Hot ChokLit! Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight Video…

Ok….so I’m a fan of Christina Aguilera’s. Her voice is a true gift and she definitely has immense talent as a performer and Singer. In addition to being an Artist, Christina is an attention whore junkie and is keen to pushing the envelope further and further. With each project, she has continued to make it her duty to wear less clothes, gyrate harder, grope herself tigher (lol). Granted, she isn’t the first, last or only Artist to use sex to sell, God forbid! Christina’s last project was a bit of a departure from her Dirty girl image and she cleaned it up for a classier image and look. 2006’s Back to Basics was a welcome change, but it didn’t push as many albums as Stripped – her hardcore, highly sexualixed album & image, did.

Fast forward to 2010, after a Best Of compilation album released in 2008, Aguilera gears up for her fourth solo album, Bionic to be released this June. Not Myself Tonight is the first single, which finds Aguilera abandoning her clothes inhibitions and feeling extra frisky during a night of seduction. The video is directed by Hype Williams with a budget that allows for over 10 background dancers and a scene with shirtless men dancing in the rain.

Christina reminds me of Madonna in her Human Nature video as she writhes around in black latex and ice blonde hair. The song is ok, I was going to post it a while back but was not inspired to. The video is definitely entertaining and gets a little out of control near the end (after the product placement for her new perfume) where Christina and a male model rape each other. She is not a shy girl!

Do you guys like the video?

Sidenote: I will NOT get into the Lady Gaga vs. Xtina debate. The Gaga Stans are patrolling the Internet looking to pick fights and I just don’t care enough. Gaga can come talk to Christina when she’s 4 albums deep #justsayin


Hot ChokLit! *New Video* Ciara & Ludacris Ride Out

Ciara’s new video for Ride leaked today. This video is a lot more minimal than I thought, with just Ciara, Ludacris, a Bull and that body! Director Diane Martel captures just the right energy for the song. Ciara’s dancing is naturally raw and on point. Now other female (and male) artists who wish to dance in their videos may commence taking notes on committing. I’m loving the video and am happy to see the ATL Ciara back. I won’t compare her to the Goodies Ciara because the 2010 model is definitely a lot more…experienced (if you are wondering what I mean, peep the booty pop @ 3:57).

One lone thought: on her last project, Ciara went heavy on the sex appeal, and since it didn’t sell many records, it made her look a little desperate. I wonder if she will continue on that bandwagon or tone it down a bit this time. This video is very sexy but I think it goes well with the song. Thoughts? Peep the video below.

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Hot ChokLit! Nikki Minaj finally gets her Spotlight in Massive Attack Video

So after numerous guest features, Donk sightings, television appearances, Mixtape releases and featuring in your young man’s wet dreams, Nikki Minaj has FINALLY got her spotlight in her very own video for her first Single, Massive Attack. Hype Williams directs Nikki as she takes us to the dessert in her pink lambo with her androgynous sexy friend Amber Rose.  There is a lot that can be said about this video, but you just really have to watch it for yourself.

The song itself takes some getting used to as most people are calling it hot garbage. But I see the heat factor of this song. The beat is impossibly fast and borders on doing too much. Nikki’s rapping is so fast-paced and high-pitched that you have trouble hearing what the hell she is talking about. Sean Garrett saves the song with his impeccable talent with writing a perfect hook and melody. The hook makes this song a contender.

Nikki Minaj featuring Sean Garrett – Massive Attack

Some points on the video:

  • Yes, Nikki brings it with the facial expressions – you love it.
  • Yes, Nikki showcases the Donk – it gets some good camera time
  • Yes, Sean Garrett is shirtless once again. I think he is wearing me down – He look GOOD.
  • Yes, you may soon catch your favouite chickenhead rocking a green wig in a club near you. Lil Kim who…
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What did you think??

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Hot ChokLit! *New Video* Usher featuring Nikki Minaj – Lil Freak

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Just in time for the release of his sixth full length album Raymond vs. Raymond, Usher has released the anticipated video to his hit second single, Lil Freak. Polow Da Don produced the song we first previewed here, using a sample from Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City, which I never caught at first. A lot of Stevie’s music is being sampled lately, which just showcases his music’s never-ending appeal.

The Lil Freak video was directed by TAJ. The plot centers around a young woman who wanders into an underground club of some sorts where Usher is watching. He sends his girl Nikki out to recruit the female. The video is described as having some similar elements as the the Saw movies. Nikki is entertaining in her Cruella Deville wig and exaggerated facial expressions. Ciara and Jamie Foxx make very brief (and pointless) cameos, while Usher appears very vacant in the video and the only dancing we see from him is some writhing he does near the video’s end. Nonetheless, I like the video!

What are your thoughts?

Raymond Vs. Raymond hits stores this Tuesday, March 30th. Hopefully we sill have a review for the album before then 🙂

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Hot ChokLit!: Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s Telephone video

Lady Gaga and Beyonce filmed a sequel to Gaga’s Paparazzi video with the Jonas Aukerland co-written/co-directed mini movie for Gaga’s new Single, Telephone. This is beyond Extra and a bit confusing at some parts, but you cannot dispute the amount of creativity, thought, product placement (too many to count) and bad acting (Bey!! :O) that went into this 9:32 long video. The key is to watch it at least twice, it actually grows on you and I dig the MJ tributes in the video.  Beyonce looks hot in the video and Tyrese also makes a cameo! What did you guys think??

Sidenote: Gaga’s fashions were on point, but Paparazzi is still my fave video from her.

You will either love it or hate it…

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Hot ChokLit!: DoubleScoop – New Videos from Jagged Edge & Brutha

Following the lackluster effort (both creatively and commercially) that was 2007’s Baby-Makin’ Project, Jagged Edge parted ways with Island Def Jam (then being headed by Producer/friend Jermaine Dupri) and signed with Slip-N-Slide Records. Tip Of My Tongue has been bubbling on R&B radio for some months now; Jagged Edge also preformed the song on (Academy Award-Winning Actress) Monique’s talk show. Trina also joins Gucci Mane and Jagged Edge in the song, though Gucci, who is currently incarcerated did not make the video shoot. Good luck to JE on this project…I hope they have some better material this time around…

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Former Reality show stars Brutha, return with their sophomore album Vacancy. I”m glad to see these guys are getting another chance; I liked some of their songs from their debut album. I personally thought the show was too much drama and clouded their talent while putting all their personal business out for everyone to see. Apparently they thought the same thing because this time around Brutha will not be documenting their lives on television. This video was premiered on 106 & Park this past Friday. One Day On This Earth was produced by Mysto & Pizzi, and written by R.Kelly. Clearly!! Listen to the song again, the adlibs, the rhythm, the bridge, a 100% R.Kelly song! I’m feeling this song!


Hot ChokLit!: Rihanna – Rude Boy Video

Rihanna has released the video for her latest single – and one of my favorite tracks on her Rated R CD, Rude Boy. Video stills had been leaked earlier this week, as well as a video preview to hype the release. But now we finally have the real thing. Of course, the fashion, hair and make-up are on point as Rihanna is dressed up in a dancehall-flavored look, African-inspired animal prints and tight hot pants. The biggest story of this video is Rihanna making an honest effort to dance and wine up pon herself! She did a good job, though she made me chuckle a bit hehehe. Still, got to love this girl, the video is HOT!

Sidenote: Is that supposed to be the Bogle at 0:46?? LOL

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HOT ChokLit! Beyonce & Lady Gaga – Video Phone Remix

Funny story, I was on debating on Twitter and literally laughing my ass off thanks to Freshalina’s antics for so long last night, I didn’t have time to post on one of the most anticipated videos of the past….couple months. The current Queen B has paired up with the reigning Queen of Extra on the remix to Sasha Fierce’s Video Phone. The song is the same, just with a new verse sung by Gaga and perhaps a newer verse by Beyonce as well (I can’t tell). Interestingly enough, I was planning to do a post on the idiocy of the lyrics in this song….but perhaps I feared the wrath of the B stans and fell back. Regardless, this beat song has grown on me and I love Gaga’s verse on this! Not sure why but I love when she says “Hubbba Hubbba” as well as the overall tone of her voice.

Beyonce gets real duurty in this video too! She makes Rihanna’s barely there getups look like Sunday church attire. The choreography is fierce and director Hype Williams borrows the same stylist from the GoldDigger video he did for Kanye to make B into a fierce-looking Bettie Page. WERK!!!

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Hot ChokLit: Rihanna’s Russian Roulette Video + Cold Case Love


Rihanna has released her Anthony Mandler-directed video for her controversial single, Russian Roulette. In the video, Rihanna is seen playing the deadly game with a young man and a one bullet-loaded gun. In other scenes she is in a locked room with armed guards, then writhing on the cold floor in an empty cell in another scene. One notable scene has Rihanna dodging bullets (!!) underwater as her blood taints the color of the water. An interesting look for the former Miss Sunshine; definitely artistic.

I am a little worried for the remainder of Rihanna’s album, as it seems to be very hard and aggressive – something her fans may not expect from her. I know I don’t find a lot of pleasure listening to depressing music, but hey, maybe that’s just me?

Check out another track on Rihanna’s Rated R album, Cold Case Love that is rumored to be produced by Justin Timberlake.  This song is interesting. It is written and produced very well and has a very epic feel to it. Check it out!

Rihanna – Cold Case Love

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Hot ChokLit! Trey Songz – I Invented Sex


Ok…so I’m a day late, but I had to watch the video 20 a few times to get my most accurate reaction. There is not much to say on this one. Its all laid out for you. I remember when Trey first came out and Chickens individuals were hatin on Mr. Songz and his then birdcaged chest and sweet, not-yet-raunchy vocals. But I had pegged him as my B.D. from the jump! Now these hens ladies are eating their words 😛

Just playin. I really like the….song. And the video compliments the song …very well.  Also Trey’s tattoo artist should be…commended.

The beautiful girl in the video is a actually a Canadian model from Quebec so big ups! At least one of these male sangas is still feelin’ the sistas… I just like how Trey appears to have control over his career; the music he puts out and his image as well. If Mr. Songz did not have your attention before, I believe he does now….

*Edit: If video does not show up at first, click the widescreen button below.

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