Guilty Pleasure: *New Video* Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me?

Beyonce decided to make yet another video from her hit album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, the bonus track, Why Don’t You Love Me. Why now? Why not? The song was co-penned by her sister, Solange and produced by The Bamaz.  Melina (Ashanti’s Good Good, Rihanna’s Rude Boy) directed the clip. The song is mediocre, but I think the video is super cute and Beyonce looks beatuiful! I see she is really feeling that Betty Page wig that she rocked in the Telephone video 😛

Check out the video below…did you like it?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Guilty Pleasure: *Oscar Inspired* Dinah Washington’s This Bitter Earth

First off, if you haven’t seen Shutter Island, go see it! Good movie!

Composer Max Ritcher composed a mesmerizing piece of music available on the film’s soundtrack which he combines with the timeless voice of blues, jazz & R&B singer, Dinah Washington (1924 – 1963). The song is very haunting and pairs well with the theme of the movie which is just as haunting. Washington originally recorded This Bitter Earth in 1960 and it was later covered by artists like Aretha Franklin, Deborah Cox and The Satisfactions, before Ritcher used the vocals for this soundtrack.

A couple notes on Dinah: she married eight times, divorced seven times and was rumored to have had an affair with Quincy Jones. Dinah passed away at the age of 39 due to ingesting a mix of prescription drugs. Dinah is well known for her version of the timeless song, Unforgettable. In her 13 years as an Artist, she released 20 albums and over 55 songs!

I love this Mashup, you cannot purchase the song alone, but you can purchase the entire Soundtrack here. What do you guys think of the Mashup and the original?

SideNote: Congrats to Monique and all the Winners of the Academy Awards tonight!

Max Ritcher & Dinah Washington’s the Nature of DayLight/This Bitter Earth

Dinah Washington – This Bitter Earth – original

Guilty Pleasure: Sex & The City 2 Trailer

So of course nothing was given away in this new trailer for the second movie of the SATC franchise, but that does not stop our excitement! All we know is the movie takes place 2 years later, Carrie appears to still be married, Charlotte has her perfect life, Miranda’s hair is red and Samantha looks like she is again up to no good!

Of course we were checking out the fashion as well – multi-colored turbans anyone? May 28th, can’t wait!

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Guilty Pleasure: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too Trailer

Tyler Perry does NOT sleep! In April 2010, he will premiere his newest sequel to his 2007 hit, Why Did I Get Married. This was my favorite TP movie besides Diary of a Mad Black Woman so I am very excited for the newest installment. How is Jill Scott’s character Shiela new marriage with her new man Sheriff Troy going? How are Janet’s character Patricia her husband Gavin better coping after the loss of their child? Will Anglea and Marcus have gotten past their cheating pasts? And how will Diane and Terry fare after Diane’s selfish ways? This one definitely looks like it will be a good one and will hit big at the Box office. Are ya’ll excited?

Sidenote: Janet learned about the loss of her brother Michael during the filming of this movie. She returned to compete the movie after taking some much-needed time off.

Guilty Pleasure: The Wendy Williams Show

Forgive me for not jumping on this ChokLit gravy train a bit sooner. Unlike most Americans (and savvy radio listeners) I had not had the opportunity to partake in the madness of Wendy Williams’ 20+ year career in radio, other than the odd link from her radio broadcasts that garnered some blog-assisted buzz. This Summer, Wendy had premiered her new television talk show, The Wendy Williams Show on BET (of all places).   Although at first glance, the show appeared to be a Tyra Show bootleg, it has actually become quite the late-night water-cooler event of the Summer as well as a guilty pleasure of mine!  My favourite part of the show is the Ask Wendy segment where the host answers any questions from the audience where she gives them her opinionated suggestions, straight – no chaser. I find the show highly entertaining and often find myself laughing out loud – literally! You can check the hilarity out Mondays to Fridays on BET, at 11pm E.S.T.

How you doin’? 😉

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