Melt in Your Ears: *New Video* The Dream feat. T.I – Make Up Bag + LoveKing trackListing

Earlier this week, TheDream dropped his video for his second official single, MakeUp Bag featuring Rapper T.I. Def Jam decided to go with Make Up Bag instead of F.I.L.A also featuring T.I that we featured not too long ago. I am still on the fence about this song and video that features T.I, and actor Jason Weaver and model Selita Ebanks. Little X directed the video which tries to add some class and a storyline to the song. Upon the first few listens, I cannot see what the Label sees in this record. The lyrics sound clunky with the beat and although T.I’s rhymes fit the song well, I’m not seeing the big ‘Single’ potential. But this could be similar to Dream’s I Love Your Girl record, which I did not like at first, but grew on me immensely. You be the judge!

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The Dream recently announced that this will definitely be his last album and he will no longer be making music as a solo artist. This is something we have heard before. I think Dream is getting a lot of negativity this time around and it’s getting to him. I must say, I haven’t heard much from this project that has blown me away, but I know I expect a lot more from the album itself. Below is the official tracklist for LoveKing.



ChokLit Fresh: Lil Wayne is Single, Young Jeezy Loses his Mind…

Excuse me while I get back on my Hip Hop ish…

Lil Wayne with labelmate Shanell

I spotted this video over at Miss Info today and trust me, I had this on repeat all morning. I like the vibe of the Single, a song from his No Ceilings Mixtape. Ahhh Lil Wayne; any chick that messes with this guy has got to know what’s up…Wayne sings,

“Put ya hands up if you’re Single for the night,

Ya I’m single, N*gga had to cancel that b*tch like Nino”

Apparently the Tranny chick in the video is a Kim Khardishan look-a-like? Mmmm Kay.

The video was filmed before Wayne began his prison stint. His personal videographer, DJ Scooby Doo directed the clip. What do you guys think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Young Jeezy will be hitting us with his fourth album, Thug Motivation 103 this Summer. 103 is a followup to The Recession, Jeezy’s Gold-selling hit album released in 2008. His first buzz single Lose My Mind features Plies. This song hit the Internet back in March, though Def Jam is working overtime trying to keep it under wraps. I’m a big Jeezy fan so I’m excited for the album!


Butta of the Week!: Mariah Carey – Obsessed

As promised, Mariah Carey has released her new Single, Obsessed, off her upcoming album, the Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.


And everyone is whispering (loudly) that Obsessed is a diss track aimed at Eminem! And I must say, it is pretty scathing! Didn’t know MC had it in her! The song is not the best on first listen, but after a couple more listens, I became a fan (I have to give Terius & crew more than one listens!). The music itself is quite plain and uneventful and it lacks the catchiness of Touch my Body, but still, this song entices me more than  Touch did for some reason.

It definitely sounds like a diss track to me and Mariah is fully justified. TheDream co-wrote the song and he crafts quite a few jabs in there:

I’m up in the A- you’re so so lame
And no on here even mentions your name
It must be the weed, it must be the E
Cuz you be poppin, hood, you get it poppin

Also, this is what Dream had to say about the song:

“The most anticipated is the Mariah project, and she just released a fire record in the building today. And we have been blasting it out all day. It’s just f**king retarded. I don’t think anybody is going to expect her to come out punching like she is going to come out. But she got a record.It’s going to light the blogs up too because you don’t know who she talking about, what she talking about, but she talking about something. And remember The-Dream told you first. So you can start that up right now. Mariah Carey has a record, and somebody’s going to be very upset. I said that.”

Remember a couple weeks back husband Nick Cannon had some choice words for Mr. Mathers regarding some recent comments Enimen made about MC. Mariah mostly kept quiet until now. A very interesting first Single choice indeed. Peep the music below & lemme know what you think!

Mariah Carey – Obsessed

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Melt in Your Ears: Video Premiere for Amerie’s Why R U?


Not to pull a Sandra Rose on everybody and call Homegirl out...this just cannot be ignored any longer! lol Now back to the MUSIC!

Not long after releasing her debut Single off of her first Def Jam album,  Amerie has released the Ray Kay-directed video. Why R U is given a rough, street and graffiti-inspired treatment to match the rawness of the beat (well, that’s my interpretation at least…). Amerie looks great rockin’ her liquid leggings (STILL in style :)), complicated layered dresses & vests, and of course, those legs! People are still complaining that this song isn’t catchy enough and now they are murmuring the video is too boring. The video is nice and has a good feel to it, not sure if its memorable though. The song has been getting some decent radio airplay though (could be because this is Def Jam doing the promo this time around for Amerie) so I’m hoping the Single fares better on the charts and with Digital Sales. My favourite part of the video was when Amerie did a couple of dance moves alongside her all-black clad B-Boy dancer. I wish they extended that scene. I think the tendency of this song to sound slow-moving and laid back song could have been challenged if there was more movement and dance in the video. My opinion only.  Amerie looks great, I wish her much success this time around…

What did ya’ll think? I know Mr. Knovember must have something to say since he knows a thang or too about visuals…

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Now Playing: Album Review: Electrik Red – How To Be a Lady


What a perfect formula: Dream songwriter Terius Nash writing lyrics, producers Tricky Stewart & L.O.S managing the boards, Urban powerhouse Def Jam backing the project, and 4 beautiful, fun video-girls turnt sangas along for the ride. Sounds like a Platinum album made in Heaven, right?

I may be one of few (or many) people who were not feeling Drink in My Cup or W.f.y (We F*ck You), the singles first circulating around the ‘Nets when Electrik Red first appeared on the scene. Def Jam head L.A Reid was touting their album as the Female version of (Dream’s first album) Love/Hate. Blasphemy, I proclaimed! I pretty much refused to acknowledge the girls until they released a little song, So Good, which was a perfect mix of sweetness and sass, vulnerability and street smarts; the making of a Lady in today’s day & age. So now, Electrik Red had my attention. After throwing Lil Wayne on the remix to So Good, they had the attention of the 106 & Park crowd as well.

So now, faced with listening to the entire CD, I had my reservations, but still left an open mind to enjoy the music. I cannot say the ladies disappoint. Still, I must issue a minor disclaimer: You need to listen to this CD a good couple times to fully appreciate it. After a day of repetitive listens, I am proud to say I am ready to dish out my hard-earned cash for this album.


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Sweet Tooth: Jeremih – Birthday Sex


The wait wasn’t too long, was it?  This video has been linked everywhere, but we like Jeremih here in The ChokLitFactory so we decided to follow the crowd. The other Chi-town crooner has finally released the long-overdue video for his hit song, Birthday Sex. I have yet to find out who directed the clip, but think the video for Usher’s Trading Places, knock off a few thousands for budget and you get this video!  I thought the leading lady was a different choice for this video, and looked a little old for young Jeremih (not that that is a problem) but who knows, I could just be hatin’! I was loving homegirl’s sexy shoes in this clip though.  Overall, the video suits the song very well, and we finally get a good look at this much-hyped up-and-comer.

Jeremih’s debut self-titled album will be in stores June 30th.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Music News ROLO: Jeremih readies his Def Jam Debut & Video

Source: via WireImage/Getty

Source: via WireImage/Getty

In addition to Girl Group season, get ready for the Summer of Jeremih. I’m calling it. I featured Jeremih’s runaway hit, Birthday Sex,  a month or so back. Since the song’s independent release late last year and its tremendous success, Hot ChokLit dude Jeremih has been signed to Def Jam Records and has filmed the video for his hit to be released very soon.

Ya girl just came back from a Spring break-style vacation and trust, Birthday Sex was the late night grindfest song of choice. And the ladies were not complaining at all! Not to mention, Jeremih is a handsome guy and will definitely have the ladies screaming swooning. And to think, Jeremih has only been at this R&B game for 3 years before getting signed. I hope he’s ready, because me thinks his is about to blow!

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Melt in Your Ears: Amerie – Why R U


Amerie is back with a new sound and a new Label! Now signed with Def Jam after parting with Sony Records last year, Amerie is trying to make a comeback without her former production partner, Rich Harrison (responsible for One Thing, and now also working with Yound Steff!). The tentative title for the new album is In Love & War.

Why R U was released to the ‘Nets a couple days ago to some mixed reviews. I for one, think this song – produced by the Buchanans, is hot! It is a bit of a throwback to the 90s Hip Hop era and sounds different from everything else on the Radio right now. I think the song has potential – just needs a hot video, that I’m sure Amerie can deliver. I love Amerie’s voice; I think it has a lot of grit and substance and she deserves success. her last effort, Touch was pretty solid, but I believe some label politics led them to cut promotion of her second single, Touch that featured T.I.

Anywhoo…take a listen and let me know what ya’ll think!

Amerie – Why R U

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