J.U.I.C.Y: K. Michelle disses Trey Songz with track, but has a Hit Bubbling with Fallen

Wow…is this what happens the Hood gets put on? I pegged K. Michelle as the next to Blow-Pop last year and I still stand behind that. But after dropping by Miss Jia’s page, I found out not only is K. Michelle dating the Pied Piper, R.Kelly himself O_O  she opted to release a Trey Songz diss track to the Internet to defend her man!!

“Got some nerve going in at my daddy/ Don’t worry bout it Daddy, go chill at the Chocolate Factory (ha!) ..20 years strong, you got two hot songs/ How you gonna f*ck with Platinum when you just went Gold?”

Hmmm K. Michelle definitely went in, I’m actually feelin it though. Hopefully the Trey Stans don’t catch wind of her calling him out. K. Michelle isn’t just going in on Trey, she’s calling out the Industry itself.  K will be ruffling some feathers with this track but for some reason, I don’t smell publicity stunt with this one…

K. Michelle recently released the video to her next Single, Fallen which we will post when we get it. In the meantime, check out her live performance of Fallen in New York City for some Industry heads. I told ya’ll she can blow!

*Sidenote: If K. Michelle and Kellz hit the studio together, can we expect some R.Kelly/Sparkle-type magic that will take us back to the 90s? A girl can dream…

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  1. Not feeling her rapping. She can sing though. Love fallen.

  2. Whack she sounds like and even stole Keyshia Cole when she first came out down to the blonde streak in her hiar.. She’s not fooling anyone. She alright vocally like I said if I can sing better than you on some of my folks I know who are beasts) ya ain’t worth listening to. Whatever fall off broad!!!

    • my bad typing so fast I meant to say “she sounds like and even stole Keyshia Cole’s look…” and “Hair” “or” not “on” some of my folks

      • She sounds better than Keyshia Cole

    • Um , From My Understandingg K.Michelle Is Just Another Women Doing Her Own Thingg TF , She Look Way Better Then Keyshia Cole &&nd Sing Better To . . . Just Speakingg My Op

  3. Don’t hate – appreciate. We all know this girl is amazing. Trey deserved it. He has the fans now – time to back up his smack talking.

    • Trey didn’t deserve it.but she e also shouldn’t have dissed him like that. IL k but Dodson ma husband like that is just rude and disrespectful the to men had a little breathe . Should have let them handle they own.

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