Laffy Taffy: Rasheeda & her ‘Boss B*tch Clique’, Plies gives back to the Homeless…

Every and then I see a video that make me want to LOL for real! Music is Entertainment and videos are an obvious extension of that, so there is #noshade when I see a video full of tomfoolery, I just blog that ish!

ATL Rapper Rasheeda has scrapped together enough cash to film another video to promote her Boss B*tch Mixtape she released in March. She also released a video for her Remix for Say Something that she recorded with Nivea. I am still on the fence about how I feel about Rasheeda’s rapping style, it doesn’t do too much for me.

The video features Rapper Diamond, Singer Kandi (from ATL Housewives), Former video chick Lola Monroe (who has literally been overshadowed by Nicki Minaj’s ASSets – literally!) and Toya Carter, who lends her Nawlin’s swag to the track. The video, at over 8 minutes is about 6 minutes too long! The girls did their thing, though I cannot say who stands out. I will say that Lola Monroe is looking like the Terminator with that pink Go-Gadget eyelash on her eye in the first scene…

You can Download Rasheeda’s Boss B*tch Mixtape here

or the Bedrock Remix song here.



Laffy Taffy – *Video* Whitney Disappoints in Austrailia

I labeled this post Laffy Taffy – though it is not really funny at all. Whitney Houston performed a concert for fans in Brisbane, Australia this past Monday and I only feel sorry for the fans who probably paid a grip to hear a living legend in person and got this:

At around 2:31 Whitney takes a moment  – one full minute, to ‘compose herself’ in time to hit her big note for the song, I Will Always Love You. At first I thought they gave the mic an echo effect but now I suspect her high note was a taped performance. Especially since during most of the song Houston could barely get her notes straight. It is sad to see Whitney in this condition. It is even sadder to think about all the money these Australian fans must have paid to see her perform. She wouldn’t DARE do this on North American soil! Ms Houston, please do better.

Laffy Taffy: Whitney Houston performs Million Dollar Bill on X-Factor


The Internets are a-buzz with Whitney Houston’s latest performance on British TV show X-Factor from last week. Ms Houston preformed her hit song, Million Dollar Bill for the live audience. Unfortunately for Whitney, her bra straps suffered a bit of a malfunction as they snapped (gasp!) during her performance. But that was not the worst part. Whitney is STILL not looking in good shape! I’m sorry, as a fan, I really cannot afford not to notice it. I mean, she looks great. But her singing, while on key, was sporadic and she realized very heavily on her back-up singers. The notes she did manage to belt out were surprisingly quite good..they were just the wrong ones. She missed the last big note of the song and left that one up to her backup singer (who is NO Whitney). During her hastened small talk with the show’s host after her performance, Whitney looked a little belligerent and confused. She mentioned that she would be touring in April. Of course, we all know the tour is the real moneymaker these days, so if she cannot get it together by then, she will not make the tour at all. I for one hope she can because I will be in line for tickets when she does!

Check the video below!

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Laffy Taffy: Get Ya Dance on – Who You Wit?


I thought I’d do a dance post for all ya’ll that like to get Crunk up in the clubs. Y’all know you ya’ll are. While the lames others are chillin’ on the sidelines, watching the action, you have your glass of Nuvo in one hand, and the other hand in the air, ‘cuz this yo’ song! You work up a sexy amount of sweat,  while reppin’ all the hottest new dances with your crew. And fellas, you are not exempt! Ladies love a man who can move – even if you’re just leanin’ back or rockin’ your drink with your two-step. I personally cannot resist a mean two-step a la the Chicago stepping scene. You don’t have to Michael Jackson with it either, as long as you’re having a good time and not worrying what others are ice-grilling you for thinking.

But what about the dances all the kids be doin’? Now, I know you’d like to forget it, but I DO recall everyone and they mommas doin’ the Superman/Soulja Boy dance back in ’07. And now Soulja Boy is a Star. Pause.  Since his rise to fame, there have been many more one-hit wonders Rappers who get on because of catchy, if not annoying songs, paired with two-step-style dance moves (re: easy for dudes, looks cute on the ladies) that blow up on YouTube. Yes, I know know you hate the Stanky Legg, but have you ever done that ish in the Clubs? Its alot of fun. I hear in the ATL and other parts of the South, they gets down with the Stanky Legg! We’re gonna break the dances down for you old folk, then you tell me, Who you Wit?

GS Boys – The Stanky Legg: Get Low
Difficulty Level: 3.5 Jubes out of 5.

The Stanky Legg isn’t as easy as it looks! The trick is to get low enough in a controlled, but loose motion, and you need to have lots of rhythm. Soulja Boy has the best example.  You can dress it up any way you like it, but the movement should be consistent – basically pulling in your leg and bouncing on it at the same time. Ladies can add a little extra movement in the hips too 😉

Gettin Low

Gettin Low


Laffy Taffy: Because you can’t get ENOUGH of Beyonce’s Single Ladies

On some Icon Ish...

On some Icon Ish...

Months after the release of this song and video, people still can’t get enough of this! I’m not sure what this was done for, but it looks like a promotion with Trident (Gum?) and Beyonce in the UK. Its pretty wicked though! The ladies did a good job and it looks pretty cool with all 100 of them. Give it a looksie!

Still Undisputed as the #1 post on this Site! Ya’ll LOVE B!

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