Suga & Steez: The VMA Awards Edition

The biggest events of last night’s VMAs were shrouded in drunken hip hop star buffoonery and stage-crashing hilarity. So much so that we almost forgot to care about what everyone was wearing! Sadly one of my fave red-carpet wearers, Rihanna was not present, but the ladies still showed up and showed out last night in some sweetly memorable frocks.  Here are some of my ChokLit faves!

The Frocks

pic from

Solange Knowles showed off her shorter do, complimented with a sleek fitted black dress that is adorned with a beautiful bow. I also am loving her satin-dressed heels. I notice Solange is wearing heavier makeup nowadays, possibly to take away for the lack of weave, but still, I’m loving this look on her!

Keri isn’t playing this time around in this satin jumper with the very low zipped-down front and white zig-zag accents on the shoulders. She is repping for the tomboys and I digg that about Ms Hilson. The hair is always on point. I guess Keri has taken Ciara’s spot as the female ATL ambassador @ the MTV awards…Go Keri?

And of course we can’t forget about B. Not always my fave red carpet beauty, but I am definitely loving this red satin (again, I guess satin is that material right now) number with the open ruffled front. Its a simple look that Beyonce pairs with black satin close-toes sandals. Her hair is that loose wave again. B definitely plays it safe this time around and I’m not mad at her. Can we talk about her bracelet for a hot second tho – F-A-B 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was actually pleased to see J.Lo back on the red carpet again. Made things feel comfortable again. Jennifer looked great – what twins?? I will just have to ask her to remove the satin-y shawl (I am getting sick of typing the word satin). The dress works, the shoes work, the slicked-back hair and makeup work and we’ll leave it at that. Welcome back J.Lo – I seen you get buck when Miss Janet made her entrance for her Scream/MJ Tribute performance. A true dancer at heart.


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Still in the W(rapper): Rihanna is Rated R + New Haircut Fierceness!


Yesterday this photo was released, supposedly being the proposed cover art for Rihanna’s new album, Rated R. I liked it right away, except for the blurriness that led me to assume it was a fake. It is still a hot pic. I assume it will need to be re-shot to include Rihanna’s new haircut she showed off recently while on the go. The pics below are recent ones of Rhi Rhi arriving at London’s Heathrow airport looking cue and casual.  I think the haircut looks HOT! Very few people can pull it off. Many celebrities (Cassie, La La, Nina Sky) are shaving the sides of their head for a punk-inspired look. I’m feeling most of the styles even though I think they might be a little butch..but maybe that is the look they were goin for!  Rihanna’s newest album is slated for a December release. If you haven’t heard her latest single, Te Amo, click  here!

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Hot ChokLit: Cassie feat. Diddy – Must Be Love Video

Are we degenerating back to 'Puff Daddy'? Or is this a typo?

Are we degenerating back to 'Puff Daddy'? Or is this a typo?

Cassie has released her video for her next (first, second? who’s counting anymore) Single from her forthcoming album, Electro Love(I like the title!).  Must Be Love was directly by Bernard Gourley, who I haven’t seen do a low-budget R&B vid in ages (or ever, maybe, my memory is not that good). I watched this video with my claws out ready to pounce on Diddy if he appears to have spent wreckless amount of dollars on Jump-off’s Homegirl’s video. But soon, I retracted those claws. He definitely didn’t spend no real dough on this video. And rightly so! Diddy knows those MTB boys and [the former] Danity Kane are his Cash cows, so he needs to act as such.  This video is very simplistic, and is focusing on the sexual energy between young Cassie and grown-ass Diddy. The two Artists reside in hotter-than-hell rooms, caressing the wall between them, keeping their desires apart. Near the climax, pause, of the video, the room ignites on Fire, seemingly because the tension is too great.

Nowadays I am rarely impressed by a lot of these run-of the-ChokLit-Mill videos coming out. Cassie looks great..blah blah blah, I like her outfit blah blah blah. Lack of inspiration me thinks…what did you all think? Go ahead, gather your thoughts…I’m off to go watch Usher’s Trading Places… Whaddup Chris Robinson!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*Side note: My apologies for the wack video link, WP is testin’ me yet again!

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Milk Dudd: Cassie + The Dream – Keep on Lovin Me

Ok, we will address this Cassie thing, only because she has recently released a new song with my dude, The Dream.



So this past weekend, Ms Cassie decided to shave off half of her head. She posted pics of her new ‘do on Twitter and also added this official ‘statement’:

Sometimes in life, you need a change. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. Something that displays the “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude that was always present but never showcased. Something that makes you look at this whole wide world differently. And something that will shock your mother, but will make her call you a ROCKSTAR. Yea I did it…
After various comments and responses on her Twitter page (what did she think would happen??) Cassie again responded:”They ask why?? Lol… B/C I WOKE UP AND FELT LIKE IT!!! YEEEAHHH!!! LOL 🙂 Have a great weekend!xx
Well…I guess Homegirl is officially a ‘Rockstar’!  Diddy needs to come get his girl, and make her the Official girl already…but alas, this is just for attention, we know. A couple weeks ago we posted her new track with Diddy, Must be Love, and now she gets a new ‘Look’ and a “I don’t give a F*ck’ attitude to match… Did we really need the Twitter announcement? And the official statements? Hmmmm…
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Melt in Your Ears: Triple Scoop! Cassie, Ne-Yo & Electrik Red

Alot of music is leaking onto the Nets lately, good news for us! I’ve got a triple scoop for y’all to taste today!

Cassie & Diddy

Cassie & Diddy

First off we have Cassie & Diddy, a track they did together that was produced by Mario Winans. This was leaked a couple weeks ago but I guess I missed the Memo (Bad Boy, holla atcha girl!). Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. Some say she f*cks for tracks, she has no talent, she’s nothin’ but a pretty face, etc. But at the end of the day, she is close with Diddy, so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…the same can be said for Christina Milian thanks to her close relationship with TheDream. Nevertheless, on a good day, I dig Cassie. Not sure how she will fare now that she doesn’t seem to be working with Ryan Leslie anymore, but I’ve heard an improvement in her voice lately and I actually like some of her music! Her last single, Official Girl took a Looooong time to grow on me, but once it did, I really got into it. Too bad it went nowhere. This song has similar potential. Its slow-moving, nothing too special upon the first couple listens. But the brooding production seems like it may grow on me in the near future, so we will see. Check it out after the jump!


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