Butta of the Week!: *Video* Timbaland & Justin Timberlake – Carry Out

Ok, this got me a little geeked. Timbaland teamed up with his partner in crime, Justin Timberlake for the third Single release off his latest compilation album, Shock Value II. The album is a follow-up to the Platinum-selling Shock Value album that was also an International hit. Due to Timbaland’s worldwide appeal, I feel his label is focusing more on the markets across the pond because I have barely heard his singles or seen his videos here in Canada. Carry Out was released to radio in December of last year while the video was released in mid-February.  Bryan Barber directed the video which sort of reminds me of Hype William’s treatment for GoldDigger.

I do love this song; it is a good look for both artists and I would definitely shake to this in the clubs. Plus this beat is taking me back to the late 90s when Timbaland’s production skills were unmatched and the best in the Industry at the time.  Justin & Timbaland make a good creative team together and I dig the metaphors they are using comparing fast food to….hot sex? Owwwww!


Hot ChokLit: Rihanna’s Russian Roulette Video + Cold Case Love


Rihanna has released her Anthony Mandler-directed video for her controversial single, Russian Roulette. In the video, Rihanna is seen playing the deadly game with a young man and a one bullet-loaded gun. In other scenes she is in a locked room with armed guards, then writhing on the cold floor in an empty cell in another scene. One notable scene has Rihanna dodging bullets (!!) underwater as her blood taints the color of the water. An interesting look for the former Miss Sunshine; definitely artistic.

I am a little worried for the remainder of Rihanna’s album, as it seems to be very hard and aggressive – something her fans may not expect from her. I know I don’t find a lot of pleasure listening to depressing music, but hey, maybe that’s just me?

Check out another track on Rihanna’s Rated R album, Cold Case Love that is rumored to be produced by Justin Timberlake.  This song is interesting. It is written and produced very well and has a very epic feel to it. Check it out!

Rihanna – Cold Case Love

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Hot ChokLit: Ciara preformance on SNL

Hurry, before NBC takes it down!

I missed Ciara’s performance over the weekend so I am glad WSHH didn’t sleep on this like I did. Both performances are in the video.

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What did you guys think? Ciara looked Great of course! This is her first performance on SNL, I believe. I like that her new Management is pushing her further and further into the Popstar limelight. Her voice sounded on point – meaning she sounded very similar to the recorded material, I know her vocals aren’t anything special… Of course her dancing was on point, always is. I thought it was a bit too much crawlin’ on the Flo’ like a Dawg, and I could have done without the  one-leg, one-cheek jiggle, but I suppose it is nice to see Ciara can do the moves in person (??) Did I just say that, or think it?

Anywhoo, solid entertaining performance. But i find myself yawning at the music itself. I am always excited to see Ciara preform, but more so when it is material I actually like.

Here is Ciara’s live performance of Promise on David Letterman, a couple years back. She was a bit thicker back then. Her vocals, weren’t as great…but her performance and the music itself was hot! Still got luv fo’ ya Ci ci!

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ChokLit Fresh: Ciara brings Sexy Back with NEW video!

What a ChokLit treat for the fellas today, hey? Two of R&B/Pop’s hottest Hunnies throw down with their Spanking new videos. And they both did they thing. First up, we have Ciara’s newest song (that she has been teasing y’all with) featuring Justin Timberlake. Justin basically acts as a prop as Cici twists, turns and gyrates around him. Ciara looks great of course, and the moves are on point – of course. She works the pole with her dancers (tastefully), and does some contortionist-style moves on the floor for the camera. Diane Martel directed the video; they last collaborated on the video for Promise. I love when these two work together. Entertaining and memorable video!

*Side note: The song was produced by Timbaland & the Y’s; also co-written by Justin.

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Melt in your ears: Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic


New week, new music! Sorry for the slow posts ya’ll, I’ll catch up for tomorrow, but I do have a treat! Found this new track by Ciara floating around the ‘Nets. At first listen, I was like, really Cici, this is what Fantasy Ride’s gonna be about? Really?

Truth is, I’ve been worried for ol’ girl this time around…Go Girl flopped horribly, even with the HOT video for it. But she came back a little better with the cute song (still needs momentum tho), Never Ever – which paired up with Young Jeezy, was not a bad look. She looked great in the vid too. But doesn’t that video make you miss the Cici who made Promise?

ANYWAYS, click the link below to hear the track. Listen to it a couple times, it’ll grow on you… Its got that Princy-vibe that Justin’s been biting lately, but I think it works overall and is a good look for Cici vocally. Thoughts??

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – LoveSexMagic

**Link is fixed on this song!

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