Laffy Taffy – *Video* Whitney Disappoints in Austrailia

I labeled this post Laffy Taffy – though it is not really funny at all. Whitney Houston performed a concert for fans in Brisbane, Australia this past Monday and I only feel sorry for the fans who probably paid a grip to hear a living legend in person and got this:

At around 2:31 Whitney takes a moment  – one full minute, to ‘compose herself’ in time to hit her big note for the song, I Will Always Love You. At first I thought they gave the mic an echo effect but now I suspect her high note was a taped performance. Especially since during most of the song Houston could barely get her notes straight. It is sad to see Whitney in this condition. It is even sadder to think about all the money these Australian fans must have paid to see her perform. She wouldn’t DARE do this on North American soil! Ms Houston, please do better.


ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top R&B Albums of 2009 + Producers of the Year

In addition to the top songs of 2009, we added a list of the top albums as well as the top producers that kept the unique beats coming this year. We are going to keep these lists pretty short & sweet and in no particular order.

Top 10 R&B Albums of 2009

Maxwell – Black MidSummer’s Night

Mariah Carey – Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

TheDream – Love Vs Money

Chrisette Michelle – Epiphany

R.Kelly – Untitled

Alicia Keys –  The Element of Freedom

Pleasure P – The Introduction of Marcus Cooper

Ryan Leslie – Transition

Trey Songz – Ready

Whitney Houston – I Look to You


R&B Producers/Songwriters of the Year:

The Dream & Tricky Stewart – These are the official go-to guys for Urban Pop & R&B these days. You want a hit record? You hit up these two. 2009 was no different for the Producing pair who racked up hit records for Fabolous (Throw it in the Bag), Snoop Dogg (Gangsta Love), Rihanna (Hard) and Mariah’s full album. We will definitely be hearing more from this pair in 2010.

Los Da Mystro – One of my favorite producers, Los has recently branched out from doing songs for TheDream, producing R.Kelly’s Like I Do and Trey Songz’ I Invented Sex. You may also remember Los’ work from the Dream’s Walking on the Moon, Rockin That Sh*t and My Love.

Ryan Leslie – Not only is Ryan Leslie an incredibly gifted artist and songwriter, he is an amazing producer as well. Aside from producing his dedicated work on Transition, Leslie has also contributed tracks to Chris Brown’s Famous Girl and Mary J. Blige’s Said and Done for 2009.


ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top 25 Songs of 2009 Part II

So we hit you with the first 15 hot ones of 2009, and now we have the top 15. This group of songs are a bit more uptempo and more well-known songs from either veteran artists or  newcomers who broke through with a hit record. Included in the list of newcomers is Keri Hilson who rose from her role as a resident songwriter to being a resident hit -maker and artist. Melanie Fiona also made a name for herself in 2009, hoping to make an even bigger name for herself in 2010. But instead of me spoiling the suspense, keep reading the find out who makes it to number one!

14. The Dream – Rockin’ that Shit – TheDream is another artist who had a great year professionally and personally. Not only did he marry his pregnant sweetie, Christina Milian, he was promoted over at Def Jam due to his ability to score hits for Def Jam’s many artists. In 2010 TheDream will release his last solo album *tear* Love King. Rockin That Shit was the ish when it was released early last year. Heavy syths and a thumping bass complement Terius’ soft vocals. TheDream can create a melody like a beast and this song exhibits this. And if you don’t remember, the remix to this song was even better.


13. K’Jon – Oceans – Detroit native K’Jon scored a big hit with his serene feel-good song Oceans. In it, K’Jon uses the metaphor of sailing with reaching one’s goals and happiness in life. A very nice song, with some nice vocals from K’Jon.


12. Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo – Knock you Down – We predicted this song would be Keri’s last chance to hit it big and that’s just what happened. Knock You Down is Keri’s biggest hit to date, in North America and abroad. Alongside the Chris Robinson-directed video with guests Kanye and Ne-Yo making appearances, this song helped solidify Keri as a force in the Industry to be reckoned with.


11. Dirty Money – Love Come Down – Diddy has really been feeling himself musically lately. While working on his latest album, Last Train to Paris, he hooked up with former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard and singer/songwriter Kaleena to form the group, Dirty Money. Since their formation, the group has been releasing some really promising music, the best being Love Come Down, a homage to the Total days of Bad Boys with Kaleena providing some sexy vocals over a banging beat and a Jay-Z sample from H to the Izzo.

Keep reading for the remainder of the list!


Laffy Taffy: Whitney Houston performs Million Dollar Bill on X-Factor


The Internets are a-buzz with Whitney Houston’s latest performance on British TV show X-Factor from last week. Ms Houston preformed her hit song, Million Dollar Bill for the live audience. Unfortunately for Whitney, her bra straps suffered a bit of a malfunction as they snapped (gasp!) during her performance. But that was not the worst part. Whitney is STILL not looking in good shape! I’m sorry, as a fan, I really cannot afford not to notice it. I mean, she looks great. But her singing, while on key, was sporadic and she realized very heavily on her back-up singers. The notes she did manage to belt out were surprisingly quite good..they were just the wrong ones. She missed the last big note of the song and left that one up to her backup singer (who is NO Whitney). During her hastened small talk with the show’s host after her performance, Whitney looked a little belligerent and confused. She mentioned that she would be touring in April. Of course, we all know the tour is the real moneymaker these days, so if she cannot get it together by then, she will not make the tour at all. I for one hope she can because I will be in line for tickets when she does!

Check the video below!

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Sweet Tooth: Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill Video


Whitney Houston has released the video to her newest hit Million Dollar Bill, to coincide with her new hit record I Look To You, that debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard charts. The video has a bit of a throwback vibe to it, which accompanies the song itself, that also has an old-school feel to it. Whitney looks young, healthy and vibrant. Ms Houston reminds me of that Aunt that comes back hard after that divorce lookin’ flyer than ever at your family reunion. I am lovin’ the comeback so far! Have you copped the album?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you missed the Oprah/Whitney 2 part interviews like I did, you can view them over at WSHH:

Whitney Houston Interview Part One

Whitney Houston Interview Part Two

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Still in the W(Rapper): Whitney Houston Album Preview

Whitney Houston

The big news today is Whitney Houston’s new album can be previewed on her website today. For a limited time you can preview her new album so you can purchase the album when it drops September 11th August 31s. Ya’ll already know I’m riding first-class on the Whitney Promo train! I’m listening to the preview right now and so far I am liking what I am hearing. The album sounds more like another My Love is Your Love and I can’t be mad at that. Whitney sounds great! She has lost some of her powerful pipes a bit, but she still has the Voice. Million Dollar Bill is still one of my faves!

In other news, Whitney will be the special guest on the Premiere episode of Oprah’s new season so set your TiVos!

Listen to the album preview here!

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Melt In Your Ears: Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill


Yesterday Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were raving on Twitter about this new track they recorded with the Diva herself, Ms Whitney Houston called Million Dollar Bill. MDB is an uptempo song that is well-suited for Houston’s audience while maintaining some mainstream appeal as well. The song definitely has a 70s soul vibe to it as Swizz and Alicia do a good job of showcasing Houston’s vocals. And to the naysayers, we say She’s still got it! So far Whitney’s Comeback is looking pretty good. Her single I Look to You debuted high on the Hot R&B charts and pre-orders for her new album are showing some good numbers as well. Click here to pre-order your copy from Amazon today for only $9.99 :o! Peep her song below: its Whitney Season!

**Side Note: We will continue to keep ya’ll updated on Whitney’s Comeback progress, so keep up!

Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill

Music News ROLO: G.O.A.T Season – Whitney Houston Makes a Comeback!


Can you feel it?? One of music’s few remaining Legends is gearing up to release her new album, I Look to You. The long-anticipated album will be her first in years and will be in stores September 1st! I am so excited and anxious for Ms Houston’s return. Obviously my readers must know I am a loyal Whitney fan 🙂 so I’m happy to see she is on her way back on top once again. Her album cover looks very regal and mature – just what we expect from the Queen. The pictures below are from the album listening party that happened Tuesday night at Manhatten’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. Houston’s mentor, Clive Davis as well as celebs like Alicia Keys, Dionne Warwick and Marta Stewart were also in attendance. I’m sure Martha understands everyone needs a second chance. Now what I’mma need to see is my girl Wendy Williams and Whitney have another chat like their infamous radio interview years ago. Whitney looks beautiful and I’m so excited to hear what she has in stores. I Look to You will feature production and writing from Diane Warren, R.Kelly (YAY!), Akon, Sean Garrett (**side-eye**) and Swiss Beatz. I do hope they keep my Whitney pure!

Keep reading to see more pictures and the album’s tracklisting. Click here to listen to Whitney’s first official single, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.


Melt In Your Ears: Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know my own Strength

Whitney is back!! The ChokLit Factory started on the strength of Ms Houston’s work, as we did our posts explaining why we believed she was the G.O.A.T. Well we are glad to hear and she is finally making her comeback as mentor Clive Davis promised back in 2007.

Whitney has paired with some familiar faces this time around, producer David Foster and writer Diane Warren for her new single titled I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. The song is beautiful and inspirational as Whitney sings,

I didn’t know my own strength
And I crashed down, and I tumbled
But I did not crumble
I got through all the pain
I didn’t know my own strength
Survived my darkest hour
My faith kept me alive
I picked myself back up
Hold my head up high
I was not built to break
I didn’t know my own strength

I think this is a perfect song for Whitney as it tells a bit of her story; how she had to overcome all of her inner demons to try to get back on top again. Of course the song does not have any historic high notes, or the long, sweeping notes we are used to hearing from Ms. Houston. But I believe she acheives the intentions of the song;  evoking an emotion.  I know it’s not radio-friendly and doesn’t have autotune or T-Pain in it. But aren’t we so very thankful for that?

What did you all think?

ChokLitFactory Exclusive: Is Whitney Houston the G.O.A.T of Contemporary R&B? Part IV

whitneymylove2We have now reached the fourth and final report on Ms Houston. This article focuses on the last recent highlights of her illustrious career, before her drugs troubles took over. In 1998, Houston would release her most critically acclaimed solo album, My Love is Your Love. This was her most modern, R&B-influenced album to date and was a huge commercial and critical success. This was G.O.A.T territory, ladies and gents! Whitney was collaborating with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Faith Evans, Kelly Price and Missy Elliot, to the tune of great success. The album sold 10 million copies worldwide and garnered Whitney many awards and accolades. She seamlessly integrated her voice into the modern music era that ushered in the 21st century. In the years to follow, Whitney would release a greatest hits album that included all of her past massive hits as well as fresh new duets with contemporary artists like Deborah Cox, ‘Same script, different cast’, and Enrique Iglesias, ‘Could I have this Kiss Forever’. Some favourite tracks off the albums below.

Whitney’s Heartbreak Hotel (Diva track!!)whitneyhits

Whitney’s It’s not right, but it’s okay

(SO sassy!)

Whitney & Wyclef’s My Love is your Love

Whitney & Mariah’s When you believe (Mariah and Whitney win an Oscar for this track, off the Prince of Egypt soundtrack; great song)

Whitney & Enrique’s Could I have this kiss forever

Read MORE!


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