ChokLit Fresh: *New Video* Drake drops ‘Over’ while Fab Goes In…

Drake appears to be carrying the torch for Hip Hop right now. While he leaves the cubic zirconium chains and gold teeth for the other rappers, Drake is the clean cut, straight-talking Rapper who actually has something to say. In his video for his first single, Over, Drake hired famed director Anthony Mandler, who is well known for directing stylish, edgy and art-driven videos. The video is definitely solid and entertaining – Drake gives life to his lyrics with such fervor not seen since Kanye’s fiery actions (Where are youYeezy?). Drake explains some of the driving force behind the video and his album, Thank Me Later (now due June 15th) to MTVnews:

“The song is so aggressive, and it’s sort of a love story in the video. It has a lot to do with the album [Thank Me Later]. The album is about finding love, feeling ‘Have I sold my soul’ as far as ‘Will I ever be able to gain the trust of a woman? Will I only be able to be around the dark, evil women? Will I ever find that pure love?’ Those elements are in the video.”

I’m loving this video and I’m excited for Drake’s album. It has been a long time coming so I hope he lives up to the Hype! What do you guys think of the video?

Meanwhile…did you guys hear the song Fab and Nicki Minaj recorded for his Funeral Service Mixtape? He borrows the beat to Gucci Mane’s Lemonade and proceeds to pull no punches. Fab talks about dudes blowing up their girls’ phones (apparently that is a jab at Rob Kardishan and the way his Ex Adrienne Bailon punked him – don’t ask how I know these things). He ends his verse asking, “If you could have Beyonce, would you take Solange?” Ouch!
Fabolous feat. Nicki Minaj – For The Money

Now or Laters?: New Music from Trey Songz, Fabolous and Christina Milan

We have a new category at the CF. Now or Laters is for music I will post, but not necessarily cosign; you can be feeling it Now or you can feel it Later or never.  I will let you, the Readers 🙂 decide if its hot or not. This is one of many steps I am taking to decrease my musical selfishness and encourage equal opportunity of music listeners everywhere. Ok, its not that serious, but here is some new music floating around that I want to know if anyone is feeling.

Trey Songz – My Lil Freak

Usher’s new single My Lil Freak with Nikki Minaj is gaining some traction on radio – so much so, that Trey Songz has jumped on a remix! Trey even steals Nikki’s flow for part and goes pretty hard! But we all know Trey can flow a bit. Word is, Trey is working on a new Mixtape for all you freaks. I’m just wondering how deep (pun intended) Trey will run this Sex God schtick until it starts to get old…

Sidenote: I can not find the mp3 of this song for the life of me, but when I do, I will update the link.

Christina Milian – Nevermind

Christina Milian recently delivered her first child with her husband, Terrius Nash. In the meantime, a lot of her music has been leaking on the Internet. No word on when her project is expected to drop, but judging from what I’ve been hearing from the project, there is no rush honey. Nevermind is actually a decent  pop record, written and produced by The Clutch.

Christina Milian – Nevermind

Read on!!


Melt In Your Ears: Amerie feat. Fabolous – More Than Love video

Happy New Year to everyone! I had a wonderful Christmas holiday back in my hometown of Edmonton with my family, which was great! Cold, but great. I was even able to gather some new music for the CF from my visit since my Edmonton peoples do know their music every now and then! I was also able to do some listening of some albums like Alicia’s newest effort, R.Kelly’s Untitiled and Robin Thicke’s album. I have my work cut out for me for reviews. I spent New Year’s with some friends in Detroit where I currently am. Looking forward to crafting the list for the best of 2009 on the ChokLit Factory and to hearing all your thoughts.

Until then, check out the new video for Amerie’s third single, More Than Love featuring Fabolous on the track. Amerie hasn’t had the best reaction from her fourth release Love & War she dropped a few months back. Something about Amerie is not catching on with the mainstream. I personally think she was lacking a hit song, but I’m sure many would disagree. Nonetheless, I still enjoy her music and her lyrics. More Than Love has Amerie questioning whether Love is enough to make a relationship really work (It isn’t.) Fabolous plays his part well in the song and video, but nothing groundbreaking here folks! Check out the video below.

Butta of the Week! Fabolous & Jay-Z – When the Money Goes


I was forwarded this song by reader 20 Something, and I gotta say – this is a hot one! The first thing that caught me was the beat; its a Killer. When the Money Goes was produced by Sami Wilf and Jermain Dupri. Then you have Loso on the track with spittin’ some real nice metaphors and his flow is nice as ever. Most importantly, Fab is painting a thorough picture with his lyrics of a situation where a female will love the good times when life is good and the money is right; but is not able to Ride when things get rough.  It is a topic Rappers have been talking about for ages. In my opinion, a  Jumpoff will always bounce when the money jumps off – literally. Jay-Z actually lays low on this one, only gracing the chorus. But still, the collabo works great. I just found this video. It pretty much plays out the lyrics to the song nicely. I am wondering if the opening scene with Fab and Jay-Z in the Maybach is a homage to The Sopranos? Still, I like the feel of this video, directed by Parris.  Peep the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Still In the W(Rapper): R.Kelly on the Comeback Trail

**I had meant to post these a week ago, but I was a bit pre-occupied with last week’s Caribanna preparations, also my sister came to visit :)**

Picture courtesy

Picture courtesy

My girl DJ HazelEyez wanted to make sure I showed this song some love in the Factory. R.Kelly is currently on the grind, trying to stay relevant in a changing R&B world. Kelly now has to compete with the real sex appeal and swag of artists like Trey Songz; the impossibly melodic creativity of artists like TheDream and the undeniable soul of artists like Maxwell. Kellz former unmovable fan base are moving in other directions so Robert has his work cut out for him in trying to gain them back. Out of This Club is a laid back dance track that Kelly originally recorded with pop group PCD (Pussycat Dolls) that is a bit repetitive at first, but grows on you all the same. This remixed version credits Fabolous as the guest Rapper on the track, although this does not sound like Loso to me – more like a Fabolous-sounding rapper. Still, I do like this track.

R.Kelly feat. Fabolous – Out of this Club (RMX)

This next song has Kelly teaming up with Rising star Keri Hilson on the sexy duet, Number One. Kelly has sex on the brain in this song, boasting that his sex is the best, when it is with You. Keri holds her own on this song; her voice rides the track effortlessly and her lyrics are also on point. This song is reminiscent of  a duet Kelly did with Ciara for her Promise Remix they did a couple years back. Number One definitely stands out for me as a possible comeback song contender. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a Keri feature, she is currently very Hawt right now!

R.Kelly featuring Keri Hilson – Number One

Which song are y’all feeling – if any? Discuss 🙂

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Butta of the Week: Fabolous & some R&B Cats do it Loso’s Way

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

Fabolous aka LOSO has been making quite a few guest appearances lately, appearing with notable R&B artists like Brutha, Ryan Leslie and TheDream to add some Brooklyn flava to their songs. Now its Loso’s turn to eat.  His new ablum is titled, Loso’s Way. Here is the video for the lead single, Throw it in the Bag, featuring TheDream. The Erick White-directed video is bright and lively, and its fun for a hip hop track. I actually like the song. Fab is the perfect Ladies’ Rapper; he’s slick, handsome and has the rap skills to back it up. And TheDream is the new R.Kelly as far as hip hop collabs go. So this partnerships works really well. I believe the lead girl is Claudia Jordan, a model who last appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

*SideNote: I don’t quite understand the end of the video…is she under arrest or no? Or out on bail? Anyways, check it out!


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Music News ROLO: Soulja Boy with the #1 song in NYC, huh?

Still taking those camera phone pics...

Still taking those camera phone pics...

I read this over at Sandra Rose’s spot and I had to post Greg Street’s comment. Basically, legendary radio DJ Greg Street is explaining the phenomenom that is Soulja Boy’s hit song , Turn my Swag on, that was released 10 Months (!) ago, and is now one of the hottest songs in rap. I’ll admit, I even pegged Soulja Boy as a one-hit wonder, after his Monster success with 2007’s Crank Dat. But he and Collipark have still managed to make an impact in Rap music. Then came a little song called, Turn my Swag On.

Soulja Boy’s second single, Kiss me Through the Phone featured young crooner Sammie and did very well for them, peaking at number 3 on the Billboard 100. The song was also a hit on 106 & Park and MTV, and sold millions of Ringtones, naturally. Of his new foray into R&B-Rap, Soulja Boy commented:

“My fans let me know, enough with that dancing songs for now…Now it’s time to do great music like Kiss Me Through the Phone…It’s a real record, no gimmick. It’s a catchy record ,’cause that’s what my fans want.” Source