Sweet Tooth: *New Video* Dondria – You’re the One

Singer Dondria aka Phatfffat, is the YouTube singing sensation that was picked up by Super-Producer Jermaine Dupri some years ago. Now 23 (I thought she was much younger!), Dondria is poised to release her debut album, Dondria vs. Phatfffat. The album’s lead single is the gospel-tinged, classic-themed love song, You’re the One. Written and produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, the song is a sticky-sweet ode to young love. Dondria sings,

I feel it all over my body (I feel it all over my body)
I dream about you when I sleep (Yeah)
You’re the one for me, you’re the one

Cute. Dondria looks like a young Monica in the video and glams it up a bit in a classc black dress. I haven’t been following Dondria on her YouTube but I know she has many devoted fans and I know she can blow. I have my doubts about JD’s hitmaking abilities in this day and age, but I hope for Dondria’s sake, he hits gold with this debut.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts.

*Sidenote* I LOVE the song!

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Before They Blow-POP! Bertell

You may have heard about Bertell. He is the newest artist exclusively signed to Capitol Records via Bryan Michael Cox’s label BlackBaby Entertainment and Bertell’s own Upscape Music group. A Houston native, Bertell left his hometown to try his hand at a basketball scholarship opportunity in New Jersey, before leaving school his last year to return to music once again. After collaborating with Dem Franchize Boyz for their local hit, Shorty What That Do, he caught the attention of R&B Music Producer B. Cox. Together, they began working together to hone Bertell’s sound.  Bertell would soon record a hit in the buzz single She Bad featuring Houston royalty, Bun B. Bertell’s next single, Beat it Up would become his first real single and major label push.

After I peeped the  video last week and checked out his Myspace, the song grew on me.  Now before you say anything, yes, I am aware of the obvious comparisons. Beat it Up has some The Dream-inspired moments and the lyrics do remind me of the music Trey Songz is doing nowadays with his sing-songy rapper-meets-sanga style. Bertell decides to push the censors by talking about different sexual positions, including the “Suicide position” that got bleeped from the song.

The main reason I mentioned Bertell as one to watch is that his production company, Upscale Music Group (specifically T.A And Kwasi) has produced a hit with Beat it Up! It was the 3rd most-added song to Urban Radio according to Bertell’s Myspace page. This is an important feat for an artist in an Industry that is becoming harder and harder to break into.

Also, Bertell has a uniquely smooth voice. If he can get past the comparisons to other artists and the fly-by-night success of a first hit record, Bertell may have something of value to offer the R&B scene. Still, from what it sounds like, Bertell will be following in the footsteps of Trey Songz and he may have some trouble gaining real fans this way.

Nonetheless, check out Bertell’s video, then listen to the remix to Beat It Up featuring a fast-talking Twista – who is perfect for the song. What do you guys think of Bertell? Do you think he sounds like other artists or is he currently in his own lane?

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Bertrell feat. Twista – Beat it Up Remix

Hot ChokLit! *New Video* Usher featuring Nikki Minaj – Lil Freak

image via PitchFork.com

Just in time for the release of his sixth full length album Raymond vs. Raymond, Usher has released the anticipated video to his hit second single, Lil Freak. Polow Da Don produced the song we first previewed here, using a sample from Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City, which I never caught at first. A lot of Stevie’s music is being sampled lately, which just showcases his music’s never-ending appeal.

The Lil Freak video was directed by TAJ. The plot centers around a young woman who wanders into an underground club of some sorts where Usher is watching. He sends his girl Nikki out to recruit the female. The video is described as having some similar elements as the the Saw movies. Nikki is entertaining in her Cruella Deville wig and exaggerated facial expressions. Ciara and Jamie Foxx make very brief (and pointless) cameos, while Usher appears very vacant in the video and the only dancing we see from him is some writhing he does near the video’s end. Nonetheless, I like the video!

What are your thoughts?

Raymond Vs. Raymond hits stores this Tuesday, March 30th. Hopefully we sill have a review for the album before then 🙂

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Now or Laters? New Music from Drake & TheDream, Kelly Rowland and T-Pain

The good news is, we are starting to see a lot more new music being premiered for a year that has so far been pretty lackluster musically. The lineup of artists who will be releasing products in the next 3 – 5 months has me a bit excited. However, will these projects be any good is the question?

Toronto Native and Hip hop’s biggest thing since Bling, Drake has begun leaking singles for his major label debut album, Thank Me Later.  His first single Over has been getting a favorable response after debuting at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. This track, Shut it Down features the LoveKing over a beat produced by 40 and Omen. This was originally supposed to be Drake’s lead single, but I am glad they changed direction. I like the song, even though it sounds like a reject from Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks and Dream’s LoveHate (simultaneous reject). I think Drake needs to give us a little bit more Hip Hop before he delves into his auto-tuned creative side. #Noshade the song is hot!

But that’s just my opinion…what did ya’ll think of the song?

*Update* TheDream confirmed with MTVnews that the released track is an unfinished version.

Drake featuring TheDream – Shut It Down


Even though Kelly Rowland has done the unthinkable by leaving her former management team (Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles) to seek out management that will actually work to make her a star, I’m still not really checking for Kelly. Now, I think she’s a beautiful girl, and she has a nice voice, I just don’t see Kelly as a solo star or entertainer. She appears to be more like the sidepiece/jumpoff, but not the main chick. Feel me?

Anyways, again, my opinion 🙂 Hopefully, Kelly can prove me wrong this time around.

Ms Rowland apparently stole purchased the track that Teyana Taylor was wishing hoping to use as her next single and recorded a pretty decent song with producer Bangladesh. I’ve listened to this song three times now trying to get a good feel for it since the Internets are saying this one is a Banger. Arrrgggghhh I just don’t hear it. What is the song about? Maybe if I heard it in a club with some alcohol in me? That appears to be what it takes for me to like some of the music I’ve been hearing lately…I need to stop listening to Stevie and Aretha…

What do you guys think of this song? As a small sidenote, I sort of think this song may have been better suited for Teyana *dodges rocks*

Kelly Rowland – Smooches

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Melt in Your Ears: Robin Thicke’s RollaCoasta & Ryan Leslie’s Adidas Ad

Even though Robin Thicke made a string of promotional appearances on various talk shows (including David Letterman) with Nikki Minaj for their song, Shakin’ it for Daddy (I wasn’t a big fan…), Robin decided to release Rollercoasta featuring Estelle as his second official single (International markets only) from his fourth studio album Sex Therapy. While Rollercoasta will only be released for International markets,  the Single  Its In The Morning featuring Snoop Dogg will be released as the US single. Robin just finished filming the video recently.

Rollacoasta is a good look for International markets since the song has a funky futuristic vibe. Also Estelle is always a good choice when trying to reach an overseas audience. Do ya’ll like this? I think its hot!

Sidenote: Thicke’s Sex Therapy is a solid album that finds him branching out and trying some new sounds. If you haven’t already, Cop that ish!!


I ain’t sure about commitment, but I could sure use the company

Well, at least he’s honest… Ryan Leslie, teaming up with Adidas for their new campaign called Adidas Originals, recorded a new song called When I think About Love. Ryan plays a snippet of the song in this promotional video of him decked out in Adidas gear singing on the streets of NYC. Being a Marketing major, this is the kind of Advertisement I can get into. And the song is catchy too!  Check it out!

Music News ROLO: *Ladies Love* New Music from Mariah, Monica & Shanell!

Mariah continues to work on her Remix Project titled Angel’s Advocate and the singles continue to leak. Ribbons was one of my favorite uptempo songs on Memoirs and I’m definitely feeling the remix with Ludacris and TheDream both lending verses. Ludacris can still kill a Remix like no other!

Mariah will finally release Angel’s Advocate March 30th, where she will be going up against Usher’s Raymond Vs. Raymond, among others. The album will feature all new remixes as well as duets of songs from her Memoirs album.

Mariah Carey featuring Ludacris & TheDrem – Ribbons (Remix)


Since Atlanta can be called the Mecca of R&B for the new Millennium, it is only natural that it births this brand of New R&B ushered in by artists such as TheDream, Janelle Monae and Shanell. Now signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Label, Shanell is getting the chance to showcase her talent. I like to describe her music as Trip Pop. It just sounds new age, 80s-inspired and something Prince may approve of. Here she teams up with Lil Wayne (her rumored beau ) and fellow artist Mack Maine for Deadliest Catch. I’m feeling this joint right here! It’s sexy, fresh and different, but in a good way. What do you guys think?

Shanell featuring Lil Wayne & Mack Main – Deadliest Catch

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Sweet Tooth: *Video* Vivian Green – Beautiful

Singer/Songwriter pianist Vivian Green is returning with another project named Beautiful. The first single of the same title is Green’s first song in over 3 years. I wasn’t really a fan of Vivian’s first single  Emotional Rollercoaster from 2002, but she clearly developed a fan base because her debut album, A Love Story went Gold, selling over 500,000 copies. Sadly, she could not duplicate that success as her latest album Vivian sold less than 50,000 copies, even though it produced a strong Single with Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired).

Now signed with E1 Records, Green is hoping to recover her fanbase again with this new project. I personally do not like the song though the video is nice. Although I like the overall message of the song, I find it very forgettable and that it lacks any real structure or present melody. It comes across more like an album cut and not a lead single. Considering her label actually gave Vivian a budget to work with and she looks strikingly beautiful in the video, I think their efforts may have been wasted. Usually, Artists like Vivian get one to two chances to release a Single and I don’t think this was the best choice for her. Maybe it will grow on me?

The video was directed by Christopher Standford. The album Beautiful will be released April 6th on E1 Records. What did you guys think of the song and video?

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Butta of the Week!: *Video* Timbaland & Justin Timberlake – Carry Out

Ok, this got me a little geeked. Timbaland teamed up with his partner in crime, Justin Timberlake for the third Single release off his latest compilation album, Shock Value II. The album is a follow-up to the Platinum-selling Shock Value album that was also an International hit. Due to Timbaland’s worldwide appeal, I feel his label is focusing more on the markets across the pond because I have barely heard his singles or seen his videos here in Canada. Carry Out was released to radio in December of last year while the video was released in mid-February.  Bryan Barber directed the video which sort of reminds me of Hype William’s treatment for GoldDigger.

I do love this song; it is a good look for both artists and I would definitely shake to this in the clubs. Plus this beat is taking me back to the late 90s when Timbaland’s production skills were unmatched and the best in the Industry at the time.  Justin & Timbaland make a good creative team together and I dig the metaphors they are using comparing fast food to….hot sex? Owwwww!

Milk Dudd: *Video* Teairra Marie – Sponsor featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy

Teairra Marie quietly released her video for Sponsor a couple weeks ago.  The song has been getting airplay for a minute now, though her label has again taken too long to produce a video. As I have said before, I like Teairra; I think she has a nice, pleasant voice, she can sing and is cute to look at, but she has got to do better and come harder if she wants to succeed in this Industry.  Here are some of my thoughts on the video:

Dance or Sing: Choose ONE!

The choreography in this video is severely lackluster. My sister’s high school talent shows produced better dance sequences than this. And Teairra was tiptoeing through most of the routine like she didn’t want to break a sweat. If Rihanna can wine up a storm without looking foolish, Teairra will have to do more than spread her legs or prop her ass up. #DoBetter

Lack of Star Rapper

Sadly, like many artists who paid good money to work with Gucci Mane while he was still hot and relevant, then had to produce videos without the star feature since he is currently incarcerated, Womp Womp to them. Gucci may be the Lil Wayne of 2010 (when comparing how many R&B song features he is doing), but these constant video absences won’t cut it.

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Hot ChokLit!: Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s Telephone video

Lady Gaga and Beyonce filmed a sequel to Gaga’s Paparazzi video with the Jonas Aukerland co-written/co-directed mini movie for Gaga’s new Single, Telephone. This is beyond Extra and a bit confusing at some parts, but you cannot dispute the amount of creativity, thought, product placement (too many to count) and bad acting (Bey!! :O) that went into this 9:32 long video. The key is to watch it at least twice, it actually grows on you and I dig the MJ tributes in the video.  Beyonce looks hot in the video and Tyrese also makes a cameo! What did you guys think??

Sidenote: Gaga’s fashions were on point, but Paparazzi is still my fave video from her.

You will either love it or hate it…

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