ChokLit Fresh: Lil Wayne is Single, Young Jeezy Loses his Mind…

Excuse me while I get back on my Hip Hop ish…

Lil Wayne with labelmate Shanell

I spotted this video over at Miss Info today and trust me, I had this on repeat all morning. I like the vibe of the Single, a song from his No Ceilings Mixtape. Ahhh Lil Wayne; any chick that messes with this guy has got to know what’s up…Wayne sings,

“Put ya hands up if you’re Single for the night,

Ya I’m single, N*gga had to cancel that b*tch like Nino”

Apparently the Tranny chick in the video is a Kim Khardishan look-a-like? Mmmm Kay.

The video was filmed before Wayne began his prison stint. His personal videographer, DJ Scooby Doo directed the clip. What do you guys think?

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Young Jeezy will be hitting us with his fourth album, Thug Motivation 103 this Summer. 103 is a followup to The Recession, Jeezy’s Gold-selling hit album released in 2008. His first buzz single Lose My Mind features Plies. This song hit the Internet back in March, though Def Jam is working overtime trying to keep it under wraps. I’m a big Jeezy fan so I’m excited for the album!



ChokLit Fresh: *New Video* Drake drops ‘Over’ while Fab Goes In…

Drake appears to be carrying the torch for Hip Hop right now. While he leaves the cubic zirconium chains and gold teeth for the other rappers, Drake is the clean cut, straight-talking Rapper who actually has something to say. In his video for his first single, Over, Drake hired famed director Anthony Mandler, who is well known for directing stylish, edgy and art-driven videos. The video is definitely solid and entertaining – Drake gives life to his lyrics with such fervor not seen since Kanye’s fiery actions (Where are youYeezy?). Drake explains some of the driving force behind the video and his album, Thank Me Later (now due June 15th) to MTVnews:

“The song is so aggressive, and it’s sort of a love story in the video. It has a lot to do with the album [Thank Me Later]. The album is about finding love, feeling ‘Have I sold my soul’ as far as ‘Will I ever be able to gain the trust of a woman? Will I only be able to be around the dark, evil women? Will I ever find that pure love?’ Those elements are in the video.”

I’m loving this video and I’m excited for Drake’s album. It has been a long time coming so I hope he lives up to the Hype! What do you guys think of the video?

Meanwhile…did you guys hear the song Fab and Nicki Minaj recorded for his Funeral Service Mixtape? He borrows the beat to Gucci Mane’s Lemonade and proceeds to pull no punches. Fab talks about dudes blowing up their girls’ phones (apparently that is a jab at Rob Kardishan and the way his Ex Adrienne Bailon punked him – don’t ask how I know these things). He ends his verse asking, “If you could have Beyonce, would you take Solange?” Ouch!
Fabolous feat. Nicki Minaj – For The Money

ChokLit Fresh: Rick Ross feat. Robin Thicke – Lay Back


Please forgive me, but sometimes I can not resist a Rick Ross video. Yes, they seem to all feature Dade County’s finest dressed in his best mob boss attire, with many bikini-clad Miami women flaunting all over Ross and his R&B-featured guest. But 8 times out of 10, I do enjoy the song, so here we go again. Lay Back is not particularly catchy, but the production is pretty solid and Robin’s voice sounds great on the track as well. I noticed how animated Mr. Thicke is acting in this video! I have never seen him so coordinated and lively! I got a chuckle the first time I saw the video, but now I have to give him his props. Maybe his wife versed him in some much-needed lessons in Swag. Nevertheless, Mr. Thicke wears it well. Lay back is the first single from Ross’ new group Maybach Music from his joint Label with Def Jam. How do ya’ll like the song?


*video link being fixed – sorry for inconvenience

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ChokLit Fresh – Mr. Vegas: Gallis / Sassa Step

Dancehall Singjay Mr. Vegas is back with another dancehall hit. Actually, he’s brought us two this time! The clip, directed by longtime collaborator Jay Will aka Game Over, is their slickest production to date. The video starts off with the tune, Gallis, about a man who is juggling too many women. Of course there is a hype dance move to accompany the bouncy song. This time Vegas experiments with some Autotune that gives the song a T-Pain meets Sean Paul vibe. And it works!

The next song that the video cuts to, Sassa Step, is my favorite. It is a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson (complete with a spot-on impersonator!) with a Beat It-style dance ensemble. Mr. Vegas follows a Hot gyal in a black dress around as the battling crew takes a break out of gang-banging to dance it out! The dance in this one is infectious as hell! Check it out and lemme know your thoughts!

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ChokLit Fresh: Young Money’s New Single – who laid the Hook Best??

Young Moo-la ba-bee

Young Moo-la ba-bee

First off, we must give respect where respect is due. You may have your qualms about Lil Wayne, but you must admit he has an ear (and an eye) for talent. I haven’t been keeping up with the lineup changes as much as I should, but adding Miss Nikki Minaj, Drake, and now Shanell and Omarion were some good looks for YM. Now they have released an ensemble track as a lead single (to a full length album perhaps? yes, I’m late) that is produced by Kane Beatz. The single features Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nikki Minaj, Drake, Tyga (when did he join YM?) and Jae Millz. There are two versions to this song. It was initially recorded when Omarion was still a part of Young Money (they have since parted ways) and was called Girl You Know. Now that Omarion has left to pursue his own endeavours (O recently signed a deal with EMI records) YM has tapped the talented singer Lloyd for their official single, and also laid a new hook with him for the song now dubbed Bed Rock. The only problem is, the song now sounds too much like an ensemble track because none of the artists appear to be rapping about the same topic.

Regardless, the song is hot. It’s very simplistic, but it works – for me at least. I love the beat on this as well. Only question is, who sang the hook best? I am a big fan of Omarion’s voice period. I’ve always liked the strain in his voice, since it gave him character as a singer. I was definitely excited when I heard he was signed to Young Money, especially after having being dropped by Sony not too long ago. However, I am also a big fan of Lloyd’s as well. Lloyd’s voice is velvety-smooth and is very unique as well. But if I had to choose, I would have to give it to my man O on this one. Although Lloyd has the better hook, Omarion’s voice suites the beat just a tad bit better for me.

But what did ya’ll think??

Omarion’s version:

Lloyd’s version:

**Side Note: I’mma need Wayne and his Young Money crew to start throwin’ some money into more photo shoots for their artists (namely for Nikki) so we Bloggers can have more stock photos to choose from 🙂 And who the f*ck is Gudda Gudda??

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ChokLit Fresh: Ester Dean – Drop It Low (feat. Chris Brown) video

Finally, the true identity of Ester Dean is revealed as her new video for her song, Drop It Low was released today. But still hiding behind large sunglasses and Keri Hilson-esque hair, I cannot say I could pick Ester out in a crowd after seeing this video. Ester enlisted the star power of once popular Chris Brown to add some needed publicity for the Single. I will admit at first I wasn’t really feeling the song too much, but it did start to grow on me. This video features cameos from Nelly, Keri Hilson (we see you Keri!!), Omarion (I never saw him), Rich Boy and CB of course. The dancing is cute at best, while CB does some ill footwork – even going sweaty and shirtless at the end. People are saying CB is making a comeback. I won’t hold my breath. But no hate here! Check the video below.

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ChokLit Fresh: Trey Songz – Best I Ever Had Remix


Photo via

Continuing to vye for the newly available title of the Remix King (I’m sure he will settle for Prince),  Trey Songz has hit us up with another remix to add to his repertoire. And I agree, it might be the BEST remix of Best I Ever Had I’ve heard thus far – including R.Kelly’s version. (*Side Note: if you haven’t heard R.Kelly’s version available on his mixtape, The Demo, you should download it here) Trey’s key to Success on this track: his harmonies (for the R&B heads) and his witty lyrics (for the hip hop heads) that reveal Trey’s effortless flow. He also reveals on the track that his forthcoming album Ready has been pushed back (!!) until September. He apologizes to his fans for the setback and calls them “the best [he] ever had”. I think the push-back is a good thing – Trey still doesn’t have that mainstream push he needs to garner the success he deserves. His mixtape was very well done and shows he is growing as an Artist and filling an empty spot in R&B music. Peep the track here.

Trey Songz – Best I Ever Had Remix

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