Hot ChokLit: Trey Songz – I Need A Girl video


How did I almost forget about this one? Trey released the video for his first single, I Need a Girl, a couple weeks back. Unfortunately, by now, I have gotten over listening to this song. I am more likely to bump Brand New, which is a Banger!

I will give props for the video showcasing all shades of Choklit ladies for Trey to rub up on. But other than that, the video is nothing special – but we do get to see Trey walk down the beach, Trey in an un-buttoned shirt, Trey playin’ volleyball…Ok I’ll stop. I pity the chicks who, a couple years back, wrote my boy Trey off as a skinny birdcage-chested boy. Trey is all grown up – Now who’s laughing? 😉

All jokes aside, do we like the video? Trey’s new album Ready will be in stores & on iTunes August 8th!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Ahhh yes, reminds me of Bow’s video for You can have it all. But Bow wishes he looked this good…

  2. Decent song and video. I like it a bit bettter now with the visuals to go along…real simple concept however, the location and film stock/cinematography gave it a real polished slick feel to it. This video will be watchable 5or 6 years down the road or in other words, by the time it makes it to MuchMusic

  3. Trey Songz playing the part of a lovestruck boo on the beach is far more believable than Bow Wow, thats for sure!

    I love the one girls checkered bathingsuit! Aside from that, the video was pretty forgettable…

  4. Really Knowvember? I agree with BSB, this video is very forgettable…

    • Well, yes, it is forgettable. I never said it would have staying power or that it is memorable! lol The simplicity in the overall video’s style (location, wardrobe) simply makes the video watchable down the road….Have you ever seen, say, one of those Diddy videos from early 2000’s….they just look so dated it makes me turn the channel. They’re so over the top in the fashion that they look so “old” now. Like the big baggy throwback jerseys or the rappers wearing the baseball gloves lol I just think this video is so stripped down that it may actually age well…it’s still a 5 out of 10 at best.

  5. I absolutely love this video and the song. It was MTV jam of the wk meaning it played every hr on the hr. I used 2 watch it every hr! I also think Trey is the Sexiest thing alive so, that prolly had something to do with it. Yes it does remind me of the Bow Wow video with less female booty shots!
    LOL “birdcage chest” I thought that description was reserved for T.I.

  6. Nice video loved it! But does anybody know where the girl got her checked bathing suit from it’s soooo cute?

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