Hot ChokLit! *New Video* Ciara & Ludacris Ride Out

Ciara’s new video for Ride leaked today. This video is a lot more minimal than I thought, with just Ciara, Ludacris, a Bull and that body! Director Diane Martel captures just the right energy for the song. Ciara’s dancing is naturally raw and on point. Now other female (and male) artists who wish to dance in their videos may commence taking notes on committing. I’m loving the video and am happy to see the ATL Ciara back. I won’t compare her to the Goodies Ciara because the 2010 model is definitely a lot more…experienced (if you are wondering what I mean, peep the booty pop @ 3:57).

One lone thought: on her last project, Ciara went heavy on the sex appeal, and since it didn’t sell many records, it made her look a little desperate. I wonder if she will continue on that bandwagon or tone it down a bit this time. This video is very sexy but I think it goes well with the song. Thoughts? Peep the video below.

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J.U.I.C.Y: R&B Beef Part II: Ciara is comin back at Keri??


I guess after mostly keeping quiet while artists like Keri Hilson stole her swag had their shine, Ciara has decided to hit the naysayers back with her buzz single & video, Basic Instinct (You Got Me).

Sooo, from a Marketing perspective, this is a good look for Ciara because not only does it give her the bad girl ATL image that her fans have been craving for so long, it incites the R&B Beef, which as we learned from Keri’s attempt last year, is a great way to drum up publicity. The video showcases Ciara’s dance skills, body and budding rapping skills *cough cough* They say she been hanging around 50 too long. From a fan’s perspective, I say Get It Cici! You been gone too long. I am liking a lot of what I am seeing and hearing from her new project.

This marks the first time we are hearing some cuss words out of Ci’s mouth, which I am sure we can’t blame on Dream…

“You Got Me…Madder than a muthaf*cka,

I can’t lie,  a b*tch madder than a muthaf*cka

Also leaked recently, is another track called Up and Down. Ciara sings about how she can make her love go up and down. The vocals on this track are actually pretty good and I’m feeling the overall feel of the song. Damn, Dream & Tricky Stewart just might save homegirl’s career. Listen below.

Download: Ciara – Up and Down

Still In The W(Rapper): Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride it

“He love the way I ride it/ He love the way I ride the beat, like a freak-freak-freak!”

Ciara is on the Grind once again! Her label appears to be behind Ciara on her new project titled Basic Instinct. Ciara recently quipped on her album during a red carpet interview,

“When you get the record you’re going to get a really fun vibe.You’re gonna get an even more sensual side and also confident and cocky. I got like such an attitude on this record, but in a fun way. Kinda had fun like exploring and experimenting with that, so you’ll get all that in one.”

Ciara released her new single, Ride featuring Ludacris. She recently shot the video and released pictures from the set. As I suspected, the song is a certified Banger! Produced by TheDream & Tricky Stewart, Ludacris lends his vocals to the track that remind us of his features on Ciara’s Oh and High Price songs. Fans complained that they wanted more of the Goodies Ciara back and less of the LoveSexMagic Ciara, so Tricky & Dream are the best team to bring that flava out. We already know the video will be hot, so I guess we have something to look forward to this Summer after all…

What do you guys think of the song? Is Ciara back?

Ciara featuring Ludacris – Ride

Now or Laters? Ciara is comin… Usher & Will.I.Am pair up for OMG

Ciara must be almost complete with her fourth album sessions with TheDream & Tricky Stewart because she has already filmed a video for her new single Ride It featuring Ludacris. She is moving full steam ahead with this project despite rumours that her Label isn’t 100% behind the project and Ciara had to foot the bill to record the album. Here is a real bootlegg video preview for the stans fans.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*Sidenote* Ciara may just be back for real this time, Ride It sounds hot!…Get it Ci!!

In the meantime, Ciara also leaked this track Speechless she recorded with TheDream. Some people aren’t feeling it, but I actually really like this song. We could have done without Dream’s vocals on this one though…What do you guys think?

Ciara featuring TheDream – Speechless

Verdict: We like it NOW! Ciara is coming back with the Goodies!

Everybody may love Raymond, like Nikki Minaj insists, but we will have to see once the numbers for sales of his latest effort come in. Raymond Vs Raymond is in stores now. I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far from the project, but from what I’ve been hearing from fans, they are slightly divided. We will have a Album Review for Usher’s new album soon.

In the meantime, Usher has hooked up with Black Eyed Peas frontman and producer, Will.I.Am for another single for his album called OMG. This song has already been getting some major play over in the UK apparently. Caution: This is not the typical Usher jam you may be used to hearing. OMG definitely has a Euro Pop feel to it with auto tune, stadium-echoing cheering and sporadic bass. The Anthony Mandler-directed clip is the best Usher video I’ve seen yet for the project. The style, the movement and choreography is on point. My only gripe is that Usher looks either vacant or uncomfortable in the video…but he’s been like that lately. I’m not mad at Ursh for trying to get that dance/pop money since the ‘Urban’ R&B crowd has labeled him a has-been and have disowned him while they still wait for a miracle from Chris Brown…


Hot ChokLit! *New Video* Usher featuring Nikki Minaj – Lil Freak

image via

Just in time for the release of his sixth full length album Raymond vs. Raymond, Usher has released the anticipated video to his hit second single, Lil Freak. Polow Da Don produced the song we first previewed here, using a sample from Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City, which I never caught at first. A lot of Stevie’s music is being sampled lately, which just showcases his music’s never-ending appeal.

The Lil Freak video was directed by TAJ. The plot centers around a young woman who wanders into an underground club of some sorts where Usher is watching. He sends his girl Nikki out to recruit the female. The video is described as having some similar elements as the the Saw movies. Nikki is entertaining in her Cruella Deville wig and exaggerated facial expressions. Ciara and Jamie Foxx make very brief (and pointless) cameos, while Usher appears very vacant in the video and the only dancing we see from him is some writhing he does near the video’s end. Nonetheless, I like the video!

What are your thoughts?

Raymond Vs. Raymond hits stores this Tuesday, March 30th. Hopefully we sill have a review for the album before then 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Music News ROLO: Trey Wakes the Neighbours & Ciara Got that Bank!

Trey Songz has released yet another video off his popular Grammy-nominated album, Ready. I still liked Trey Day better than this album, but I’m glad Trey is getting his well-deserved shine, even if that meant him having to whore himself as the ultimate sex symbol for the ladies…no complaints here, I guess. I read someone comment on a blog that Trey was coming for R.Kelly’s spot since his songs evoke that same freaky-as-I-wanna-be mentality that R.Kelly used (and still uses today) to get people’s attention. We can safely say many children were concieved from Kelly’s music in the 90s so I guess time will tell how successful Trey’s music is in doing the same.

Trey filmed Neighbours Know My Name with Victoria Secret’s model Jessica White. I heard she was rumored to be Ne-Yo’s new girlfriend…maybe not after this video!! The red-light special look of the video was definitely a good look.

Image courtesty of

Do the ladies love Trey’s new video? And do the fellas love Jessica White?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


image via

Aside from globe-trotting, being a fashion muse for couture houses and appearing at various club openings and parties, Ciara has been hard at work on her fourth album with TheDream(Team) and Tricky Stewart. I predict some Heat will result from these studio sessions. However, this new track released from these sessions, In The Bank must have been the debris used to start the fire…that didn’t catch on. But we must remember, this is just a BUZZ record. It is meant to get people talking, curious and even to get us ‘hating’ on Cici.


ChokLit’s Choice: Ciara & Keri Hilson

This is a new post idea we will try to feature on The ChokLit Factory: ChokLit’s Choice. We will highlight current and former albums and the album tracks that may never make it as a Single, but are definite contenders to be a Single.



First off, we have Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, which hasn’t been the most popular of Ciara’s albums, sales-wise, but it did have a couple noteworthy tracks. The ChokLit Choice of Fantasy Ride is Tell Me What Your Name Is. Produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco, the song samples Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time (correct me if I am wrong) and uses it as a smooth musical background for this futuristic-sounding dance track. In the song, Ciara is singing to a Crush who she finally confronts, “I don’t wanna waste your time/I just wanna make you mine/Wanna play with you all night/ So tell me what your name is” I think this song captures the growth Ciara was referring to when she speaks about Fantasy Ride, and should have been a definite ChokLit Choice for a Single.

Ciara – Tell Me What Your Name Is

Keri Hilson has been having a great 2009 after several setbacks due to her album being pushed back a couple of times were resolved.  Keri has proven that good things do come to those who wait, so when she finally did deliver In a Perfect World, Hilson did recieve some good acclaim. I enjoyed the overall direction of the album as long as the writing and production on some tracks, but I also felt some of her songs were over-produced and overshadowed Keri’s voice, which actually has a very nice tone to it.  Intuition is one of the standout tracks on the album since it expertly merges slick production with perfect lyrics. The song is produced by Timbaland and his protege Danja, and written by Keri and Timbaland. Keri sings lyrics that ring so true for many women (and men): “I got this crazy feeling/I’m gon’ be single again/ I know it, i can feel it/ I know you gon mess up” Peep the track below.

**Side Note: these pics of Keri are from her new spread in Complex magazine. She looks hot like fiyah in these!

Keri Hilson – Intuition

Did ya’ll like those songs? Should they have been contenders for a Single release? Speak your piece!

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Still In the W(Rapper): R.Kelly on the Comeback Trail

**I had meant to post these a week ago, but I was a bit pre-occupied with last week’s Caribanna preparations, also my sister came to visit :)**

Picture courtesy

Picture courtesy

My girl DJ HazelEyez wanted to make sure I showed this song some love in the Factory. R.Kelly is currently on the grind, trying to stay relevant in a changing R&B world. Kelly now has to compete with the real sex appeal and swag of artists like Trey Songz; the impossibly melodic creativity of artists like TheDream and the undeniable soul of artists like Maxwell. Kellz former unmovable fan base are moving in other directions so Robert has his work cut out for him in trying to gain them back. Out of This Club is a laid back dance track that Kelly originally recorded with pop group PCD (Pussycat Dolls) that is a bit repetitive at first, but grows on you all the same. This remixed version credits Fabolous as the guest Rapper on the track, although this does not sound like Loso to me – more like a Fabolous-sounding rapper. Still, I do like this track.

R.Kelly feat. Fabolous – Out of this Club (RMX)

This next song has Kelly teaming up with Rising star Keri Hilson on the sexy duet, Number One. Kelly has sex on the brain in this song, boasting that his sex is the best, when it is with You. Keri holds her own on this song; her voice rides the track effortlessly and her lyrics are also on point. This song is reminiscent of  a duet Kelly did with Ciara for her Promise Remix they did a couple years back. Number One definitely stands out for me as a possible comeback song contender. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a Keri feature, she is currently very Hawt right now!

R.Kelly featuring Keri Hilson – Number One

Which song are y’all feeling – if any? Discuss 🙂

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Sweet Tooth: New Music from Priscilla Renea & Ciara

I was perusing Concrete Loop and found this video from a very talented young artist named Priscilla Renea who is currently signed to Capitol records. The 20 year old singer/songwriter has a beautiful voice and appears to be a breathe of fresh air in an industry that is obsessed with image. Her video below is impossibly cute, as is the song, called Hello Apple. Her debut album will be called Jukebox and should be released later this year. Priscilla apparently was discovered via YouTube where she posted videos of herself singing her songs. Respect the grind!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, you must check out this YouTube video she does covering Drake’s Best I ever Had. Very talent girl and such a cutie pie!



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Hot ChokLit! Ciara feat. Missy Elliot – WORK video

CiaraWorkNow don’t get mad at me if your favourite mindless music video channel is not playing this video to death – unless you live in the UK. The single for Work featuring a noticeably slimmer Missy Elliot was released only in the UK, though if successful, it will be released in the US at a later date. Currently Ciara is prepping her newest Single, Like a Surgeon, which is my ChokLit Jam (after, Tell Me what your Name Is).

I must say, this video is HOT. From the treatment of Ciara posin’ up in the hot sun at a construction site, while rocking some furocious couture; to the scene with Ciara and her hard-working dancers gettin’ stank with it in a sand pit at the construction site, complete with work belts and baggy jeans. Kudos to director Melina (also directed Beyonce’s Diva, Keri Hilson’s Energy & Ashanti’s Good Good), wicked Choreographer Jamaica and Ciara’s dancers that are stay crunk. I wasn’t a fan of the song too much, but the video definitely upped the hype factor of the song – I can see this being played in a club for sure.

I wish Ciara continued luck with this project. Her CD Fantasy Ride has sold about 150,000 copies to date in the U.S. I know my sister bought it claimed she was very dissappointed. But I’ve also heard some people like the CD and bump it often. Also, this is Ciara’s most successful CD overseas, so I can see why she is promoting it heavy across the pond. Ciara’s management and label are playing it smart; records don’t sell nowadays so you have to commit to building your Brand. Then keep building it. You can’t let them see you sweat just because your sales are dismal.

Did ya’ll like it?

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