Butta of the Week!: *Video* Timbaland & Justin Timberlake – Carry Out

Ok, this got me a little geeked. Timbaland teamed up with his partner in crime, Justin Timberlake for the third Single release off his latest compilation album, Shock Value II. The album is a follow-up to the Platinum-selling Shock Value album that was also an International hit. Due to Timbaland’s worldwide appeal, I feel his label is focusing more on the markets across the pond because I have barely heard his singles or seen his videos here in Canada. Carry Out was released to radio in December of last year while the video was released in mid-February.  Bryan Barber directed the video which sort of reminds me of Hype William’s treatment for GoldDigger.

I do love this song; it is a good look for both artists and I would definitely shake to this in the clubs. Plus this beat is taking me back to the late 90s when Timbaland’s production skills were unmatched and the best in the Industry at the time.  Justin & Timbaland make a good creative team together and I dig the metaphors they are using comparing fast food to….hot sex? Owwwww!


Butta of the Week: Omarion – Speedin’ video

After releasing two hip hop-themed buzz singles, Omarion has finally released the real R&B track we were hoping for.  Well, its more of a pop & B collabo, but still a good one.

In Speedin’, Omarion sings about a love gone wrong and trying his hardest to get back into his lover’s heart again. The music is dramatic with the help of  drums, an electric guitar and screeching tire effects throughout the song. Omarion gives a stirring vocal performance that makes you wonder why he didn’t release this song as his lead single. Ollusion is in stores right now! Go cop that ish!

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Butta of the Week! Mary J. Blige – I Am

I saw Mary perform this song at tonight’s AMAs and I thought to myself, how did we miss this at the ChokLit Factory? I am really loving this song. In the song, Mary sings about nobody being able to love her current Lover better than she can. Sometimes in a relationship, one person can be caught thinking they can get better elsewhere and often fall victim to the 80/20 rule, thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes that is the case, but most times it’s not. Sometimes we can take what we have for advantage until we have lost it. But once you lost it, its gone!

Mary wrote this song alongside talented songwriter Johnta Austin (who also co-wrote Mary’s other hit song, Be Without You) and produced by Stargate. This song will be released as Mary’s third single from her forthcoming album Stronger with each Tear.  So far, the album sounds like it will be a solid one; we can’t wait!

You can download I Am, starting tomorrow on iTunes!

Mary J.Blige – I Am

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Butta Of the Week! Dirty Money’s ‘Love Come Down’ video


For some reason I was a bit reluctant to watch the video for Dirty Money’s newest single, Love Come Down, but I finally came around to it and I gotta say, I’m feelin this joint! Diddy and co reunite with director Hype Williams for a slick video that includes light vs. dark contrasts, a requisite dance troupe and spirited performances by all three group members. Kaleena really stood out in this clip for me; she is giving me Total circa 1998 in this video. A pure original Bad Boys vibe! Also her vocals on this track are perfect for the song – now I see why she was chosen for the group! Dawn surprisingly doesn’t do much for me appearance wise, though I am digging her vocals on this as well. Diddy plays his part as the dancing thug mogul and reminds us that grills Neva went outta style! Or something. this video makes me wanna get up and dance right quick – so Diddy has done his job! This song will be featured on Diddy’s newest effort Last Train to Paris. Note to aspiring artists trying to sign with Bad Boy: if you want your video/project/album to ever be released or to have a substantial budget, you must either join a group with Diddy or be sleeping with him. I kid, I kid!

*Sidenote: For a laugh, check out Diddy’s posin for us at 0:24 HA!

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Butta of the Week!: Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart


A few weeks back we premiered Alicia’s first single, Doesn’t Mean Anything from her new album, The Element of Freedom (great title!) arriving December 1st. The song had yet to grow on me, or on the charts in general so Alicia’s second single has been prepared in a hurry. Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart is a great song! It has a totally different sound for Alicia, with eerie keyboards that give it a cheesy 80s sound – but in a good way. Alicia’s voice is timidly quiet as she sings, “I’m gonna find a way to make it, without you…I’m gonna hold onto the times that we had” The lyrics are especially poignant as she sings about being strong enough to get through the lonely, sleepless nights without her lover no longer being in her life. The song is produced by 808 & Heartbreak collaborator Jeff Bhasker and Alicia.

Of course, all over the Internet, Alicia is catching flack left and right for her personal issues involving her relationship with producer/artist Swizz Beatz who was once (still is!) married to singer Mashonda. Mashonda and Swizz have two children together and Alicia is being viewed as a home-wrecker for being involved with a married man. People are going as far to say they will not support Alicia nor purchase her music because of her love life. They are condemning this song as a slap in the face to Mashonda who is possibly going through the same situation Alicia is singing about.  Hmmmmm. Hard for me to say, I’m no fan of home-wreckers, but as my girl Cinnamon will say, “Life is complicated” so we never will know what had transpired between the three of them involved. That being said, at the end of the day, I like the song and the ChokLitFactory is about the music so I will continue to post on Alicia’s new project. Enjoy!

Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

Butta of the Week (continued): Amerie – Heard ‘Em All video


Here is the full version of Amerie’s video, directed by Anthony Mandler. I noticed that Weezy isn’t in the video or wasn’t included in the single release at all. Hence Amerie begins the song a little awkwardly without the 16-bar intro. Still, this video is pretty hot.  Amerie has definitely stepped up her dancing game on this one, although the moves are not overly difficult. I actually really like the concept of the video as well as its styling and overall feel. Amerie looks comfortable in this grimey yet fashionable role, especially since we are used to seeing her a lot more girly and feminine. Expect to see this video very often on 106 & Park. Did ya’ll like it?

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Butta of the Week! Amerie feat. Lil Wayne – Heard ‘Em All


Amerie’s second single off her forthcoming Love & War album almost slipped through the Choklit cracks. But here it is in all its glory. Heard ’em All features the best of what can safely be called, ‘Amerie’s sound’. It evokes that brassy D.C go-go sound Amerie is well-known for, along with staccato melodies and an urgent, quickened pace. Amerie sounds great on the song as she warns all potential suitors to keep their distance unless they have something real for her.  Also check out a sneak peak of the making of the video for Heard ‘Em All. The remix I posted features Lil Wayne, although I do not see him in this video footage. This definitely looks like the type of song Amerie needs. Why R U was an ok song, but I don’t think it generated the buzz she needed. Amerie really needs a hard-knocking hit to make a dent in this Beyonce/Rihanna-focused music industry & media. The choreography is lookin’ hot too! What do ya’ll think of the song and video?

Amerie feat. Lil Wayne – Heard ’em All

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Butta of the Week! Fabolous & Jay-Z – When the Money Goes


I was forwarded this song by reader 20 Something, and I gotta say – this is a hot one! The first thing that caught me was the beat; its a Killer. When the Money Goes was produced by Sami Wilf and Jermain Dupri. Then you have Loso on the track with spittin’ some real nice metaphors and his flow is nice as ever. Most importantly, Fab is painting a thorough picture with his lyrics of a situation where a female will love the good times when life is good and the money is right; but is not able to Ride when things get rough.  It is a topic Rappers have been talking about for ages. In my opinion, a  Jumpoff will always bounce when the money jumps off – literally. Jay-Z actually lays low on this one, only gracing the chorus. But still, the collabo works great. I just found this video. It pretty much plays out the lyrics to the song nicely. I am wondering if the opening scene with Fab and Jay-Z in the Maybach is a homage to The Sopranos? Still, I like the feel of this video, directed by Parris.  Peep the video below.

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Butta of the Week: Goapele – Milk & Honey

goapeleGoapele – Milk & Honey

I’ll admit, I have slept on Goapele for most of her career. I am not particularly familiar with her songs or albums. I am a fan of Closer, a ethereal, timeless tune that still gets a lot of play at clubs and lounges here in Toronto. Also any video I would catch of hers on Midnight Love (bring that show back Ms Debra Lee!!) Well Goapele is back with a new album and a new song, both titled Milk & Honey. The album is due later this year.

I just think this track is banging. The production is done by Bedrock. There is loud, hard-hitting production, but the music does not hide Goapele’s great vocals on the track. She sings with a seductive tone: “Just lay back, relax, let me blow ya mind (take our time)/ nothing like honey, it feels so warm inside” I’m feeling this sexy track and I’m sure many of you will as well.

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Butta of the Week: Pleasure P – Under Video


Pleasure P has released his third Single from his surprisingly good album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper (review on its way!) Under features some production and background vocals from the talented artist, Tank. This song is a bonafied R&B hit and I love it for being that. It has that sexy R&B groove and features some nice vocals from Pleasure. In the video, Pleasure P is canoodling with The Game star, Tia Mowry, who is rocking the long hair again. Look out for the review on this project because Pleasure P is doin’ some big things in the music world so I hope he gets his props. Peep out the video below!

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