ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top R&B Albums of 2009 + Producers of the Year

In addition to the top songs of 2009, we added a list of the top albums as well as the top producers that kept the unique beats coming this year. We are going to keep these lists pretty short & sweet and in no particular order.

Top 10 R&B Albums of 2009

Maxwell – Black MidSummer’s Night

Mariah Carey – Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

TheDream – Love Vs Money

Chrisette Michelle – Epiphany

R.Kelly – Untitled

Alicia Keys –  The Element of Freedom

Pleasure P – The Introduction of Marcus Cooper

Ryan Leslie – Transition

Trey Songz – Ready

Whitney Houston – I Look to You


R&B Producers/Songwriters of the Year:

The Dream & Tricky Stewart – These are the official go-to guys for Urban Pop & R&B these days. You want a hit record? You hit up these two. 2009 was no different for the Producing pair who racked up hit records for Fabolous (Throw it in the Bag), Snoop Dogg (Gangsta Love), Rihanna (Hard) and Mariah’s full album. We will definitely be hearing more from this pair in 2010.

Los Da Mystro – One of my favorite producers, Los has recently branched out from doing songs for TheDream, producing R.Kelly’s Like I Do and Trey Songz’ I Invented Sex. You may also remember Los’ work from the Dream’s Walking on the Moon, Rockin That Sh*t and My Love.

Ryan Leslie – Not only is Ryan Leslie an incredibly gifted artist and songwriter, he is an amazing producer as well. Aside from producing his dedicated work on Transition, Leslie has also contributed tracks to Chris Brown’s Famous Girl and Mary J. Blige’s Said and Done for 2009.



ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top 25 Songs of 2009 – PART I

The wait is OVA! We finally have the long-awaited LIST of 2009 for all you ChokLit fiends haha!

2009 was a decent year for R&B music and Urban artists. Unfortunately, we did not see a lot of new roads being paved or new acts breaking through, though  artists like K Michelle, Young Steff and K’Jon made some decent headway. 2009 was really the year of the veterans. Maxwell hit us back just like he said he would with a much anticipated album, Ne-Yo showed the us how to be a Gentleman, Mimi showed us she was imperfect, Alicia fell in love while R.Kelly came back for his crown. Meanwhile, in the Urban/Pop world, Rihanna brought some heat, Beyonce maintained her crown, TheDream survived the sophomore slump, while Ryan Leslie quietly retained his genius. Lets get on with the list already! Let me know your thoughts on these!

25. Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby – Besides being a homemade tribute to Snoop Dogg and his wife’s marriage, Charlie Wilson lands the perfect song for his syrupy drawl with this hit song. Written by Babyface and originally recorded by Calvin Richardson, Charlie definitely does the song justice.


24. Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful – Musiq managed to lie mostly under the radar this year with the release of his album Onmyradio during the end of 2008. I blame his lead single Radio that didn’t go over well with fans. Luckily, So Beautiful was that type of song that his fans were waiting for. One of those feel good, chill & reminisce songs. So Beautiful is a great addition to Musiq’s catalog.


23. Ne-Yo – Never Knew I Needed – During an impromptu interview about the meaning of the title song to The Princess & the Frog movie, Ne-Yo explains, “It is about two people who feel like they know what they want…know what they need in life, then realize through meeting each other that they don’t know what they need…the realization becomes that what they need is love and they find that with each other“. That is a pretty spot-on description of the relationship of the two main characters from the movie. Ne-Yo writes and performs the song and does a very good job writing a clean, PG-rated song with substance. The soundtrack to the film was released in November 2009.


22. K Michelle – Fakin’ it – Memphis-bred K Michelle has made a bit of a presence for herself oh the Mixtape circuit with songs like Self-Made featuring Gucci Mane, but her standout track has been Fakin’ It. It features Missy Elliot as a musical co-signer and is produced by up-and-coming production team Hitz Committee. In the song, K Michelle sings about faking ‘it’ for the man she loves but who is clearly clueless in the bedroom. The message is not Choklit-approved, but the song is dope!

*Sidenote: Here is some footage of K Michelle doing a stripped-down performance that showcases her talent. This is an Artist!!! Great voice!


21. Young Steff – Slow Jukin’ – Even though newcomer Young Steff had a serious hit on his hands with this song, and we  sung our praises for the young 20 year old dancer/singer, his career did not really jump off as we had hoped. Still, Young Steff has a bright future ahead of him. Slow Jukin is that song them 16-year olds be playing while slow-grinding on each other, tryin to act all grown. While all the 25-year olds be gettin’ their grind on behind closed doors 😉

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Music News ROLO: FILA – Forever I Love Atlanta Part II

iloveatlFinally we have the conclusion to the Atlanta music section on The CF that I benefited from while traveling down South a week  ago. One thing I will give Atlanta – or the South in general, is their ability to support their own artists and musical style. While other Coasts stay beefin’ and hatin’ on each other, the South stays supporting. Even though I noticed now, more than ever, that East Coast Hip Hop has infiltrated the clubs and radio in Atlanta, you can still always find that elusive hood Atlanta track that you will most likely not find anywhere else – at least not until Mainstream National Radio picks it up. Case in point: The Stanky Legg. ‘Nuff said. I have to admit, it took me a little while to find some of these, so I hope ya’ll enjoy!

*ChokLit’s Choice:


*Juvenile feat. Pleasure P – Hands on You

This is one of my fave R&B/Hip Hop mash-ups right now. Pleasure P croons lustfully over a beat while Juvenile raps some token ‘we don’t love these h*es’ lyrics, with his bouncy flow over a techno-sounding beat. Yet it all works. Juvie the Great is back and I for one can’t wait.  Are ya’ll still sleepin’ on Pleasure P??

youngjeezyD4L feat. Young Jeezy – Scotty (Remix)

Scotty is actually a track originally from D4L debut album, Down For Life released back in 2005. The beat on this track was such a Monster that Jeezy decided to revive it, making it became a big hit in the clubs. Rarely would a night of clubbing in Atlanta be without this song, so naturally I had to seek it out once I got home and settled. Jeezy really does do the song justice and gives it  some much-needed street cred. You’re welcome.

kandi2Black feat. Kandi – Try it out

I do not know much about this Rapper called Black, but I do know this song, Try it Out aka Get with this Pimpin’ was a Skripper club anthem, and hence got some radio and club love as well. Everything in the South seems to be born and bred out of the Strip clubs. And having a stripper pole in your home is as regular as owning a coffee table. But what about our daughters?? Social commentary aside, I like this song!


Keri Hilson – Slow Dance

Lastly, we have Slow Dance – the epitomy of the Atlien slow groove aka sex grind. Ciara perfected it with Promise, and now Keri Hilson having been passed the proverbial torch, takes her turn at one.  The instrumental alone is very suspect in its similarity to Promise…but aside from that, Keri’s voice rides this track effortlessly as she oozes sex appeal. Atlanta radio definitely showed this track some love.

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Now Playing: Pleasure P – The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper


This review may be a bit difficult since it will include me trying to convince my Readers why they need to check Pleasure P out. Now, ya girl is a bit biased. I am one of the few (Million perhaps? check the Soundscan) people who actually liked Pretty Ricky when they came out. Not the group as a whole, but I loved the lead singer’s voice. It soon became apparent that it was Pleasure P who was the most normal in the group; all other 3 members are brothers and the group is managed by their Joe-Jackson-style Father, Joseph “Blue” Smith. Soon Pleasure grew tired of the group and the Management’s antics and was encouraged to go Solo.

With his debut Solo project, Pleasure P wants to introduce you to Marcus Cooper: “The reason I named it that is because Pretty Ricky introduced you all to Pleasure P, but now Pleasure P is going to introduce you to Marcus Cooper, which is my government name.”

Pleasure, real name Marcus Cooper, began working very closely with new writers and producers, including Tank and the late Static Major, who he became very close with. You can hear the influence Static had on Pleasure’s singing style. There is something very old-school about Pleasure’s style – maybe that is what I enjoy about it. Sadly, after Static’s passing, Pleasure was very distraught about it, but he continued to work on finishing the project without his mentor and good friend. The finished product is actually a very welcome surprise.


Butta of the Week: Pleasure P – Under Video


Pleasure P has released his third Single from his surprisingly good album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper (review on its way!) Under features some production and background vocals from the talented artist, Tank. This song is a bonafied R&B hit and I love it for being that. It has that sexy R&B groove and features some nice vocals from Pleasure. In the video, Pleasure P is canoodling with The Game star, Tia Mowry, who is rocking the long hair again. Look out for the review on this project because Pleasure P is doin’ some big things in the music world so I hope he gets his props. Peep out the video below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sweet Tooth: Keyshia Cole – Brand New

I saw these cute pics of Keyshia Cole (I LOVE the jumpsuit!) cuddled up to her new man, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers on CL. Jeezy who?? Anyways, I was spurred to listen to Keyshia’s album again. I spoke in another post that I was sleeping on Keyshia’s new album, A Different Me, due to her first single that I hated. I can see why Keyshia named this project, A Different Me. She has definitely matured as a person, songwriter and artist. Keyshia has a lot of slower joints on this album, but they are Quality slow jams, which is what really counts. This song, Brand New is one of my favourite songs of Keyshia’s, and a fave of a good friend of mine’s as well. I searched all over to find who duets with Keyshia in this song, I believe it is Pleasure P. He has a good voice when he is not singing in that annoying falsetto. Enjoy some lyrics and the song below!

I want you to wrap your hands around my body
Take me to another place, let’s get away from here
I want you to let me know exactly how you feel
No holding back, no strings attached, wanna touch your body

Let me show you something brand new
We’re through, we’ll talk all night
What’s on your mind?

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Butta of the Week: Pleasure P Boyfriend #2 Remix feat. GhostFace Killa

Pleasure P startin de trends..

Pleasure P startin de trends..

The other day, one of my sisters declared that she needed a ‘Boyfriend #2’. Now, what is a Boyfriend #2? Do you have one? Do you really need one? Well, lets read how Pleasure P feels about it – after all, he started all this! His lyrics below:

I’m boyfriend number 2
’cause the first he don’t really seem like he know what to do
I’m boyfriend number 2
And I know you like it freaky so I’m gonna give it to you
I’m boyfriend number 2
If we don’t fuss, don’t fight, don’t argue
And second place always got a whole lot to prove
So whenever you get in the mood
(Just call) boyfriend number 2

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