to make a comeback without her former production partner, Rich Harrison (responsible for One Thing, and now also working with Yound Steff!). The tentative title for the new album is In Love & War.

Why R U was released to the ‘Nets a couple days ago to some mixed reviews. I for one, think this song – produced by the Buchanans, is hot! It is a bit of a throwback to the 90s Hip Hop era and sounds different from everything else on the Radio right now. I think the song has potential – just needs a hot video, that I’m sure Amerie can deliver. I love Amerie’s voice; I think it has a lot of grit and substance and she deserves success. her last effort, Touch was pretty solid, but I believe some label politics led them to cut promotion of her second single, Touch that featured T.I.

Anywhoo…take a listen and let me know what ya’ll think!

Amerie – Why R U

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Black Licorice: Lady Gaga performs PokerFace on Ellen

Many people have many different opinions and thoughts on Ms Gaga. I think she is very creative and fun (hence her outfits) and she is also very talented. Gaga produces and writes all her own music – at 23 years old! And I believe she styles herself and inputs her choreography. Her music is more dance-infused, but you cannot deny this chick’s star power. This performance stood out to me because she starts off the performance sitting at her piano singing in an old 50s cabaret-style before standing on top of her piano bench and leading into Poker Face (with dancers in tow). Gaga can sing, dance, write & produce hits! And these get-ups…She betta WORK!

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Music News ROLO: Chrisette’s First #1 & Ciara’s Dissapointment


First off, ChokLit Kisses go to my girl Chrisette Michelle! She has scored her very first #1 Album! **Applause** Her sophomore CD, Epiphany is getting a lot of love from R&B fans, so good for her! It topped the Billboard charts this week with 83,000 units sold. Mind you, according to Billboard, this is the slowest-selling number one album in Neilsen’s 18-year history! That means ya’ll really ain’t tryin’ to buy your traditional CDs anymore huh? Do you prefer iTunes instead, or is LimeWire your BFF?  Anyways, it is always good when good music catches a break every now & then. I am working on getting my hands on the CD so I will update you all on what I think about (though I hear really good things!) Has anyone heard Epiphany yet? What do you think?


Now the bad news. Last week I heard rumblings of Ciara & Chrisette battling it out for the number one spot and I was a little surprised… But sadly, Ciara had to bow in at number 3 on the charts with under 81,000 units of Fantasy Ride sold. The Hannah Montana soundtrack came in second. I should also mention that Ciara’s previous effort, Evolution, sold 338,000 copies in its first week out, beating out Chart-Champ Eminem! So this is a huge disappointment for Ciara and her fans and her Label who suffered a setback when Go Girl did not take off and Fantasy Ride took a tumble. All the push-backs let an uneasy feeling with her fans (including myself) and gave Fantasy Ride a premature bad rap. Then the lackluster singles released for the actual project still left people wanting more. She did get a boost with her Justin Timberlake feature, but many fans complained Love Sex Magic sounded like a leftover from Justin’s previous effort FutureSex/Love Sounds.


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Hot ChokLit: Ciara preformance on SNL

Hurry, before NBC takes it down!

I missed Ciara’s performance over the weekend so I am glad WSHH didn’t sleep on this like I did. Both performances are in the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Source

What did you guys think? Ciara looked Great of course! This is her first performance on SNL, I believe. I like that her new Management is pushing her further and further into the Popstar limelight. Her voice sounded on point – meaning she sounded very similar to the recorded material, I know her vocals aren’t anything special… Of course her dancing was on point, always is. I thought it was a bit too much crawlin’ on the Flo’ like a Dawg, and I could have done without the  one-leg, one-cheek jiggle, but I suppose it is nice to see Ciara can do the moves in person (??) Did I just say that, or think it?

Anywhoo, solid entertaining performance. But i find myself yawning at the music itself. I am always excited to see Ciara preform, but more so when it is material I actually like.

Here is Ciara’s live performance of Promise on David Letterman, a couple years back. She was a bit thicker back then. Her vocals, weren’t as great…but her performance and the music itself was hot! Still got luv fo’ ya Ci ci!

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