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After a very tumultuous and challenging year in her personal life, Rihanna has returned to her music with the release of her fourth album, Rated R. As you must know by now, Miss Sunshine has definitely left the building and the good girl has officially gone bad. Lucky for Rihanna and her fans, the music she is producing during this transformation is actually quite good!

Rated R is a dark album with a sinister but triumphant feel to it. Wait is Ova is a coyly written song full of  warning shots to potential performers laying in wait, vying for Rihanna’s current spot. Hard featuring Young Jeezy, has Rihanna demanding respect while she reminds us how gangstalicious she is. Who told you Barbados was all palm trees and beaches?

The album has its share of bravado, but some songs also find Rihanna very somber and open. In Stupid Love, she realizes her error in trying to hold onto something that was not working:

Trying to make this work
But you act like a jerk

Silly of me

To keep holding on
But the dunce cap is off…”

Clearly she is referencing her recent failed relationship and the results are that her fans are able to see Rihanna as a person. Russian Roulette, despite its controversial subject matter, remains one of the strongest songs on the album. Its brooding and eeire tone was the best way to prepare us for Rated R.

Rihanna – G4L

Rihanna – Rude Boy

Rihanna – Photographs



Butta of the Week! Mary J. Blige – I Am

I saw Mary perform this song at tonight’s AMAs and I thought to myself, how did we miss this at the ChokLit Factory? I am really loving this song. In the song, Mary sings about nobody being able to love her current Lover better than she can. Sometimes in a relationship, one person can be caught thinking they can get better elsewhere and often fall victim to the 80/20 rule, thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes that is the case, but most times it’s not. Sometimes we can take what we have for advantage until we have lost it. But once you lost it, its gone!

Mary wrote this song alongside talented songwriter Johnta Austin (who also co-wrote Mary’s other hit song, Be Without You) and produced by Stargate. This song will be released as Mary’s third single from her forthcoming album Stronger with each Tear.  So far, the album sounds like it will be a solid one; we can’t wait!

You can download I Am, starting tomorrow on iTunes!

Mary J.Blige – I Am

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Still in the W(Rapper): Beyonce – Poison


Beyonce has recorded a new song produced by Stargate, called Poison. This will be featured on a new mixtape by DJ Haze caled Big RnB Ego. What can I say – I’m feeling this track. In the song, Beyonce sings about a kind of Love that is as potent and deadly as poison itself: “You’re just like poison/ slowly moving through my system/ breaking all of my defences with time.” The beat is pretty simple, with an electro-dance feel to it. The lyrics are smartly written and Beyonce performs some strong vocals on this one yet again.  We like it over here. What do y’all think?

Beyonce – Poison

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Hot ChokLit! – Trey Songz: I Need A Girl

Ladies!! Trey is back!


I know some of you fellas be missing him too, No homo of course! So Trey is back, and is said to be releasing a new album this approaching Summer. I’m excited. Trey made ChokLitFactory’s Top 25 R&B list with one of his former hits, Can’t Hardly Wait. Since then, he’s appeared on a number of mixtapes and made guest appearances with artists like Shawty Lo and Big Kuntry. We are glad to see Trey is hard on the grind!

This song is boasting a nice, radio-friendly melody with synths and claps that are now becoming Stargate’s signature sound. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Trey rides the smooth beat easily with his mature vocals, and adds emotion and grit when necessary. I think this time around, he and his Label may be looking to come across as more ‘accessible’ to the Masses. Trey appeared to have alot of free reign on his last effort, Trey Day, and was able to incorporate more of his Hip Hop influence into his music. This time around, I see him capitalizing on his ‘Ladies Love Trey’ looks and sweet voice. Plus it helps that he isn’t beating on any women.

Listen to the track and drop us a comment!

Trey Songz – I Need a Girl

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