Sweet Tooth: Usher – Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) Video

Usher released the video for his buzz single (now updated to official first single) Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home). This song has grown on me since first hearing it a good month or so ago, so I was excited to finally see the finished product. Usher and director Chris Robinson have a good formula so they once again collaborated for this project.  The video lead, French model Noemie Lenoir plays Usher’s beautiful love interest, who he is eager to come home to, but ends up neglecting near the video’s end (a spoiler?). Meanwhile, Usher is seen rehearsing with a bevy of long-legged rhythic ladies for a show he will be performing. The dance moves are a little less than what I expect from Usher and co, though the ladies do put on a good show. The video aims at giving a more ‘realistic’ insight into the life of an R&B superstar, with many ups and a glimpse of the downs. It will be interesting to see what else Usher has in store for his forthcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond. Enjoy!

*Sidenote: Although there is a radio remix to Hey Daddy featuring Plies, he was not invited to the party on this one.

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Hot ChokLit: 50 Cent & Governor Mix up a HIT!

I’ve been gushing about this song and video for so long, I forgot to actually post on it : P I know you all must have seen the video or at least heard the song by now so let’s discuss the Highs & Lows!

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Highs: 5o and newcomer Governor (previously signed with T.I’s Grand Hustle Ent) bring the SEXY! *Whew* Most former 50 haters can’t hate on his new grill and his buff but lean physique. Also 50’s confidence oozes through the screen…I’ll stop now. No, I’ll continue. I will be doing a feature on Governor, my new-found favourite new Artist. Governor’s small part singing part on the song’s hook and bridge were enough to keep me interested in the song.

Lows: Poor Vivica. Yes she redeemed herself recently by stepping out in Atlanta with her new, younger man. But the first time I saw this video I shook my head and said, Vivica, you played yourself!

Highs: Chris Robinson directs a visually appealing, urbanized and slick video. With some eye candy courtesy of video vixen Tahiry and actress Tamala Jones and an artistic scene where 50 and his G-unit soldiers nod their black fitteds to the beat, the video is seamless and original.

Lows: The story suffers a bit at the end when Vivica blows up the building 50 is in…yet he appears at the end of the video only to wipe her tears….mmmm ok… Governor looks good in his scene 🙂

Music News ROLO: New videos by Alicia Keys, Mario & Melanie Fiona!

Here’s a couple of new videos for ya’ll to catch up on! Click on the links below to watch!


Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything

ChokLit’s Take: This song reminds me of No One. And just like No One, it took me a while to warm up to it. Alicia looks great in the video, and that’s about all I can say right now. It is a nice song, but I’d rather watch paint dry. And I mean that in the nicest way possible!

Mario – Thinkin’ Bout You

ChokLit’s Take: LoL. I like Mario this time around because he gives me so much to comment on. Can I mention homie’s hairline without sounding like a hater? I’m just sayin…it looks like he’s using Jamie Foxx’s barber..but Mario does look better with the hair. Thinkin Bout You is the Runners-produced follow-up to his smash hit, Break-up. Needless to say, this isn’t the best follow-up song. J Records must have known this. Does this mean we cannot expect much from the album? Thinkin’ Bout You doesn’t scream Single material to me is all. Mario always drops the ball, in my opinion on his second single. It is what is holding him back from the Usher-status. But I will still hold up for a third single from Mario. The video is nicely styled and is directed by Chris Robinson. It features the beautiful Audra once again as well as a beauty straight of Bollywood. Mario is taking it international, I guess.


Hot ChokLit: Keri Hilson – Slow Dance

Blink and I almost missed this one! Keri released her4th single from her album, In a Perfect World, in video form. Slow Dance is one of those slow burn records that has enough Bounce to be able to bump to in the clubs with your designated club buddy. Of course Keri looks fab in her skintight snakeskin dress, and her frilly lingerie. We also have a bit of eye candy for the women for once – Keri’s love interest in the red fitted. I really see Keri stealing Ciara’s ATL crown for good – but I guess CiCi didn’t want it anymore anyways. Watch for short cameos by Monica, Polow Da Don, Chris Brown and Omarion. The video was directed by Chris Robinson.

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Chew On This: Mario feat. Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane – Break Up

Mario & Audra break up

I peeped this new video for Mario’s ensemble track for Break Up featuring singer/song-writer Sean Garrett and ATL trapper of the moment: Gucci Mane, over at ConcreteLoop.  When I first saw the video I was immediately entertained by the visuals and intrigued by Mario’s newly  bald head the concept of the song. The video is really slick (directed by Chris Robinson) and features Audra from RichGirl playing Mario’s love interest. In the song, Mario sings, “When I kiss you so good/Why would you wanna break up? When this lovin’ is so good/Why would you wanna break up?” The song also has Mario confessing that he is unfaithful, lies and doesn’t come home at night but also adds “Don’t I lace you with the Gucci?/Don’t I deck you in the Louis?”  Now, there are many things wrong with those lyrics and the concept behind it, and since the commenters over at CL got very heated on the subject, I thought I would add my two cents as well. But I will reiterate, I Love the song! Bangladesh does a great job on the beat, and Mario sounds great on this track! Also, even though I think Sean Garrett comes across as extremely arrogant, you cannot deny his song-writing skills and talent. And the scene with Sean boxing is …nice.

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Chew on This!

Materialism: Ladies, if a man is treatin’ you badly, cheating on you constantly, disrespecting you in public (ie. talking to other females) and downright being a dog, but he is ‘lacing you in Gucci’ and you are asking yourself if you should leave, please do not pass Go and go straight to School! Not literally, but please note that nowadays guys love a girl who ‘got her own’ (well, Ne-yo, Jamie Foxx and Fabolous sure do!) so anything you can do to better yourself and to allow yourself to buy your own Gucci one day, is always a plus. Mario can stop right there with those lyrics!


Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Thug&B Edition – Mobb Deep & 112


The year is 2001. The simultaneous height of Hip Hop and R&B. The genres are reaching Mainstream-like heights, and big money is being spent on big videos for artists like P.Diddy (then, still known as such), Usher, and Busta Rhymes. Bad Boy records was enjoying some dizzying success – they still housed some of the best producers in the game (Mario Winans, Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie  and Stevie J), and they are grooming artists like 112, Shyne, Loon & of course, P.Diddy.  This would be the year 112 would realease their best album (in my opinion) to date, Part III.  This near flawless album was introduced to the world with through this great song, It’s Over Now. Before free downloads really began to take over, I hadn’t had as much access to my music as I wanted, and I wanted this song SO badly.  Set to the infamous Mobb Deep instrumental for their hit song, Quiet Storm, Its Over Now is brooding, climatic and impossibly lovable.  Chris Robinson took the helms of this video, trying to duplicate the dramatic feel of the song with a visual. He does a decent job. the video is slick and tells a story. The members of 112 are clad in baggy, shiny pleather outfits and look like 4 versions of Diddy, poppin’ and lockin’ in front of the bright TV lights. Slim steals the show as usual with his raspy high-pitched vocals and his soulful expressions. Back then, I couldn’t get enough of this video! Check it out!


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Butta of the Week: Keyshia Cole & Monica – TRUST

Tha Dream Team

Tha Dream Team

I just peeped this video for Trust on ConcreteLoop, and I have to say, this is one of the best R&B collabs in a long time! I may have erroneously slept on Keyshia’s last album, A Different Me. Between what I’ve heard from this and her last single, You Complete Me, Keyshia has showed alot of maturity and growth in her music this time around.  This being her second slow-paced single, I’m glad Interscope released this. I’m also glad Monica is getting some shine. This is a great song that showcases both ladies’ vocal abilities. (Monica takes us to Chuuuch for a bit there as well!)

Now ladies (and the mens), lets talk about some fashion a bit. How fierce is Monica’s look?? Her haircut, the butter leather Marc Jacobs jacket, the Chloe BOOTS? Monica doesn’t play around. Her haircut is killin me right now. And I’m loving Keyshia’s play on the green – on her fingernails and eyelids. The video is styled very well. Chris Robinson always pays alot of attention to detail and this video is no different.

I hope ya’ll are feeling this video as much as I am 🙂 Thoughts?

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