Melt in Your Ears: Maxwell’s Fistful of Tears & Melanie Fiona’s Ay Yo!

Maxwell’s new video for Fistful of Tears has arrived. The song is being released to raise awareness for Breast Cancer as April is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The video itself is pretty anticlimactic as it is a performance video of Maxwell performing on a retro-inspired soundstage. The video, shot in black and white was directed by Phillip Andelman. This is a great song for a great cause and a good Single choice for Maxwell.

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Also, up-and-coming Artist Melanie Fiona is earning her stripes as she releases a fourth single of her well-acclaimed album, The Bridge, titled Ay Yo! I’ve been following Melanie on Twitter and she is currently on tour with various artists including Trey Songz and Alicia Keys. She has been doing some live performances across various Cities in the US and has been earning fans everywhere she goes. Ay Yo is a laid back jam with some nice live instruments to compliment Melanie’s vocals. The lyrics are pretty inspiring as well, talking about reaching one’s goals and dreams. To follow her recent Grammy nomination, Fiona was also nominated for some Junos (Canadian version of the Grammy). She’s doing big things!

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Sweet Tooth: *New Video* TheDream – LoveKing

Earlier today TheDream attended 106& Park studios in New York to premiere the new video for his first Single from his LoveKing album, also called LoveKing. Well-known director X aka Little X directed the video with choreography either by Jamaica or Tanisha Scott (my guess). The video is set against a bright orange background as Dream acts as the center of attention. To coincide with the song’s lyrics, multiple types of women appear seductively from behind Dream. Dream actually busts a couple dance moves himself at the 1:35 mark…somebody’s been practicing!

The video is bright and fun, with some booty-popping dance moves and beautiful women. Yes, this is a typical Dream video. I am left a little unsatisfied with the video, even though I can’t get enough of the song.

Dream’s next Single will be Sex Intelligent featuring T.I. On 106&Park, Dream assured fans he would be releasing more singles and videos this time around and that he has already filmed a few videos already. Since this is Dream’s rumoured last album, I hope he releases some singles that showcase his real songwriting talent.

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Sweet Tooth: *Video* Vivian Green – Beautiful

Singer/Songwriter pianist Vivian Green is returning with another project named Beautiful. The first single of the same title is Green’s first song in over 3 years. I wasn’t really a fan of Vivian’s first single  Emotional Rollercoaster from 2002, but she clearly developed a fan base because her debut album, A Love Story went Gold, selling over 500,000 copies. Sadly, she could not duplicate that success as her latest album Vivian sold less than 50,000 copies, even though it produced a strong Single with Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired).

Now signed with E1 Records, Green is hoping to recover her fanbase again with this new project. I personally do not like the song though the video is nice. Although I like the overall message of the song, I find it very forgettable and that it lacks any real structure or present melody. It comes across more like an album cut and not a lead single. Considering her label actually gave Vivian a budget to work with and she looks strikingly beautiful in the video, I think their efforts may have been wasted. Usually, Artists like Vivian get one to two chances to release a Single and I don’t think this was the best choice for her. Maybe it will grow on me?

The video was directed by Christopher Standford. The album Beautiful will be released April 6th on E1 Records. What did you guys think of the song and video?

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Butta of the Week!: *Video* Timbaland & Justin Timberlake – Carry Out

Ok, this got me a little geeked. Timbaland teamed up with his partner in crime, Justin Timberlake for the third Single release off his latest compilation album, Shock Value II. The album is a follow-up to the Platinum-selling Shock Value album that was also an International hit. Due to Timbaland’s worldwide appeal, I feel his label is focusing more on the markets across the pond because I have barely heard his singles or seen his videos here in Canada. Carry Out was released to radio in December of last year while the video was released in mid-February.  Bryan Barber directed the video which sort of reminds me of Hype William’s treatment for GoldDigger.

I do love this song; it is a good look for both artists and I would definitely shake to this in the clubs. Plus this beat is taking me back to the late 90s when Timbaland’s production skills were unmatched and the best in the Industry at the time.  Justin & Timbaland make a good creative team together and I dig the metaphors they are using comparing fast food to….hot sex? Owwwww!

Milk Dudd: *Video* Teairra Marie – Sponsor featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy

Teairra Marie quietly released her video for Sponsor a couple weeks ago.  The song has been getting airplay for a minute now, though her label has again taken too long to produce a video. As I have said before, I like Teairra; I think she has a nice, pleasant voice, she can sing and is cute to look at, but she has got to do better and come harder if she wants to succeed in this Industry.  Here are some of my thoughts on the video:

Dance or Sing: Choose ONE!

The choreography in this video is severely lackluster. My sister’s high school talent shows produced better dance sequences than this. And Teairra was tiptoeing through most of the routine like she didn’t want to break a sweat. If Rihanna can wine up a storm without looking foolish, Teairra will have to do more than spread her legs or prop her ass up. #DoBetter

Lack of Star Rapper

Sadly, like many artists who paid good money to work with Gucci Mane while he was still hot and relevant, then had to produce videos without the star feature since he is currently incarcerated, Womp Womp to them. Gucci may be the Lil Wayne of 2010 (when comparing how many R&B song features he is doing), but these constant video absences won’t cut it.

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Hot ChokLit!: DoubleScoop – New Videos from Jagged Edge & Brutha

Following the lackluster effort (both creatively and commercially) that was 2007’s Baby-Makin’ Project, Jagged Edge parted ways with Island Def Jam (then being headed by Producer/friend Jermaine Dupri) and signed with Slip-N-Slide Records. Tip Of My Tongue has been bubbling on R&B radio for some months now; Jagged Edge also preformed the song on (Academy Award-Winning Actress) Monique’s talk show. Trina also joins Gucci Mane and Jagged Edge in the song, though Gucci, who is currently incarcerated did not make the video shoot. Good luck to JE on this project…I hope they have some better material this time around…

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Former Reality show stars Brutha, return with their sophomore album Vacancy. I”m glad to see these guys are getting another chance; I liked some of their songs from their debut album. I personally thought the show was too much drama and clouded their talent while putting all their personal business out for everyone to see. Apparently they thought the same thing because this time around Brutha will not be documenting their lives on television. This video was premiered on 106 & Park this past Friday. One Day On This Earth was produced by Mysto & Pizzi, and written by R.Kelly. Clearly!! Listen to the song again, the adlibs, the rhythm, the bridge, a 100% R.Kelly song! I’m feeling this song!


Chew On This!: Estelle Causes Controversy with FREAK video

British songstress Estelle has returned after the success of her American debut, her last album, Shine. Estelle is gearing up to release her newest effort, All of Me, with this song Freak, being the lead single. Estelle appears to be taking a page out of Lady Gaga’s dance-hop style of music, but to be fair, Estelle probably has a closer ear to the ground of dance music being from the UK.  The song is pretty hype and is a good look for Estelle who could use some love up in the clubs. Toronto Native and friend of Estelle’s, Kardinal Offishall also raps on the track.

The biggest story I noticed with this video is the portrayal of Estelle in black face and bright pink lips, which created an uproar on the Blogs, many citing the racial insensitivity due to the previous portrayal of black people in the American media as black faced, pink-lipped, nappy-haired fools many decades ago.
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There was a video floating around showing the making of the video where Estelle had the black face paint on with bright red lipstick, but that video is missing and her lipstick is now pink….


Melt in Your Ears: *New Video* Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d Do It All Again

Celebrated singer Corinne Bailey Rae enjoyed much success with the release of her self-titled debut album back in 2006, with hit songs such as Put Your Records On and Like a Star. I didn’t get into her music too much, but I thought she had a very sweet voice.

Sadly, in 2008, Rae suffered tragedy as her husband passed away from an apparent pill overdose. Corrine has now returned this year with her new album, The Sea that is understandably more somber and melancholy. This is her first video for the single, I’d Do It All Again, which premiered late last year.

This video and song are haunting and sad, but at the same time hopeful. Corrine’s lyrics are equally haunting:

“Ooh, you’re searching for something I know, won’t make you happy
Ooh, you’re thirsting for something I know, won’t make you happy
Ooh, you did it all again, you broke another skin
It’s hard to believe this time, hard to believe
That my heart, my hearts an open door…”

Peep the video below.  It is extremely difficult to lose a loved one, but if you have a way to express your feelings and memories about them, that always helps. I really like this one, what did you guys think?

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Melt in Your Ears: Nivea – *Video* Love Hurts

These videos are being pumped out a lot faster nowadays!

Even though Rapper Lil Wayne is in the process of being sentenced to up to 12 months at Rikers Island for an incident that occurred last year, he was able to take time out of his busy schedule (that included filming over 30 music videos) to appear as Nivea’s love interest in the new video for her single Love Hurts. This is Nivea’s first single from her forthcoming album, Purple Hearts. Love Hurts was produced by Jnew and written by Chase J.

In the video, Nivea visits a home she once owned with her lover and re-visits the pain associated with the space. There is a twist at the end of the video. The video was directed by Point Blank Period. The Rapper’s presence in the video will definitely elevate the interest in the song and Nivea’s new project. Good luck to her!

Did you guys like the video?


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Music News ROLO: Trey Wakes the Neighbours & Ciara Got that Bank!

Trey Songz has released yet another video off his popular Grammy-nominated album, Ready. I still liked Trey Day better than this album, but I’m glad Trey is getting his well-deserved shine, even if that meant him having to whore himself as the ultimate sex symbol for the ladies…no complaints here, I guess. I read someone comment on a blog that Trey was coming for R.Kelly’s spot since his songs evoke that same freaky-as-I-wanna-be mentality that R.Kelly used (and still uses today) to get people’s attention. We can safely say many children were concieved from Kelly’s music in the 90s so I guess time will tell how successful Trey’s music is in doing the same.

Trey filmed Neighbours Know My Name with Victoria Secret’s model Jessica White. I heard she was rumored to be Ne-Yo’s new girlfriend…maybe not after this video!! The red-light special look of the video was definitely a good look.

Image courtesty of

Do the ladies love Trey’s new video? And do the fellas love Jessica White?

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Aside from globe-trotting, being a fashion muse for couture houses and appearing at various club openings and parties, Ciara has been hard at work on her fourth album with TheDream(Team) and Tricky Stewart. I predict some Heat will result from these studio sessions. However, this new track released from these sessions, In The Bank must have been the debris used to start the fire…that didn’t catch on. But we must remember, this is just a BUZZ record. It is meant to get people talking, curious and even to get us ‘hating’ on Cici.