Melt in Your Ears: Nivea – *Video* Love Hurts

These videos are being pumped out a lot faster nowadays!

Even though Rapper Lil Wayne is in the process of being sentenced to up to 12 months at Rikers Island for an incident that occurred last year, he was able to take time out of his busy schedule (that included filming over 30 music videos) to appear as Nivea’s love interest in the new video for her single Love Hurts. This is Nivea’s first single from her forthcoming album, Purple Hearts. Love Hurts was produced by Jnew and written by Chase J.

In the video, Nivea visits a home she once owned with her lover and re-visits the pain associated with the space. There is a twist at the end of the video. The video was directed by Point Blank Period. The Rapper’s presence in the video will definitely elevate the interest in the song and Nivea’s new project. Good luck to her!

Did you guys like the video?


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Music News ROLO: New Music from J.Holiday and Nivea!

We’re got some promising new music on the R&B scene. J.Holiday is coming back strong for a third effort and Nivea is gearing up for a new album on the strength of her pain. Listen in!

Singer/songwriter J.Holiday returns to the music scene with another sensual and sexually charged song titled Pretty Body. Coming on the heels of TheDream’s release of Love King and the fact that both tracks were produced by the same person, does not fare well with fans. The main difference is J.Holiday’s voice which is arguably smooth and sexy as always. His vocal performance alone should shed some much-needed attention on this song, though I’m not sure it will.  Check the video interview below courtesy of Reader Mr. Knowvember, who is a big J. Holiday fan. Around the 5:00 minute mark J.Holiday does an impressive impromptu song from the dome.

J.Holiday – Pretty Body


Nivea has been garnering some good buzz lately after the release of her video and song for the Say Something Remix she recorded with ATL rapper Rasheeda. Now prepping for her own album release, Nivea has released her own single, Love Hurts to capitalize on said buzz. Her new album will be titled Purple Heart and is rumored to drop in a couple months. No word on if the album will be released through her label Jive.


Sweet Tooth: Nivea & Rashieda – Say Something Remix **Updated**

Memo to TheDream > this bud’s for you!

Image courtesty of

Nivea and Atlanta rapper Rasheeda recorded a remix track to Timbaland & Drake’s song, Say Something, and it is sounding better than the original! Nivea has decided to make a comeback of sorts after dropping Lil Wayne’s baby last year. If you are following the drama that surrounds Nivea and her ex-husband Terius Nash, you’ll notice that these two do a lot of talking to one another through their music. Its all in the lyrics – if you’re quick enough to figure it out. Many times during Dream’s latest album, Love vs. Money, He speaks about heartbreak and the effects love and money has on a relationship. Most poignantly in the song Love vs Money Part II, TheDream lays it all out on the table:

So kiss that n*gga, hug that n*gga,
love that n*gga to death
Go ahead and please that n*gga, feed that n*gga
In time you’ll see the problem’s yourself

Coz when love is your problem…nothing can solve it
When love is the problem (eh!)…money can’t solve it

Finally Nivea has her chance to speak with this song. Have a listen.

Nivea & Rasheeda – Say Something remix

Wish I could pull you out the game, cause it’s the thing that made you change,
It ain’t the money honey, lend me some money honey,
Thought I was your heart before your black card,
You told the world about me but you forgot about me…

**Updated** Here is the video for Say Something. It turned out better than I thought!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Melt in Your Ears: Nivea – Zodiac

photo: Brown/Getty Images

photo: Brown/Getty Images

Nivea is back! Well, not actually sure what her status is right now with her label or her new project. We last spoke about Nivea after the wacky interview she gave earlier this year about her ex-husband, Terius Nash.  Lucky for us, Nivea is making music again. I think she is very underrated. Nivea has a unique voice and has very good control of it. She is also a talented songwriter. This song, Zodiac was produced by C. Tricky Stewart, TheDream’s longtime producer. It is a simple track, with a brooding beat and a light piano-driven melody. Nivea sounds great singing about the various zodiac signs and if her man matches with her sign. You can visit Nivea’s Myspace here to hear more of the music she posts and show her some love. Make sure you check out her song, Serious – it sounds like a diss track to Dream…

You guys feeling this one or no?

Nivea – Zodiac

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Milk Dudd: Nivea talks TheDream, Divorce & The Industry


singer Nivea & Lil Wayne


Nivea with former husband Terius "TheDream" Nash

Now I seen this video this morning over at YBF and at first I was clenching my teeth and shaking my head in disbelief that Nivea was presenting herself in this way. BUT as I watched the video on, I realized, she’s just being herself! She ditched the PR reps (not sure she needs them at this point), put on a wacky wig (she gets no pass from me on this one) and just laid the record straight. I didn’t know she popped out twins a year after her first daughter with Dream, Navy. (I am assuming these children are all his) I also didn’t know TheDream was the one who requested the divorce.  Nivea doesn’t seem to mind too much since she has been seen photographed with former flame Lil Wayne as recently as the Grammy’s *Side note: But didn’t Wheezy just have a son by some other female? Anyways, I digress.

The main reason why I posted this is because I was a fan of Nivea back in the day. I bought her album, Complicated and it was a very solid effort. Especially the title track, Complicated, a song she wrote and produced with theDream, about how life & love doesn’t have to be so complicated, if you find the right person. Sadly, things didn’t work out for these two.  So i guess after love, marriage and 3 children; now left without a respectable career or a husband, you’d be foolywaggin’ in a Skittles wig and dancing to your phone’s ringtone as well…Right?

Peep the video after the cut!

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