Now or Laters? New Music from Drake & TheDream, Kelly Rowland and T-Pain

The good news is, we are starting to see a lot more new music being premiered for a year that has so far been pretty lackluster musically. The lineup of artists who will be releasing products in the next 3 – 5 months has me a bit excited. However, will these projects be any good is the question?

Toronto Native and Hip hop’s biggest thing since Bling, Drake has begun leaking singles for his major label debut album, Thank Me Later.  His first single Over has been getting a favorable response after debuting at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. This track, Shut it Down features the LoveKing over a beat produced by 40 and Omen. This was originally supposed to be Drake’s lead single, but I am glad they changed direction. I like the song, even though it sounds like a reject from Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks and Dream’s LoveHate (simultaneous reject). I think Drake needs to give us a little bit more Hip Hop before he delves into his auto-tuned creative side. #Noshade the song is hot!

But that’s just my opinion…what did ya’ll think of the song?

*Update* TheDream confirmed with MTVnews that the released track is an unfinished version.

Drake featuring TheDream – Shut It Down


Even though Kelly Rowland has done the unthinkable by leaving her former management team (Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles) to seek out management that will actually work to make her a star, I’m still not really checking for Kelly. Now, I think she’s a beautiful girl, and she has a nice voice, I just don’t see Kelly as a solo star or entertainer. She appears to be more like the sidepiece/jumpoff, but not the main chick. Feel me?

Anyways, again, my opinion 🙂 Hopefully, Kelly can prove me wrong this time around.

Ms Rowland apparently stole purchased the track that Teyana Taylor was wishing hoping to use as her next single and recorded a pretty decent song with producer Bangladesh. I’ve listened to this song three times now trying to get a good feel for it since the Internets are saying this one is a Banger. Arrrgggghhh I just don’t hear it. What is the song about? Maybe if I heard it in a club with some alcohol in me? That appears to be what it takes for me to like some of the music I’ve been hearing lately…I need to stop listening to Stevie and Aretha…

What do you guys think of this song? As a small sidenote, I sort of think this song may have been better suited for Teyana *dodges rocks*

Kelly Rowland – Smooches

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Pour A Lil’ Choklit Liquor: R.I.P Dolla

As some of you may have heard by now, ATL rapper Dolla aka Roderick Anthony Burton II has been murdered outside a Los Angeles Mall this past Monday.

Dolla was well known in the ATL after having being signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik Label back in 2007. He had previously formed a rap group The Razkals Cru (no relation to Canadian Group of similar name) in his teens, and had done some modelling with Diddy Comb’s Sean John line as well. Eventually, after impressing the likes of Diddy & Missy Elliot, Dolla appeared on the Step it Up soundtrack, with a song called, Feelin’ Myself .

Most of us remember Dolla from his hit song with T-Pain, Who the F is that. I remember bouncin’ to the song when I first heard it, and thought the kid had a nice flow to him. I watched him appear on a Spring Bling episode that same year, but soon after that, he faded from the Public eye.

The last I had heard, Dolla had some words for another up-and-coming Rapper, 2Pistols, who Dolla complained stole his hit song’ when Pistols released She Got it with T-Pain. The two actually got into a physical altercation at the BET Awards, where Dolla reportedly punched 2Pistols.

Dolla was shot in the head by the Assailant while shopping at a swanky L.A mall. He had just  flown into the City and was supposed to be working on his forthcoming album, Another Day, Another Dolla. According to reports, Dolla had got into a previous altercation at the airport before arriving at the mall.

The police have charged an individual they believe is responsible for the shooting: Aubrey Louis Berry of Snellville, Georgia. The police found Berry trying to buy a ticket out of L.A, armed with a gun on him. He was detained without a struggle.

Dolla was a very young, rising star on his way  to bigger and better things. I think he had a bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, it also appears he had quite the temper as well. May his soul Rest in Peace. Lets pour a lil’ ChokLit Liquor for him…

“I can do street music or pop music, but I make music from the heart — meaningful songs, songs with substance. I rap about the struggle, like being five years old, seeing your father killed before your eyes and instantly becoming a man on the streets.”  – Dolla 1988 – 2009



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Music News Rolo: New Music from Cam’ron, Nikki Minaj & Akon, T-Pain & Ace Hood

So because ya’ll asked for it, I’ve got some new Hip Hop tracks for ya’ll that are currently bumping in the ChokLit Factory.

Killa Cam

Killa Cam

First up, we have my boy Cam’ron. Let’s get one thing straight: I was a big Dipset fan back in the day. I thought they went real hard, I actually bought all their albums – even Juelz’ first one! But naturally, once they started to blow up (re: Juelz), egos started to clash and friendships started to wane. Then Cam kinda fall off.  He fought off a lyrical battle with the Bully that is 50 Cent. He also did some foolishness while being interviewed on Network TV that just brought straight shame. Cam and Jim Jones ended up having a fall-out unfortunately and are currently not on speaking terms, but I can’t lie, I haven’t really kept up on all the beef. Luckily, Cam’ron’s hiatus has helped him to make good music again, and he is back with this Banga, Get it in Ohio. This is hopefully a hint at what we should expect from his sixth solo effort, Crime Pays.  The song is payin homage to the Mid-West and all the ‘work’ Cam used to get out there. I love this beat – this song reminds me of the good ol’ Dipset days. We need to just all get along, fellas!

Cam’ron – Get it in Ohio


Ms Minaj

Ms Minaj

Next up, my girl Nikki Minaj. I am still trying to catch up on Homegirl; I featured her in a music post last week and I’m def feeling this girl. As a female Rap artist, she’s got my ear and I couldn’t even cosign for Remy or even Eve (I liked her style better as a Ruff Ryder). DTP’s Shawna was Bad as well, but she couldn’t be consistent, or sell for that matter. Nikki might just be that great ChokLit Hype the ladies (and fellas?) are checking for. I just think she’s ill with the skills. This track, Keys Under Palm Trees, is a narrative about Nikki chillin in the Jamaican heat, puttin’ in work. Use your imagination. The song is dope and the best thing about it is listening to Nikki tell the story. Very rare! Check it out. Oh, and NO cameos!

Nikki Minaj – Keys Under Palm Trees


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Melt in your Ears: Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson & T-Pain want You to Download!


If you’ve been keepin’ up with Lil Kim Ho Cho’s face place on Dancing with the Stars, you may be quite impressed with the original Queen Bee. I don’t watch the show myself, but I hear she is doing very well. Unfortunately, I recently spotted some pictures of Ms Kim and I was not as impressed. Kim looks Asian to me, and NOT in a good way. I won’t say a whole lot more, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

No thanks.

No thanks.

Luckily for us, Kim is also in the studio recording her comeback album again. Here is a track she recorded with T-Pain and Charlie Wilson as the lead single for DJ Envy’s newest Mixtape-album, Its Moooovvvinnn. I kid you not, on the album title. Apparently, it is supposed to drop in April. Is that right? They must mean Augustember. I kid, I kid!

The original Lil Kim

The original Lil Kim

Listen to the track below. It is a re-make of sorts to the infamous Computer Love song, originally recorded by The Gap Band. You know, the originators of the Audiotune sound in R&B music? So naturally, the lead singer of the Gap Band reprises his role in this song. I’m feelin it!

Lil Kim’s part is cute as well. Check it!

DJ Envy feat. Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson & T-Pain – Download


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Melt in Your Ears: Sophia Fresh – What It Is

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

After listening to the first 10 seconds of this song…who do you think produced this track? Take a wild guess!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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Butta of the Week: Keri Hilson, Beyonce & Ciara’s R&B BEEF Edition!

Them's fightin words...

Them's fightin words...

Did you hear? The ‘Nets are a-buzz with this supposed Diss track Keri Hilson disguised as a remix to her hit( I use this term loosely here…) song Turnin Me On. The Remix also features T-Pain, but thats not important, Money’s more

You may have heard this track already. Some sites are claiming Keri is dissin Beyonce. But let’s not go there. I don’t recall Keri having much contact with Beyonce, music industry-wise. I don’t think they hang in the same circles, Keri’s an ATL shawty-turned-Songwriter, and B is …well the Queen B. So, I do not believe that theory. Some are even saying Keri’s gettin at  Nicole Scherzinger from PCD. Could be…not as interesting though. Me thinks the most plausible aim of the Diss track is ‘ya girl CiCi. And I know Mr. Knowvember ain’t gonna like this… but bear with me. Keri has written quite a few hits for Ms Cici, they both work with Polow and from the grumblings of other ATLiens across the blogosphere, Ciara is rubbin some the wrong day nowadays. Maybe 50 got her on some of dem steroids, got her actin all snappy…I don’t know.

Keri starts her verse off, announcing she will “Shoot these B*tches Down!!” She then calls her Assailant a Hoe in that nasal hood-voice she is tryin out on this song. Not that impressed. But I will admit, her flow is NICE on her verse. All of this hoopla just in time for Keri’s long-awaited release of her debut album, In A Perfect World. Out March 24th.

Judge for yourself on the track! And the lyrics below. Check after the jump for the lyrics. Then speak on that!

Keri Hilson feat. T-Pain – Turnin Me On (Remix Diss Track)


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ChokLitFactory Exclusive: Top 25 R&B songs of 2008 Part I


This is EPIC! So big…we needed 3 posts!

So, this list is a bit dated, I know. Most people start to post these around December or, more appropriately, January of the New Year. So I am slow on this, but better late than never! 2008 wasn’t the best year in R&B, but it wasn’t the worst either. The good news is that we had some good, solid efforts from newcomers like TheDream, Estelle, Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan. Also, the veterans made sure they kept at the top of their game; Alicia gave a solid, soulful effort, Beyonce gave us two sides to her personality to dance to and Usher made a late, great entry with Trading Places, off his Here I Standflop (sorry, Ush). Also, the sophomore slump didn’t affect the homies Trey Songz, who introduced us to his more hip-hop-influenced side; Lyfe Jennings who brought some more up-tempos cuts with his third release and Raheem Devaughn, who started off 2008 with his hit, Customer.

Other notables include the ever-changing Erykah Badu, Solange, with her impressive sophomore album, Solange and the Hadley Street Dreams and Raphael Saadiq’s critically acclaimed, The Way I see it. It was hard to keep the Hip Hop out, so forgive me for sneaking some T-Pain and Weezy up in there! Enjoy! Didn’t agree? Then speak on it!!

**Update: All Some of my wonderful links aren’t currently working. You can hover around the link to get the player to open up in another window, then press play from there. Sorry for inconvience 😦

25 – Joe – Why just be friends



Joe struggled to get some attention in the‘08 with his new effort, New Man. But this lead single was a welcome treat with Joe’s airy vocals and the song’s slinky, sexy beats.
Joe – Why Just be Friends (click link)
24 – Beyonce – Ego
Beyonce came at us strong with her newest album, I am…Sasha Fierce, but her album was very mainstream and pop-driven. Luckily, Ego is one track ChokLit Heads can get down to. With cocky lyrics like, “I talk like this ‘cuz I can back it up! I got a big Ego…” and the song’s old-school R&B feel, it is definitely a standout track from her current effort. Take note.
Beyonce – Ego


09’s First CERTIFIED Banger: Jamie Foxx – Blame It (feat. T-Pain)

Well..not a Banger per se, but this be’s the club joint right here. Jamie & T-Pain manage to make a hit out of my favourite pastime – blaming it on the alcohol (Disclaimer: The ChoklitFactory does not condone the use of alcohol). The video is all sorts of bananas with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaul (white chocolate), Forrest Whitaker, Sammy Jackson, Quincy Jones, Clifton Powell, Bill Bellamy, Morris Chesnut, Tatyanna “Ashley Banks” Ali, and Ron Howard(!!). Directed by the man, Hype. Also featuring the newest hit liquor (please see above disclaimer) NUVO. Still have yet to see this up in Canada…

Peep the video, and Rocsi’s P.S.A at the end of the video. (All the kiddies get out and VOTE! get rid of the Stanky leg!)

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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