Sweet Tooth: New Music from Priscilla Renea & Ciara

I was perusing Concrete Loop and found this video from a very talented young artist named Priscilla Renea who is currently signed to Capitol records. The 20 year old singer/songwriter has a beautiful voice and appears to be a breathe of fresh air in an industry that is obsessed with image. Her video below is impossibly cute, as is the song, called Hello Apple. Her debut album will be called Jukebox and should be released later this year. Priscilla apparently was discovered via YouTube where she posted videos of herself singing her songs. Respect the grind!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, you must check out this YouTube video she does covering Drake’s Best I ever Had. Very talent girl and such a cutie pie!



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Music News ROLO: Chrisette’s First #1 & Ciara’s Dissapointment


First off, ChokLit Kisses go to my girl Chrisette Michelle! She has scored her very first #1 Album! **Applause** Her sophomore CD, Epiphany is getting a lot of love from R&B fans, so good for her! It topped the Billboard charts this week with 83,000 units sold. Mind you, according to Billboard, this is the slowest-selling number one album in Neilsen’s 18-year history! That means ya’ll really ain’t tryin’ to buy your traditional CDs anymore huh? Do you prefer iTunes instead, or is LimeWire your BFF?  Anyways, it is always good when good music catches a break every now & then. I am working on getting my hands on the CD so I will update you all on what I think about (though I hear really good things!) Has anyone heard Epiphany yet? What do you think?


Now the bad news. Last week I heard rumblings of Ciara & Chrisette battling it out for the number one spot and I was a little surprised… But sadly, Ciara had to bow in at number 3 on the charts with under 81,000 units of Fantasy Ride sold. The Hannah Montana soundtrack came in second. I should also mention that Ciara’s previous effort, Evolution, sold 338,000 copies in its first week out, beating out Chart-Champ Eminem! So this is a huge disappointment for Ciara and her fans and her Label who suffered a setback when Go Girl did not take off and Fantasy Ride took a tumble. All the push-backs let an uneasy feeling with her fans (including myself) and gave Fantasy Ride a premature bad rap. Then the lackluster singles released for the actual project still left people wanting more. She did get a boost with her Justin Timberlake feature, but many fans complained Love Sex Magic sounded like a leftover from Justin’s previous effort FutureSex/Love Sounds.


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Now Playing: Ciara – Fantasy Ride


Finally Fantasy Ride has landed! Are we excited? Not overly so, but we’re glad my girl was finally able to release this long-awaited album.

I was so excited for Ciara’s new album after feeling her last album, Evolution, and hearing the concept for Fantasy Ride – a 3-disc compilation album that had three parts to it: Crunk-Town, Groove City & Kingdom of Dance. With producers like The Dream & Tricky Stewart, and Danja assigned to helm the project, my excitement levels rose even higher – it was about to be C-Season!

Sadly, things did not pop off as planned. Some of you may know that Ciara fired her longtime manager Phillana Williams and decided to sign on with Jonny Wright’s (Britney Spears & N’SYNC back in the day) Management Group.  Since then, she had released her T-Pain duet, Go Girl, to very little criitcal fanfare, and scrapped the 3-disc set ideas for Fantasy Ride. Also, regretably, Ciara has been all over the place musically and image-wise. One day her style is reminiscent of Rihanna’s goth-chic look, the next, she is reminding us of her Crunk & B days **sigh**. Ciara’s music hasn’t been any less coherent. She did release the Polow-produced Neva Ever, and brought out the hip rolls for the video, but then switched it up with Justin Timberlake in her overly sexual video for Love Sex Magic.


Still in the (W)Rapper: New Ciara – G is for girl (A – Z)

How C got her swagga back...

How C got her swagga back...

Fresh off the buzz of her new single with Justin Timberlake and her recent appearance on Top Model, Ciara’s camp has leaked a new song off her forthcoming Fantasy Ride (due out May 5th). This track is called, G is for Girl. No news of producers yet…but I’m thinking of Danja for some reason when I hear it.

*Update: Jive/Zomba reacted with the Quickness so the links were taken down – Thank God for Youtube!

**Update 2: Click here to preview Ciara’s new Album Fantasy Ride, at the UK Amazon. Thanks to Loyal reader, Mr. Knowvember!

I’m feeling this! This song actually sounds more like something we’d except from Ciara – its fun, well written and has that A-town flava. The beat kicks as well! Not sure if this will be released as a Single, but it definitely has some potential. What do you all think?


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Melt in your ears: Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic


New week, new music! Sorry for the slow posts ya’ll, I’ll catch up for tomorrow, but I do have a treat! Found this new track by Ciara floating around the ‘Nets. At first listen, I was like, really Cici, this is what Fantasy Ride’s gonna be about? Really?

Truth is, I’ve been worried for ol’ girl this time around…Go Girl flopped horribly, even with the HOT video for it. But she came back a little better with the cute song (still needs momentum tho), Never Ever – which paired up with Young Jeezy, was not a bad look. She looked great in the vid too. But doesn’t that video make you miss the Cici who made Promise?

ANYWAYS, click the link below to hear the track. Listen to it a couple times, it’ll grow on you… Its got that Princy-vibe that Justin’s been biting lately, but I think it works overall and is a good look for Cici vocally. Thoughts??

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – LoveSexMagic

**Link is fixed on this song!

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