Pour A Lil ChokLit Liquor: B.I.G’s Last Chance (R.I.P)

“Baby here I am
All I need is more chance
I can help you find yourself
Cause you don’t need nobody else”

Although the mortal life for greater-than-life Rapper Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls ended 13 years ago, his music, spirit and legacy arguably lives on. Especially in today’s age as many argue Rap music has taken a downward nosedive in its lyrical content and overall relevance. Biggie was always my favorite Rapper, even back when I didn’t understand most of the metaphors and references he used. I would still sneak out his CDs from my older brother’s collection and would listen to the tracks in my room. I admit I would often skip most of the more lyrical songs for the danceable tracks, practicing all my twerk and bounce skills in front of the mirror #dontjudgeme. Still, I loved Biggie’s swag; his art of storytelling, his commanding voice and his undeniable flow.  I especially loved how Biggie could guest spot on an R&B song like my 112’s Only You and give it INSTANT cred and classic status.

In June of 1995, Bad Boy Records released the remix to One More Chance (originally found on the Ready To Die album), replacing R&B group Total with Biggie’s wife and up and coming Bad Boy artist, Faith Evans. I should note, Faith (along with Mary J. Blige who also sang on the hook) KILLED this hook. Her voice is so smooth. One More Chance samples DeBarge’s 1983 hit Stay With Me. The song was sampled many times, most noticeably for Ashanti’s hit song, Foolish and its Remix Unfoolish back in 2002.

First things first, I Poppa freaks all the honies
Dummies, playboy bunnies, those wanting money,

Those the ones I like cuz they don’t get nathan
But penetration, unless it smell like sanitation



Pour a Lil’ ChokLit Liquor: R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass

On January 13th, 2010, we lost one of the great R&B performers of the genre, Teddy Pendergrass. To the hip hop generation (myself included), Pendergrass was often associated with T-Pain antics (“Teddy Bend-her-ass-down”) and Jaheim, to whose voice many say compares to Teddy’s. His famous song Wake Up Everybody, who he performed alongside his band Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, has been covered many times by other artists, including when it was re-recorded by Babyface for the 2004 Democratic Presidential campaign. Pendergrass also recorded the massive hit, If You Don’t Know Me By Now with his band before splitting from them and going solo.

Once solo, Pendergrass became a renowned sex symbol, performing hit songs Close the Door, Turn off the Lights and my favourite, Love TKO. At the peak of his success, Pendergrass suffered a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down in 1982. This was a fact I had no idea of! Thanks Wikipedia!

Teddy definitely brought the sexy back in his heyday and was one of the founders of R&B sex symbols that we wish we know today. His voice was velvety and smooth with a baritone that make most women clench their loins #toomuchinformation Enjoy my favourite Teddy Pendergrass song Love TKO below. May he rest in peace!

Pour Out A Lil’ ChokLit Liqour: R.I.P Aaliyah


Tomorrow will mark 8 years since we lost R&B songstress Aayilah Dana Haughton aka Babygirl. Luckily some of us were able to know Aaliyah and her music before her life was tragically cut short when her plane crashed in the Bahamas back in 2001. Aaliyah was 22 at the time and had just released her third studio album, titled Aaliyah. The album would go on to sell over a million copies and would be applauded by many critics as being one of the best albums of 2001 – if not the best R&B album of that year. The most I can remember of Aaliyah was her very musical maturity and her image uniqueness. Unique is a cliched term in the music industry nowadays, but Aaliyah really did have It. When her video was on, everyone took note. She was mysterious without removing her sunglasses, sexy without showing her ass and talented without having a big voice. Her style was admired but could never be duplicated and her music was timeless. I can always bump her album One in  a Million anytime of the day and not skip a track.  Aaliyah always had great videos to accompany her music, along with tomboyish yet sexy dance moves courtesy of her choreographer Fatima Robinson. The video I wanted to highlight today is Four Page Letter. This is one of my favourite Aaliyah songs and videos. The song itself is vulnerable and sexy courtesy of Timbaland & Missy Elliot’s dream production team that also included singer/songwriter Stephen ‘Static’ Garrett.  This video has Aaliyah peering through the forests during a medieval-set world looking for her warrior lover who has been writing her love letters since being captured (at least that’s my take on it).  Who else can pull off this kind of video? Peep the video below and some links to other memorable videos.

Make sure you leave any comments of your favourite Aaliyah memories.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

R.I.P Babygirl.

Other memorable videos:

Aaliyah – One in A Million

Aaliyah – Try Again

Aaliyah – At Your Best

Pour A Lil ChokLit Liquor: Farewell to the King


Tomorrow Michael Jackson’s body will be laid to rest Tuesday morning at the Staples Center in L.A. Millions of fans, well-wishers and those who knew and loved Jackson will be in attendance. Jennifer Hudson is expected to preform, while Celebrities like Smokey Robinson, Motown founder Berry Gordy, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey are expected to attend.

It is difficult to think that we will be burying the King of Pop tomorrow. Wow. The whole situation genuinely saddens me. The other day I was aimlessly watching Fox when they happened to show the Simpsons episode where Homer meets a man in the insane asylum who believes he is Michael Jackson. In the episode, Homer believes the man is Michael, not knowing what he actually looks like, and invites the man to visit his family. Meanwhile Bart unknowingly reveals to everyone that the Real Michael Jackson is visiting his home. It is one of my favorite episodes. I did a little digging on Wikipeidia and found out that although he wasn’t credited in the show’s credits Micheal did indeed guest star on the show as well as wrote the song, Lisa, its your Birthday. (Incidentally, he also wrote the majority of Do the Bartman – for all my 90s kids)

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was a singer who guest starred on The Simpsons in the episode “Stark Raving Dad”. He performed the speaking voice of Leon Kompowsky under the pseudonym John Jay Smith. Jackson was a fan of the show, and called Matt Groening one night and offered to do a guest spot. The idea for the episode was pitched by James L. Brooks and the script was written by Al Jean and Mike Reiss. In an early version of script, Homer decided to take Barney Gumble in for rehab, but whilst there Homer began acting crazily so the doctors assumed he was the one to be committed. Jackson pitched several story ideas for the episode, including Bart telling everyone in town that Michael Jackson was coming to his house. He also requested several script changes, including that he wanted to have a scene in which he and Bart wrote a song and asked that a joke about Prince be changed to one about Elvis Presley.

57850394Farewell MJ.
©The ChokLitFactory 2009

Pour a Lil’ Choklit Liquor – R.I.P The King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)


Naturally everyone in the world is shocked and saddened by the death of the Musician the world knows as Michael Jackson. We all know his story, from his many incredible accomplishments to his darker days and many criticisms. As usual, in the ChokLit Factory, we will stick to the music.

I was introduced to Michael Jackson at a young age. I was 3 or 4 years old, one of my earliest memories. I was at daycare and our supervisors came in and told us if we clean up the room and put our toys away, they would let us watch the new Micheal Jackson video. Naturally, we all lost our minds and hurried to clean up the room. As promised, they popped in the videotape of  Thriller. As soon as I watched Michael trembling and shaking as he morphed into a Werewolf, I let out the loudest scream and covered my eyes. I had to be consoled – I had not expected to see my favorite pop star become an all-to-real ghoul!

As I got older, I was able to watch Thriller in its entirety, and his other videos as well. I had his tapes, I had the video compilation, I recorded his videos and tirelessly learned the dance routines to Remember the Time, Black or White, Scream and many others! I tried to do the Moonwalk, many times. The older I got, the more I appreciated his art and the more I wanted to learn more. I even played my Dad’s old Jackson 5 records and jammed hard to them!

For me, Michael was the embodiment of an entertainer. His music and visuals were like no other and his celebrity was surely like nothing we had seen before him. Sadly Michael will also be remembered for his many eccentricities, the pedophilia associations, the plastic surgery and the ‘Wacko Jacko’ moniker. Many people will try to bring his image down to Earth and to taint it. But the rest of us know better.

R.I.P Michael. Enjoy the videos!

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

Michael Jackson – Black or White

Michael Jackson – Bad

Michael Jackson – In the Closet

Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – SCREAM

OF course you can visit the YoutTube Channel to watch whatever video you like. He really was the GREATEST.

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Pour A Lil’ Choklit Liquor: R.I.P Dolla

As some of you may have heard by now, ATL rapper Dolla aka Roderick Anthony Burton II has been murdered outside a Los Angeles Mall this past Monday.

Dolla was well known in the ATL after having being signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik Label back in 2007. He had previously formed a rap group The Razkals Cru (no relation to Canadian Group of similar name) in his teens, and had done some modelling with Diddy Comb’s Sean John line as well. Eventually, after impressing the likes of Diddy & Missy Elliot, Dolla appeared on the Step it Up soundtrack, with a song called, Feelin’ Myself .

Most of us remember Dolla from his hit song with T-Pain, Who the F is that. I remember bouncin’ to the song when I first heard it, and thought the kid had a nice flow to him. I watched him appear on a Spring Bling episode that same year, but soon after that, he faded from the Public eye.

The last I had heard, Dolla had some words for another up-and-coming Rapper, 2Pistols, who Dolla complained stole his hit song’ when Pistols released She Got it with T-Pain. The two actually got into a physical altercation at the BET Awards, where Dolla reportedly punched 2Pistols.

Dolla was shot in the head by the Assailant while shopping at a swanky L.A mall. He had just  flown into the City and was supposed to be working on his forthcoming album, Another Day, Another Dolla. According to reports, Dolla had got into a previous altercation at the airport before arriving at the mall.

The police have charged an individual they believe is responsible for the shooting: Aubrey Louis Berry of Snellville, Georgia. The police found Berry trying to buy a ticket out of L.A, armed with a gun on him. He was detained without a struggle.

Dolla was a very young, rising star on his way  to bigger and better things. I think he had a bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, it also appears he had quite the temper as well. May his soul Rest in Peace. Lets pour a lil’ ChokLit Liquor for him…

“I can do street music or pop music, but I make music from the heart — meaningful songs, songs with substance. I rap about the struggle, like being five years old, seeing your father killed before your eyes and instantly becoming a man on the streets.”  – Dolla 1988 – 2009



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