Melt in Your Ears: LeToya Luckett – Good to Me

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First I wanted to say, Happy Valentine’s Day to the Lovers! I’m not the biggest fan of this ‘holiday’, but to commemorate I got my bottle of Sangiovese and Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet – good times! As a treat for my readers, LeToya Luckett’s newest video for her fourth single, Good To Me. The video features the very sexy but rumored downlow Keston Kater. It also features Letoya in performance mode with a band and her backup singers – a real treat for her fans because we never get to see Letoya just singing. The notes homegirl is hitting in this song put a smile on my face. Many people were muttering about how Letoya managed to push out a fourth video when her album has not been selling. I think the Haters need to sit down – Letoya is doing her thing and I’m glad she is releasing more music from her underrated album.

Anyways, I’m loving the song and the message. If you are going to be with someone, they should just try to be good to you and do right by you. That is all one can ask…am I right? Happy V-day!!

Good to Me was directed by AJ Crimson.

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Sweet Tooth: LeToya feat. Ludacris – Regret


The lovely LeToya Luckett released the video for her third single Regret featuring Ludacris off of her sophomore album, Lady Love. I love this song!! Its not extra, its not all over the place, its simple, good music with a good beat and a minimal video. Don’t get me wrong – Capital paid NO money for this video! All the dollars were clearly spent on making Letoya look fly and Luda lookin fresh. The rest of the video (including its concept) were left alone. Nonetheless, Letoya looks great, sounds great and is werking the attitude in this set. I love it!

Sidenote: Ladies, since it is currently break-up season, I recommend this song as a sort of anthem to let these men know, they done really messed up this time! You’re welcome.

Stay sweet!

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Melt In your Ears: LeToya Luckett – She Ain’t Got… Video


Finally LeToya delivers the video for her second single, She Ain’t Got Sh*t on Me. The video is directed by Bryan Barber who also directed her video for Not Anymore. This song is creating quite an online stir because people are either feeling the video a lot or they hate it! Also the release comes right on the heels of the BET Awards fiasco where LeToya was allegedly taken off the performing list at the urgence of Matthew Knowles (ie. if LeToya preforms, Beyonce will not!) Somehow I do not see how Beyonce would ever be jealous or feel threatened by LeToya…but this is the Music industry! Crazier things have happened. Also I do hear LeToya gets more love in Htown than B does…

I think the song is a lot of fun and is a different but welcome look for LeToya. Actually, this video reminds me a bit of her video for She Don’t with Slim Thug. I love the breakdown where LeToya sexily writhes around her cheating man as he sits on a chair. She looks great in the video. Lady Love will be in stores August 25th!

What did you all think?

Melt in Your Ears: Letoya – She Ain’t got Shit on ME!

Letoya aint playing with this one!

So by now, ya’ll must have realized I’m feeling my girl, Letoya. Moreso this time around, I am rooting for her. I like her because she’s not too gimmicky, she appears to be smart, intelligent, business-minded (she owned two High-end Boutique stores in her native Houston before launching her solo career) and just happens to sing as well! So we have nothin but Love for LeToya here at the ChokLitFactory! This will be Letoya’s official second single for her second album, Lady Love which will be in stores May 19th!


Repost: Straight Outta tha W(rapper): Letoya Luckett – Not Anymore

Ms Luckett

Ms Luckett

Sorry guys, this post got deleted somehow, and I wanted to make sure you all didn’t miss this one! A couple weeks ago, I posted Letoya’s new single from her forthcomng album, Lady Love that is due out May 19th. I liked the song and it still plays in my iPod (yes, two weeks later lol) but some of y’all said you thought the song was too predictable and wasn’t anything special. Maybe the video will make you warm up to the song. Directed by OutKast’s favourite Director, Bryan Barber, this video is a great look for Letoya! She is channeling the DreamGirls with her 60s-inspired style, hair and makeup. The failed love interest Letoya dumps in the video is Eva Pigford’s(of Top Model fame) fiance, Lance Gross. And he is a Fine ChokLit fella, ladies 😉


Christian Louboutin's Carnaval


I also peeped Letoya’s Christian Louboutin feathered-heeled sandals that Keyshia Cole also wore to Grammys – HOTNESS!  Check out the video below and be on the lookout for Letoya’s project when it drops May 19th!

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Melt in your Ears: Letoya Luckett – Not Anymore


Letoya Luckett – Not Anymore

Some of ya’ll might have already heard this new track from ChokLit girl Letoya Luckett. The song is called Not Anymore, and was penned by Ne-yo. It is her first official single off her new album, Lady Love hitting stores early April, this year.

I’m glad she went this route with the first single. The song is not as memorable, but it has meaning and a message. Plus Letoya sounds good on the track. Click the link to listen or download. Let me know what ya’ll think!!


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