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Finally Fantasy Ride has landed! Are we excited? Not overly so, but we’re glad my girl was finally able to release this long-awaited album.

I was so excited for Ciara’s new album after feeling her last album, Evolution, and hearing the concept for Fantasy Ride – a 3-disc compilation album that had three parts to it: Crunk-Town, Groove City & Kingdom of Dance. With producers like The Dream & Tricky Stewart, and Danja assigned to helm the project, my excitement levels rose even higher – it was about to be C-Season!

Sadly, things did not pop off as planned. Some of you may know that Ciara fired her longtime manager Phillana Williams and decided to sign on with Jonny Wright’s (Britney Spears & N’SYNC back in the day) Management Group.  Since then, she had released her T-Pain duet, Go Girl, to very little criitcal fanfare, and scrapped the 3-disc set ideas for Fantasy Ride. Also, regretably, Ciara has been all over the place musically and image-wise. One day her style is reminiscent of Rihanna’s goth-chic look, the next, she is reminding us of her Crunk & B days **sigh**. Ciara’s music hasn’t been any less coherent. She did release the Polow-produced Neva Ever, and brought out the hip rolls for the video, but then switched it up with Justin Timberlake in her overly sexual video for Love Sex Magic.

Still, her last decision was a good one, as her Justin Timberlake-duet got Ciara the attention she needed for this project. Upon listening to the CD, I am hearing a lot of music I would have preferred to hear BEFORE Never Ever or even Love Sex Magic. Maybe its just me, but I always thought High Price was fiyah! I thought the song was dope and took us back to the A. I know Ciara is looking for that Janet-status and wants to be Global with it – but what is wrong with the ATL sound she came up on?  I, for one still pop in her old CDs every now and then. I also thought Tell Me What Your Name is, is another great contender for a single, this song is on repeat currently on the iPod.  Then, of course there is G is for Girl (A-Z) and Echo, two other great, up-tempo joints.

Ciara feat. Ludacris – High Price

Ciara -Tell Me What Your Name Is

The slow joints on the CD are fewer than her last album – not a bad thing. Ciara hits a high note with the Dream-assisted Dancing on Me. The futuristic vibe suits Ci. Like a Surgeon is a sexy-grooved song in the same vein as Promise (but NOT Promise!). I Don’t Remember is a different look for Ciara and is worth a listen.

Overall, I can’t say the album is a disappointment at all. The music is produced well and the lyrics are well-written. I think the general direction of the album suits Ciara – or at least the Artist Ciara wants to be. Something that has been killing me – what is with the constant changes in her image? These promo shots for Fantasy Ride are pretty cool, having Ciara look like a Superhero – Super C, which is her alias. But, her music and the overall direction of the album does not coincide with this image. Better luck next time; Ciara still has a bright career ahead of her!

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  1. A very acurate review of this project, thanks Choklitfactory! I can’t help but sense that the next single off of this album will be even more critical than the
    first one(s). If the next one makes little noise then doesn’t that put Ciara in the exact same position she started in pre-Go Girl? However, if she can channel her inner -‘Umbrella’ then I see her being more relevant in the music community and not just in my wet choklit dreams lol ok that sounds gross.

    • On another note, have you seen Ci is all over that site. 50 showin his girl some love, awwww

      • *ahem* MY girl. 50 is short. There, someone had to say it.

  2. Maybe I’m ol’ school because I used to love the albums with the intros/interludes and one producer (i.e. JD, RZA, etc…) fingerprints all over them so that is why this album still leaves me feeling just ‘ok’. It feels like a really good burnt CD with different CiCi tracks. That echoes the Choklitfactory’s feel of being all over the place musically and stylistically. Regardless I cosign Never Ever (and the video! those legs!! biting my lower lip!), High Price (should have been a single/video when it leaked LAST YEAR!!!), Echo, Like a Surgeon (RIP Aaliyah! beat reminds me of 90’s Timbaland/Aaliyah collabo), Pucker Up, and Tell me….

    Expected more from the Dream collabo (sorry Choklitfactory!) but won’t hit the skip button if it pops on

    • You hit the nail on the head with the lack of Interludes and such. Seems very impersonal! Like a burnt CD – yes!!
      Sadly, I hear she will do around 70K for first week sales, which is pretty abysmal. I’m hoping Cici goes at least Platinum or we will have to start referring to Ci as Ashanti2..

      • *GASP!* Ashanti 2.0??? how dare you even go there! Ashanti looked fly tho in that video on the beach in that tiki hut thingy but on to more important matters, mainly Ci NOT ever being mentioned in the same breath/sentence/paragraph/novel as anyone associated witht he muuuuurda!! INc. The way I look at it is that for the amount of material leaked in this day and age of downloading 70K is CLOSE to 100 thou WHICH is 1/10th of a million which is platinum and the week is only half over my dear friend! SO those are satisfactory numbers. Remember she did that crazy Euro wirlwind tour prior to last weekend I think pop/dancy music is still HUGE there so she’ll be just fine

  3. […] that being said, I don’t think Fantasy Ride is a horrible album.  Check out my review here. Hopefully Ciara can bounce back. And I hope she doesnt dump her management again. All I know is, […]

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