Melt in Your Ears: Kem – Why Would You Stay

Although I have never heard a full album, I am a fan of Kem. The Detroit native has been a hit with the R&B crowd since emerging on the scene in 2001. Kem self-financed his first album, Kemistry, then after selling 50,000 copies on his own, was signed to Motown Records who re-released the album in 2002. Kemistry went on to sell 500,000+ copies, reaching Gold status. In 2005, Kem released Album II, which went on to also sell 500,000+ albums, spawning the #1 Adult Contemporary hit, I Can’t Stop Loving You.

This July, Kem is set to release his third album, titled Intimacy.  The first single, Why Would You Stay is a strong singel choice. In it, Kem questions a woman why she would stay with him after he has treated her so badly, but noting he will never hurt her again. Its a bit of that grown people music that definitely deserves a listen!

Download: Kem – Why Would You Stay


Melt in Your Ears: Maxwell’s Fistful of Tears & Melanie Fiona’s Ay Yo!

Maxwell’s new video for Fistful of Tears has arrived. The song is being released to raise awareness for Breast Cancer as April is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The video itself is pretty anticlimactic as it is a performance video of Maxwell performing on a retro-inspired soundstage. The video, shot in black and white was directed by Phillip Andelman. This is a great song for a great cause and a good Single choice for Maxwell.

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Also, up-and-coming Artist Melanie Fiona is earning her stripes as she releases a fourth single of her well-acclaimed album, The Bridge, titled Ay Yo! I’ve been following Melanie on Twitter and she is currently on tour with various artists including Trey Songz and Alicia Keys. She has been doing some live performances across various Cities in the US and has been earning fans everywhere she goes. Ay Yo is a laid back jam with some nice live instruments to compliment Melanie’s vocals. The lyrics are pretty inspiring as well, talking about reaching one’s goals and dreams. To follow her recent Grammy nomination, Fiona was also nominated for some Junos (Canadian version of the Grammy). She’s doing big things!

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Melt in Your Ears: Robin Thicke’s RollaCoasta & Ryan Leslie’s Adidas Ad

Even though Robin Thicke made a string of promotional appearances on various talk shows (including David Letterman) with Nikki Minaj for their song, Shakin’ it for Daddy (I wasn’t a big fan…), Robin decided to release Rollercoasta featuring Estelle as his second official single (International markets only) from his fourth studio album Sex Therapy. While Rollercoasta will only be released for International markets,  the Single  Its In The Morning featuring Snoop Dogg will be released as the US single. Robin just finished filming the video recently.

Rollacoasta is a good look for International markets since the song has a funky futuristic vibe. Also Estelle is always a good choice when trying to reach an overseas audience. Do ya’ll like this? I think its hot!

Sidenote: Thicke’s Sex Therapy is a solid album that finds him branching out and trying some new sounds. If you haven’t already, Cop that ish!!


I ain’t sure about commitment, but I could sure use the company

Well, at least he’s honest… Ryan Leslie, teaming up with Adidas for their new campaign called Adidas Originals, recorded a new song called When I think About Love. Ryan plays a snippet of the song in this promotional video of him decked out in Adidas gear singing on the streets of NYC. Being a Marketing major, this is the kind of Advertisement I can get into. And the song is catchy too!  Check it out!

Melt in Your Ears: *New Video* Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d Do It All Again

Celebrated singer Corinne Bailey Rae enjoyed much success with the release of her self-titled debut album back in 2006, with hit songs such as Put Your Records On and Like a Star. I didn’t get into her music too much, but I thought she had a very sweet voice.

Sadly, in 2008, Rae suffered tragedy as her husband passed away from an apparent pill overdose. Corrine has now returned this year with her new album, The Sea that is understandably more somber and melancholy. This is her first video for the single, I’d Do It All Again, which premiered late last year.

This video and song are haunting and sad, but at the same time hopeful. Corrine’s lyrics are equally haunting:

“Ooh, you’re searching for something I know, won’t make you happy
Ooh, you’re thirsting for something I know, won’t make you happy
Ooh, you did it all again, you broke another skin
It’s hard to believe this time, hard to believe
That my heart, my hearts an open door…”

Peep the video below.  It is extremely difficult to lose a loved one, but if you have a way to express your feelings and memories about them, that always helps. I really like this one, what did you guys think?

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Melt in Your Ears: Nivea – *Video* Love Hurts

These videos are being pumped out a lot faster nowadays!

Even though Rapper Lil Wayne is in the process of being sentenced to up to 12 months at Rikers Island for an incident that occurred last year, he was able to take time out of his busy schedule (that included filming over 30 music videos) to appear as Nivea’s love interest in the new video for her single Love Hurts. This is Nivea’s first single from her forthcoming album, Purple Hearts. Love Hurts was produced by Jnew and written by Chase J.

In the video, Nivea visits a home she once owned with her lover and re-visits the pain associated with the space. There is a twist at the end of the video. The video was directed by Point Blank Period. The Rapper’s presence in the video will definitely elevate the interest in the song and Nivea’s new project. Good luck to her!

Did you guys like the video?


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Melt in Your Ears: *Video* Leela James – Tell Me You Love Me

The young Singer with the old-school voice and big hair, Leela James has returned to the R&B scene with her new song and video for Tell Me You Love Me. Her new album titled My Soul will be released May 25th, independently on Stax Records. I never really got into James’ music when she first came out, although I did love her voice. At only 26 years old, James is known as having an old soul since her music is often compared and modelled after the R&B music of the 60s and 70s. Tell Me You Love Me is no different as the song samples a rift from The Manhattan’s classic ballad, Then You can Tell Me GoodBye. I’m loving both songs! Best of luck to Leela this time around, hopefully this Single will get her a lot more recognition. What do you guys think of Leela’s song?

Sidenote: Isn’t Leela’s hair amazing? Love it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the original song Tell Me was sampled from, Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye by The Manhattans.

Melt in Your Ears: LeToya Luckett – Good to Me

Image courtesy

First I wanted to say, Happy Valentine’s Day to the Lovers! I’m not the biggest fan of this ‘holiday’, but to commemorate I got my bottle of Sangiovese and Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet – good times! As a treat for my readers, LeToya Luckett’s newest video for her fourth single, Good To Me. The video features the very sexy but rumored downlow Keston Kater. It also features Letoya in performance mode with a band and her backup singers – a real treat for her fans because we never get to see Letoya just singing. The notes homegirl is hitting in this song put a smile on my face. Many people were muttering about how Letoya managed to push out a fourth video when her album has not been selling. I think the Haters need to sit down – Letoya is doing her thing and I’m glad she is releasing more music from her underrated album.

Anyways, I’m loving the song and the message. If you are going to be with someone, they should just try to be good to you and do right by you. That is all one can ask…am I right? Happy V-day!!

Good to Me was directed by AJ Crimson.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Melt In Your Ears: Amerie feat. Fabolous – More Than Love video

Happy New Year to everyone! I had a wonderful Christmas holiday back in my hometown of Edmonton with my family, which was great! Cold, but great. I was even able to gather some new music for the CF from my visit since my Edmonton peoples do know their music every now and then! I was also able to do some listening of some albums like Alicia’s newest effort, R.Kelly’s Untitiled and Robin Thicke’s album. I have my work cut out for me for reviews. I spent New Year’s with some friends in Detroit where I currently am. Looking forward to crafting the list for the best of 2009 on the ChokLit Factory and to hearing all your thoughts.

Until then, check out the new video for Amerie’s third single, More Than Love featuring Fabolous on the track. Amerie hasn’t had the best reaction from her fourth release Love & War she dropped a few months back. Something about Amerie is not catching on with the mainstream. I personally think she was lacking a hit song, but I’m sure many would disagree. Nonetheless, I still enjoy her music and her lyrics. More Than Love has Amerie questioning whether Love is enough to make a relationship really work (It isn’t.) Fabolous plays his part well in the song and video, but nothing groundbreaking here folks! Check out the video below.

Melt in Your Ears: Sade – Soldier of Love

Yes I know this song has been all over the Internets for the past couple weeks, but as you all know, I was late 🙂

Sade coming back is sort of a big deal so I had to post. This will be Sade’s newest album since their 2000 album Lovers Rock, that spawned their huge hit (and one of my faves) By Your Side. This is a different sound for the band and sounds nothing like anything on the radio right now – which is a good thing! This will have to grow on me, but I am glad to hear they are back! What do you guys think of this one?

Soldier of Love will be released February 8th.

Sade – Soldier of Love

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Melt in Your Ears: New videos from Mary, Mariah and Rihanna

The Bish is back!! Ok guys, thanks for sticking around and continuing to check the site out during my absence.  So lets get right back into it, because I’ve missed a whole lot!

First off we have Mary’s newest video for her second single, I Am. Mary looks great in the video, showin us how to really do the blond highlighted bang! Mary’s new album, Stronger With Each Tear is out right NOW! Go cop that ish!


Next we have Ms Mariah and her video for H.A.T.E.U. I feel like I’ve already seen this since I’ve been seeing promo pics of Mariah in this swimsuit for weeks now…I just think this video is ridiculous. This is literally a swimsuit covershoot or a homage to Victoria Secret’s 2010 collection. The video has no story and no purpose. I love Mariah’s music, but these lackluster videos really have to stop. Ok I’m done. Wait – TheDream’s version was better. There, I said it.