ChokLit Fresh – *New Video* Diddy, Dirty Money, Rick Ross & T.I in the Morning…

Diddy goes hard once again. If you follow Diddy on Twitter, you will notice the barrage of promotions and braggadocio he releases for every project he is working on. This works well for Kaleena and Dawn, his co-stars in the Dirty Money movie. I’ve been hearing about Hello, Good Morning for a looonnggg time, but it kept slipping my mind to post on it. I can’t deny the video for the Remix, directed by Hype Williams. Adding T.I and Rick Ross to the mix (each delivering some sick flows) only adds to the appeal of this song. Diddy is definitely doing something different here as he pairs pulsing club beats with street credible (I use this term loosely) Rapper flows. Hello, Good Morning may make your favourite neighborhood thug or trapstar wanna nod his head a little harder.

Just when I started to question what Hype was doing with the simplistic visuals, he kicks it up a notch or two near the end of the video for a grand finale that makes you want to believe in Bad Boy once again! Diddy and crew shut down 106 & Park down today to premiere the video (twice) and the kids were feelin it…

Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris will finally hit stores June 29th!



ChokLit Fresh: Rick Ross feat. Robin Thicke – Lay Back


Please forgive me, but sometimes I can not resist a Rick Ross video. Yes, they seem to all feature Dade County’s finest dressed in his best mob boss attire, with many bikini-clad Miami women flaunting all over Ross and his R&B-featured guest. But 8 times out of 10, I do enjoy the song, so here we go again. Lay Back is not particularly catchy, but the production is pretty solid and Robin’s voice sounds great on the track as well. I noticed how animated Mr. Thicke is acting in this video! I have never seen him so coordinated and lively! I got a chuckle the first time I saw the video, but now I have to give him his props. Maybe his wife versed him in some much-needed lessons in Swag. Nevertheless, Mr. Thicke wears it well. Lay back is the first single from Ross’ new group Maybach Music from his joint Label with Def Jam. How do ya’ll like the song?


*video link being fixed – sorry for inconvenience

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Chew on This! Kandi feat. Rasheeda, Rick Ross – I Like Him


Kandi is back! After her stint with Atlanta R&B group Xscape had run its course, Kandi wrote a number of hit songs with producer Kevin ‘Shekspere’ Briggs including the TLC hit, No Scrubs, before embarking on a solo career that quickly fizzled. Years later she would join forces with Atlanta rapper Rasheeda for a group called PeachCandy. Whew! I’ve always liked Kandi, I think she is a beautiful and talented woman with class. She is now one of the Atlanta housewives on the popular BRAVO show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mind you, Kandi is not currently married.

I Like Him is a new song Kandi has released as part of her comeback effort that has been a long time coming. You might remember Kandi’s addition to E-40 and T-Pain’s U and Dat song from a couple years back as well.  I actually like this song! It has a cute and fun vibe to it, and it features a very real situation for ladies that can happen: you are with your man, but you are feeling his friend(!!) a lot. Kandi sings that she “think about you when I touch myself/ and that’s so wrong ‘cuz my man’s right here” Dilemma dilemma. Just wondering, if anyone has ever been in a similar situation or if they have ever acted on their feelings. I’ve found men attractive who were friends of my boyfriend – but have never acted on these feelings. It can be risky business when you venture into ho-territory…but then again, maybe the friend is really the one for you and sometimes you have to burn bridges in life to find true happiness – yes? Check out the song below and share your story if you are brave enough to do so 🙂

Kandi feat. Rasheeda, Rick Ross – I Like Him

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ChokLit Fresh: Rick Ross & the Dream – All I Want is You

The Dream rocked his best zipped-down sports jacket and sunglasses to Columbia, where Rick Ross is killing us with the Mafia-style suits, and grown-man belly.

All I Want is You is Rick Ross’ second single featuring ChokLit fave, The Dream. I’m a little confused as to why TheDream is singing in this high octave for the chorus of the song. It seems the song will grow on me, but I’m not feeling Dream’s  cameo just yet. The Columbia scenery look exquisite. And all thse lovely ladies in thier best Coogi-sponsored swimwear makes me want a Coogi bikini top. Really badly.

Do you guys like, or don’t like?

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ChokLit Fresh: Bun B + Jodeci = 1 HOT ChokLit Track!

I recently only came up onto this song as of January or so this year, but it was actually released last Summer, so that tells your how far removed I’ve been from my Hip Hop as of late…


Bun B is one of my favourite rappers ever. I’ve always been a fan of Southern Rap, and he is one of the few who can actually spit with a really nice flow and really Reps well for the South. Plus, he’s got a lot of heart. Last year, Bun released his second solo album, II Trill on Rap-A-Lot Records. This was the second single from the album, which I have not heard yet, but this song rides so hard, I may have to find this album and make a purchase! In this video, Bun B is reminiscing the good years he shared coming up in the South, along with his partner in crime, the Departed Pimp C. Joining him in his homage to the South are fellow representatives, David Banner (Mississippi),  Rick Ross (Miami, Dade County) and 8ball & MJG (Memphis). Note the extremely menancing beat in this song, along with the heartfelt chorus that is sampled by Jodeci’s song, Cry For You(You’re Everything). Mr. Lee produced this joint and it goes Hard. It peaked at #59 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop songs chart. Check it out!



ChokLit Fresh – Rick Ross feat. Jon Legend – Magnificent

Tha Bo$$

Tha Bo$$

Although this blog is mostly for the R&B heads, we will definately look into posting more GOOD music, including Reggae/Dancehall, Rap, Hip Hop etc. So don’t be shy to send me music or news you think I should post! Mail to

This is the Director’s cut for Rick Ross’s new joint, Magnificent featuring Jon Legend. Ross caught a LOT of flack last year for lying about previously being a Correctional Officer at a Florida prison. When people found out the truth, he definately felt the heat from the fans and haters alike. But I’ll admit, I still fucks with Ross. He found what works for him. I love his music, his beats, the nostaglia of the old Mob style mixed with modern Miami glamour. And his flow is always on point. Luckily, he came back hard with his new single Magnificent, produced by The Justice League. I can’t pinpoint the sample to save my life, but Jon Legend does it justice, adding a soulful vibe to the hook.

Peep the video below after the jump. What ya’ll think?

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