Melt in Your Ears: Robin Thicke’s RollaCoasta & Ryan Leslie’s Adidas Ad

Even though Robin Thicke made a string of promotional appearances on various talk shows (including David Letterman) with Nikki Minaj for their song, Shakin’ it for Daddy (I wasn’t a big fan…), Robin decided to release Rollercoasta featuring Estelle as his second official single (International markets only) from his fourth studio album Sex Therapy. While Rollercoasta will only be released for International markets,  the Single  Its In The Morning featuring Snoop Dogg will be released as the US single. Robin just finished filming the video recently.

Rollacoasta is a good look for International markets since the song has a funky futuristic vibe. Also Estelle is always a good choice when trying to reach an overseas audience. Do ya’ll like this? I think its hot!

Sidenote: Thicke’s Sex Therapy is a solid album that finds him branching out and trying some new sounds. If you haven’t already, Cop that ish!!


I ain’t sure about commitment, but I could sure use the company

Well, at least he’s honest… Ryan Leslie, teaming up with Adidas for their new campaign called Adidas Originals, recorded a new song called When I think About Love. Ryan plays a snippet of the song in this promotional video of him decked out in Adidas gear singing on the streets of NYC. Being a Marketing major, this is the kind of Advertisement I can get into. And the song is catchy too!  Check it out!


Sweet Tooth: Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy video

Robin Thicke releases the video his sexy hit, Sex Therapy. In the video Robin is by beautiful women while in a Victorian-style mansion. The decor and style of the video is very avant-garde sexy and is an interesting look for the song. I think I would call the setting, trashy opulence.  I believe I recognize one of the models as Top Model Winner Saleisha Stowers. Good for her. I liked the video, what did you guys think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Melt in Your Ears – Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z: Meiple (Me I Play)


Well Damn!! I guess Robin ain’t playin this time around!! He is fightin’ for that urban whiteboy crown! Snagging a guest sport by Hola Hovito himself is no easy feat for an underrated R&B artist. But Robin does it with such ease. Robin pairs up with Jeff Bhasker (who we last heard about on Alicia’s Broken Heart) and Pro-Jay to create this interesting track. It is nothing like what is on the radio nowadays! Note to self: Must learn more about Mr. Bhasker!

Robin mixes things up in this song by rapping/speaking his lyrics with a yuppy accent where you can hear him winking as he sings. The song has an international vibe to it, with a young lady moaning seductively (?) in French on the chorus and vivid drum patterns dominating the song. I can’t really see this being a radio hit…maybe on iTunes and definitely on the ‘Net, but the best thing it will do is create some much-needed buzz for Robin’s project.

Ha, my boy Tochi was spewin’ some hate on my Facebook page the other day about how stale of an artist he felt Robin was. He might have to eat his words after this one! (Might…)

Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z – Meiple

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Melt in Your Ears: Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy


I am definitely late on this one, but in my defense, I have not been hearing a lot about this song, surprisingly. Robin Thicke has returned for his fourth effort, Sex Therapy. This time around Robin decided to work with new (read, well-known) producers to help explore a different sound. At first I was not interested to listen to the song since I heard Polow Da Don produced it (for obvious reasons, people!) but I was pleasantly surprised to hear the effort put into this song. And the lyrics paint a very vivid picture as well. Robin sings seductively,

“It’s your body,
we can yell if you want to,
loud if you want to,
scream if you want to,
just let me love you,
lay right here girl,
don’t be scared of me,
give you sex therapy”

I am definitely excited for Robin’s new release; I think he will have a lot more success with this album. Between this song and Trey’s Sex video, these men are making it hard to be a celibate single gyal, I tell ya!

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy

Sidenote: I’m wondering what Usher thought of this song. This beat has Usher written all over it, and since he is looking to release his latest album in the 4th quarter, I am surprised he wasn’t offered this song. Oh well, his loss…

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ChokLit Fresh: Rick Ross feat. Robin Thicke – Lay Back


Please forgive me, but sometimes I can not resist a Rick Ross video. Yes, they seem to all feature Dade County’s finest dressed in his best mob boss attire, with many bikini-clad Miami women flaunting all over Ross and his R&B-featured guest. But 8 times out of 10, I do enjoy the song, so here we go again. Lay Back is not particularly catchy, but the production is pretty solid and Robin’s voice sounds great on the track as well. I noticed how animated Mr. Thicke is acting in this video! I have never seen him so coordinated and lively! I got a chuckle the first time I saw the video, but now I have to give him his props. Maybe his wife versed him in some much-needed lessons in Swag. Nevertheless, Mr. Thicke wears it well. Lay back is the first single from Ross’ new group Maybach Music from his joint Label with Def Jam. How do ya’ll like the song?


*video link being fixed – sorry for inconvenience

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