Sweet Tooth: Jeremih – I’mma Star Video

Pic via buckmarleyxxx.com

Pic via buckmarleyxxx.com

Def Jam’s newest signee Jeremih has released the video for his second single, I’mma Star.  I thought the song was catchy enough, though I was a little unsure about the ice flossin, pimp-wannabe lyrics that were a little too 2006 for my tastes. However, Jeremih has really surprised me with this video. The Marc Klasfield-directed video shows a grungy-looking Jeremih with nappy hair and dirty clothes, cruisn’ about town in his Mama’s beatdown Volkswagon. His ice is a Casio wristwatch and he makes it rain with beaucoup de coinage. Jeremih shows lots of personality and is super cute in this video. I’mma Star stands out because it is different and it defies the stereotype of most R&B/Hip Hop videos. Have a looksi below.

**Side Note: Doesn’t Jeremih totally resemble a young Diddy in this video?Does anyone else see it??

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Butta of the Week: Fabolous & some R&B Cats do it Loso’s Way

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

Fabolous aka LOSO has been making quite a few guest appearances lately, appearing with notable R&B artists like Brutha, Ryan Leslie and TheDream to add some Brooklyn flava to their songs. Now its Loso’s turn to eat.  His new ablum is titled, Loso’s Way. Here is the video for the lead single, Throw it in the Bag, featuring TheDream. The Erick White-directed video is bright and lively, and its fun for a hip hop track. I actually like the song. Fab is the perfect Ladies’ Rapper; he’s slick, handsome and has the rap skills to back it up. And TheDream is the new R.Kelly as far as hip hop collabs go. So this partnerships works really well. I believe the lead girl is Claudia Jordan, a model who last appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

*SideNote: I don’t quite understand the end of the video…is she under arrest or no? Or out on bail? Anyways, check it out!


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Sweet Tooth: Jeremih – Birthday Sex


The wait wasn’t too long, was it?  This video has been linked everywhere, but we like Jeremih here in The ChokLitFactory so we decided to follow the crowd. The other Chi-town crooner has finally released the long-overdue video for his hit song, Birthday Sex. I have yet to find out who directed the clip, but think the video for Usher’s Trading Places, knock off a few thousands for budget and you get this video!  I thought the leading lady was a different choice for this video, and looked a little old for young Jeremih (not that that is a problem) but who knows, I could just be hatin’! I was loving homegirl’s sexy shoes in this clip though.  Overall, the video suits the song very well, and we finally get a good look at this much-hyped up-and-comer.

Jeremih’s debut self-titled album will be in stores June 30th.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Music News ROLO: Jeremih readies his Def Jam Debut & Video

Source: SandraRose.com via WireImage/Getty

Source: SandraRose.com via WireImage/Getty

In addition to Girl Group season, get ready for the Summer of Jeremih. I’m calling it. I featured Jeremih’s runaway hit, Birthday Sex,  a month or so back. Since the song’s independent release late last year and its tremendous success, Hot ChokLit dude Jeremih has been signed to Def Jam Records and has filmed the video for his hit to be released very soon.

Ya girl just came back from a Spring break-style vacation and trust, Birthday Sex was the late night grindfest song of choice. And the ladies were not complaining at all! Not to mention, Jeremih is a handsome guy and will definitely have the ladies screaming swooning. And to think, Jeremih has only been at this R&B game for 3 years before getting signed. I hope he’s ready, because me thinks his is about to blow!

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Still In the W(Rapper): Jeremih – Birthday Sex

After visiting my pals over at Plain Gold, this song caught my sweeth tooth.


Jeremih hails from the South Side of Chicago and grew up in a family of musicians. After leaving a degree in Civil Engineering to pursue a music career and a degree in music business, Jeremih hooked up with producer Mike Schultz and the two collaborated to create some good music. Birthday Sex is one of many.  The song has been out for a minute now, appearing on the radar in late 2008. It has since gained some steam as it now has remixes with Red Cafe, Fabolous and with a little Lady named Ester Dean. I couldn’t even find a pic on this chick. But I did find out that she has been songwriting and doing vocal production with Ron Fair over at Geffen records. And Ester’s worked with Keyshia Cole (you can tell when you hear her voice), the Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious and Ciara.

About Jeremih, people are def feeling this track. Its sexy and catchy – sounds like something the Dream might have written, but he didn’t! Check the track below then check out the Ester Dean duet. This girl can BLOW! And I should mention, she is newly signed to Pollow Da Don’s label, so look out for her!

Jeremih – Birthday Sex

Jeremih & Ester Dean – Birthday Sex Remix

Shouts out to PlainGold & DJ HazelEyez on this one!

Jeremih’s Myspace! Check out his music – really solid stuff here!

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