Still in the W(Rapper): *New Video* Drake – Find Your Love

Drake released the video for his next single, produced by Kanye West, Find Your Love. Anthony Mandler directed the clip in Jamaica with Video model Maliah Michel and Dancehall star Movado. My first thought of the video was that Drake seemed a bit out of place with the gritty background and badman theme, but I do like that he didn’ t try to act like something he  wasn’t. Movado was a scene-stealer and is extra sinister-looking in the video. I think the video enhances the feelings behind the song for me, and I’m definitely feeling the abrupt ending.

This is a good look for Drake! Oh the power of the P.U.S.S.Y…

Check it out…

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Music News ROLO: Toni Braxton’s Pulse is Dead? Drake & Kayne are Killin ’em!, Alicia readies Unthinkable Video

Toni Braxton, who enjoyed much success in the early and late 90s, released her sixth studio album, Pulse, this past Tuesday. This is Ton’s first album in five years and her first she for Atlantic records after re-signing her contract with them. Pulse received a decent amount of push from her label, including 3 music videos, a racy performance at the Soul Train Awards (where she kissed singer Trey Songz onstage in front of an audience that included her now ex-husband Keri) and talk show appearances. I must say, I missed nearly all of the promo for this Project, other than the release of Yesterday, her duet with Trey Songz. I did catch up on Hands Tied, her sultry second single off the album.

Last month, Toni commented on album sales and what it means to the Pulse project: “You just want to create, but I know if I don’t sell, I’m not going to be able to make another album.” source.

Estimates are coming in that have Pulse selling 45K – 50K records, the lowest debut in Braxton’s career. Sad to hear, I am a fan of Braxon’s music so I hope this project does well.  I wonder what God we would have to pray to, to see Toni and Babyface reunite one last time…

Check out the video for Hands Tied, which I am loving right now!


ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top 25 Songs of 2009 Part II

So we hit you with the first 15 hot ones of 2009, and now we have the top 15. This group of songs are a bit more uptempo and more well-known songs from either veteran artists or  newcomers who broke through with a hit record. Included in the list of newcomers is Keri Hilson who rose from her role as a resident songwriter to being a resident hit -maker and artist. Melanie Fiona also made a name for herself in 2009, hoping to make an even bigger name for herself in 2010. But instead of me spoiling the suspense, keep reading the find out who makes it to number one!

14. The Dream – Rockin’ that Shit – TheDream is another artist who had a great year professionally and personally. Not only did he marry his pregnant sweetie, Christina Milian, he was promoted over at Def Jam due to his ability to score hits for Def Jam’s many artists. In 2010 TheDream will release his last solo album *tear* Love King. Rockin That Shit was the ish when it was released early last year. Heavy syths and a thumping bass complement Terius’ soft vocals. TheDream can create a melody like a beast and this song exhibits this. And if you don’t remember, the remix to this song was even better.


13. K’Jon – Oceans – Detroit native K’Jon scored a big hit with his serene feel-good song Oceans. In it, K’Jon uses the metaphor of sailing with reaching one’s goals and happiness in life. A very nice song, with some nice vocals from K’Jon.


12. Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo – Knock you Down – We predicted this song would be Keri’s last chance to hit it big and that’s just what happened. Knock You Down is Keri’s biggest hit to date, in North America and abroad. Alongside the Chris Robinson-directed video with guests Kanye and Ne-Yo making appearances, this song helped solidify Keri as a force in the Industry to be reckoned with.


11. Dirty Money – Love Come Down – Diddy has really been feeling himself musically lately. While working on his latest album, Last Train to Paris, he hooked up with former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard and singer/songwriter Kaleena to form the group, Dirty Money. Since their formation, the group has been releasing some really promising music, the best being Love Come Down, a homage to the Total days of Bad Boys with Kaleena providing some sexy vocals over a banging beat and a Jay-Z sample from H to the Izzo.

Keep reading for the remainder of the list!


Music News ROLO: Get Caught up!!

So I am a little out of the loop due to last night’s late night activities (I wish) so, I wanted to make sure the CF readers weren’t missing a beat!


Check out these links below for the newest goings-on in the Urban R&B/Hip Hop world – ChokLit Style of course!

Blogger/Radio Personality Miss Info visits R.Kelly’s home in Chicago to preview his new album, Untitled
courtesy of

ChokLit’s take: Are we still going with the Untitled shtick?? Ok Mr. Kelly. I love Kelly’s quote when he mentions his ‘research’ for this project included throwing parties at his mansion for a good month and judging the crowds’ reactions to his music. For his sake, I hope this was a 25+ only party…I love Miss Info 🙂

Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye get all  possessive for Run This Town video

ChokLit’s take: This video is on every single blog today so I’m sure you all have seen it already.I chose to watch it with the sound off for my own personal reasons. I love me some Rihanna, but the screeching in this song is a bit much, plus I simply enjoy watching her play dress up instead 🙂 (did that come out wrong??). Of course Rihanna looks stellar and appears ever so confident while performing next to her former Boss. Kanye steals his scenes – the only scenes Rihanna is not dominating. Sorry Hova, we barely noticed ya! Dope video, still.

Keep readin…


Milk Dudd: Drake – Best I Ever Had Video

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I am posting this video…just for kicks! I’m sure by now, everyone has seen this mess. I’m confused. The blogosphere first reported that Drake was filming this video and that Kanye West would be directing it. We saw some pictures from the video set and were introduce to the lead girl, a cute Puerto Rican chick with a chest. We even saw pics of Amber Rose posin’ up with supposed Ex-Boyfriend Kanye on set. So needless to say, there was some anticipation for the video. But when it was finally delivered, all we could muster was a “Womp Womp Woooommmp” and a “That’s it??” Coming from Kanye, I expected more…but then again, maybe I didn’t. Coming from Drake, him being the next BIG thing, and this song hittin’ the top 5 on the Billboard 100, I was expecting a video with money behind it. We got neither. Just a lot of t*tties…some more t*tties and…some t*tties. I couldn’t even recognize a lead girl. The girls’ B-ball outfits looked like they were made by a 5-year in kindergarten and the storyline was beyond wack. There were some obvious jokes of course: ‘Take that D like the champions you are!” and “But Drake, all you ever taught us to do was stretch!” But someone should have told Kanye that we all know he is into lesbians and we don’t really care! Maybe Little X can do a re-make and we can make this a true Canadian connection 🙂 Until then, enjoy! Well…try to.

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Sweet Tooth: Keri Hilson’s BET Performance


During the BET Awards that aired this past weekend, singer/songwriter Keri Hilson took home the award for Best New Artists, beating out other hopefuls, Kid Cudi, Jazmine Sullivan, Ryan Leslie and M.I.A (a new artist??). Although I ride for Jazmine and Ryan, I think the award was well-deserved for Miss Hilson who has worked hard to bring her sound to the mainstream and to be a relevant artist. I read many comments about Miss Hilson’s Sunday performance which I was excited to see. Most people said it was either “really hype” or “a hot mess”, so I had to judge for myself. I was surprised. I think Keri should receive some credit for a) bring a lot of energy to the show and b) channeling  some MJ-style (and even some Elvis) dance moves and gestures. Her dancers were on point as well. Keri closed the show with an accapella reditition that was very….spririted. My favourite part was how they mixed in Kanye’s verse from Knock You Down to reflect the Michael Jackson reference – nice job!

Did y’all like it?

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Milk Dudd: TheDream feat. Kanye West – Walking on the Moon

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Back before TheDream’s near flawless album, Love vs. Money was released, I posted a leak of this song, Walking on the Moon featuring Kanye West. But once the album came out, I was able to enjoy it in its entirety and this song fell on to the back-burner. Instead I was bumpin’, Take Her Home to My Mama, Mr. Yeah, or Put it Down instead. But…Def Jam still decided to release this song as TheDream’s third single. More likely because of Kanye being featured in the song will raise Dream’s profile in Mainstream media, a bit more. So I pocketed my opinions and watched the video, directed by one of my favourites, Hype Williams.

I’m sorry, this is a big NO for me. The video has stolen from been inspired by Michael & Janet Jackson’s innovative video, Scream. And I understand the recession, but this video looks cheap. From Dream’s homemade studded leather jacket to the played out black pleather gloves, you get the feeling they scaled back significantly on the Dream’s wardrobe in order to afford Kanye’s (he is the fashionista after all). The video models are pretty and Kanye raps his best lines to a dark Choklit model who seems as uninterested in the video as I am. The video looks like it is looking for its star, but Dream doesn’t fit the role, unfortunately. I hope this single does raise Dream’s profile a bit more, because I doubt we will be seeing another video from this stellar album.  Can’t win ’em all I guess.

*Side Note*: If you want to see the real thing, click here.

Hot ChokLit: Keri Hilson & Kanye Go LIVE

You may have already seen this video floating around, or you may have seen the actual preformance. Some people are knocking Keri’s singing abilities. I think she did well, the song isn’t the most difficult one to sing, but she was definitely solid. I’m glad Keri got herself some good dancers and a choreographer – her team made the performance hype and made the mid-tempo song seem Ciara-style Crunkish. Kanye made his appearance known, tappin’ Keri’s buttocks near the end, Bey-Z style.

Check the video out, let me know your thougthts!

*Side Note: Kinda wondering how Keri is sellin…need to check up on that..

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ChokLit Fresh: Kanye West & Young Jeezy – So Amazin’


Ahhh the wait is over! Kanye finally released his new video for So Amazin’ featuring Young Jeezy on Thursday while visiting 106&Park. It was filmed in Hawaii, where Kanye has been hiding out recently, working in the studio. I wonder what took so long for the video to be released? We’ve been hearing about it for a minute! Was it worth the wait?

So Amazing was directed by Hype Williams, so the visuals are very appealing – just beautiful. This song is one of my favourite songs on the great album that is 808 & Heartbreaks. And this is definitely not your typical rap video ( I think there were only 1 or 2 females in this one) so it may appear boring to some. But the video was probably not made with these ‘some’ in mind!

Young Jeezy really does it for me on this song. His cameos are getting better and better – from supporting Ciara in Never Ever, to selling the swagg in Usher’s Love in the Club, back to The Dream’s I Love your Girl from last year. Keep watching the video to see Kanye kick it with Rocsi, Terrance & crew. Its a good interview because Kanye tries hard to be ‘humble’ or normal really, and it doesn’t work. He’s gotta be Egotastic!

Do you guys like the vid? Do you find it beautiful or boring? Holla!

*Side Note: Big ups to GLC – I love this dude’s voice

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Melt in Your Ears: Sophia Fresh – What It Is

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

After listening to the first 10 seconds of this song…who do you think produced this track? Take a wild guess!

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