J.U.I.C.Y: Teairra Marie Remixes Drake’s Over in a Bikini, The Dream Covers Aaliyah

Hoping to create a buzz for her upcoming project, Point of No Return, Teairra Marie recorded a remix to Drake’s Over sample and even filmed a video for the track. In the video, Teairra prances around in a sexy, white bikini on a beach in California, teasing the camera. I’m actually diggin this remix, Teairra has got a nice flow! And unlike Ciara who seems out of place rapping on her buzz video, Teairra pulls off the “I will cut you n*gga” image quite well. The video is a nice look for her too. If you are drooling over Teairra’s beach body bikini as much as I am, you can find the Chain of Fools bikini over at Beach BunnySwimwear. It’s about $169 for the top alone and $150 for the bottom…

Sidenote: If you missed Teairra preforming Sponsor and chatting on the Monique Show, click over here to check it out!

Earlier last week, The Dream leaked a cover he recorded one of Aaliyah aka Babygirl’ classic songs One in A Million. When I first heard about the re-make, I asked WHY?? Then I heard Dream’s cover and again, asked WHY?? I mean, it isn’t horrible, it just is not necessary. It’s like if Kanye West were to re-make Michael Jackson’s Thriller; it’s NOT necessary (although many people may argue Kanye has ‘earned’ the right to remake an MJ song, I would not).

Needless to say, the remake caused quite a stir on Twitter and YouTube, with people posting reaction videos and tweeting their hate Dream’s way. Of course, people went overboard. Aaliyah has a lot of loyal Stans. Dream responded on Twitter:*Edited for clarity*

No one will ever sing Aaliyah’s One In A Million like she did! Definitely not me lol. I did it because I Really miss her still and it was out of Respect! To her I’m still just a fan not a writer not an Artist A Fan! Calm down the worlds not over. But at least y’all will remember how dope she was and still is to this day!

And there you have it. People really give Dream a hard time! The man cannot spell though. Check out his remake below! It wasn’t horrible, I like the rifts and the effects at the end. #RIPBabygirl


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  1. Unless that bikini comes with Drake and lil Wayne’s money I’m gonna have to pass lol
    As for the dream *sigh* I’ve been avoiding listening to this mess since it came out cos I just KNEW it would piss me off and it did from the fist opening beats to the “Love you babes” in that tranny sounding auto tuned to death voice! UGH! Just like that We Are The World remake it is totally unnecessary, totally a hot mess and totally does not do the song justice!
    A remake should bring something new to the table not make you grind your teeth in disgust
    RIP Aaliyah!

    • LOL @ Tranny-sounding mess!! Tell ’em how you really feel! Haha Dream has to know what he’s doin, creating controversy. It was unnecessary…

  2. NO body needed Dream’s ass to touch that song. People ALWAYS messing with classic. If he knew “no one could sing it like her” then why’d he release that b.s. He could have kept that in his own crib for his own “enjoyment”

    He thought he was nice with it and wanted to see what buzz he could generate from it.


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