Music News ROLO: Toni Braxton’s Pulse is Dead? Drake & Kayne are Killin ’em!, Alicia readies Unthinkable Video

Toni Braxton, who enjoyed much success in the early and late 90s, released her sixth studio album, Pulse, this past Tuesday. This is Ton’s first album in five years and her first she for Atlantic records after re-signing her contract with them. Pulse received a decent amount of push from her label, including 3 music videos, a racy performance at the Soul Train Awards (where she kissed singer Trey Songz onstage in front of an audience that included her now ex-husband Keri) and talk show appearances. I must say, I missed nearly all of the promo for this Project, other than the release of Yesterday, her duet with Trey Songz. I did catch up on Hands Tied, her sultry second single off the album.

Last month, Toni commented on album sales and what it means to the Pulse project: “You just want to create, but I know if I don’t sell, I’m not going to be able to make another album.” source.

Estimates are coming in that have Pulse selling 45K – 50K records, the lowest debut in Braxton’s career. Sad to hear, I am a fan of Braxon’s music so I hope this project does well.  I wonder what God we would have to pray to, to see Toni and Babyface reunite one last time…

Check out the video for Hands Tied, which I am loving right now!



Sweet Tooth: *New Video* TheDream – LoveKing

Earlier today TheDream attended 106& Park studios in New York to premiere the new video for his first Single from his LoveKing album, also called LoveKing. Well-known director X aka Little X directed the video with choreography either by Jamaica or Tanisha Scott (my guess). The video is set against a bright orange background as Dream acts as the center of attention. To coincide with the song’s lyrics, multiple types of women appear seductively from behind Dream. Dream actually busts a couple dance moves himself at the 1:35 mark…somebody’s been practicing!

The video is bright and fun, with some booty-popping dance moves and beautiful women. Yes, this is a typical Dream video. I am left a little unsatisfied with the video, even though I can’t get enough of the song.

Dream’s next Single will be Sex Intelligent featuring T.I. On 106&Park, Dream assured fans he would be releasing more singles and videos this time around and that he has already filmed a few videos already. Since this is Dream’s rumoured last album, I hope he releases some singles that showcase his real songwriting talent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sweet Tooth: *New Video* Dondria – You’re the One

Singer Dondria aka Phatfffat, is the YouTube singing sensation that was picked up by Super-Producer Jermaine Dupri some years ago. Now 23 (I thought she was much younger!), Dondria is poised to release her debut album, Dondria vs. Phatfffat. The album’s lead single is the gospel-tinged, classic-themed love song, You’re the One. Written and produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, the song is a sticky-sweet ode to young love. Dondria sings,

I feel it all over my body (I feel it all over my body)
I dream about you when I sleep (Yeah)
You’re the one for me, you’re the one

Cute. Dondria looks like a young Monica in the video and glams it up a bit in a classc black dress. I haven’t been following Dondria on her YouTube but I know she has many devoted fans and I know she can blow. I have my doubts about JD’s hitmaking abilities in this day and age, but I hope for Dondria’s sake, he hits gold with this debut.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts.

*Sidenote* I LOVE the song!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chew On This!: Estelle Causes Controversy with FREAK video

British songstress Estelle has returned after the success of her American debut, her last album, Shine. Estelle is gearing up to release her newest effort, All of Me, with this song Freak, being the lead single. Estelle appears to be taking a page out of Lady Gaga’s dance-hop style of music, but to be fair, Estelle probably has a closer ear to the ground of dance music being from the UK.  The song is pretty hype and is a good look for Estelle who could use some love up in the clubs. Toronto Native and friend of Estelle’s, Kardinal Offishall also raps on the track.

The biggest story I noticed with this video is the portrayal of Estelle in black face and bright pink lips, which created an uproar on the Blogs, many citing the racial insensitivity due to the previous portrayal of black people in the American media as black faced, pink-lipped, nappy-haired fools many decades ago.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

There was a video floating around showing the making of the video where Estelle had the black face paint on with bright red lipstick, but that video is missing and her lipstick is now pink….


ChokLit’s Choice: Nneka – HeartBeat

A friend recently put me on to this amazing Nigerian/German artist, Nneka. Born in Nigeria, of an Igbo father and German mother, Nneka grew up in Warri, Nigeria, while later going to school in Germany. Nneka began working with German producer DJ Farhot as they collaborated on many projects. Nneka has released three albums, Victim of Truth in 2005, No Longer at Ease in 2008, and Concrete Jungle, her first US release that was released last month.

The first song of hers I listened to was Heartbeat and I instantly fell in love with it! It is different, catchy and haunting, all at once. Nneka raps as well as sings; her voice being nasally high yet strong. Most of Nneka’s musc is politically-charged as she comes from a country that is plagued with corruption, violence and greed. Myself being Nigerian as well, I was very interested in hearing what Nnkeka had to say. She is very talented and her message is revolutionary. Please check out her video for Heartbeat, as well as a performance she did on David Letterman for the song.

I hope to do a feature on Nneka, but in the meantime, make sure you check out her Myspace Page where you can purchase her music as well as her Official Website.

Thanks to Rebecca for the recommendation!!

What do you guys think of her?

Nneka – Heartbeat Video

Nneka – Heartbeat Performance

Butta of the Week: TheDream is the Love King

“I be on that fly sh*t, and you be on my sh*t

Image courtesy of

That n*gga keep playin, change where you layin’ I’m just sayin….

The wait is over: Love King has arrived. Your R&B singer’s favorite R&B dude has released the first single from his final project, both titled Love King. The song is bravado-fest as Dream talks about how he ‘got his money up’ and now has women all over the world. TheDream’s Ego is back, in case you thought it was on hiatus. Love King is a fun song with fun lyrics, reminiscent of Rockin’ that Sh*t and Shawty is the Sh*t.  Dream isn’t saying much, but he usually keeps the first single very light, hook-heavy and radio-friendly. LOS Da Mystro produced the single. What did you guys think of the song?

TheDream – Love King

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Hot ChokLit: Rihanna preforms Rude Boy on Ellen

Yes, I know, another Hot ChokLit post for Rihanna, what can I say, #westan for Rih Rih ’round these parts 🙂

Image courtesy of

Rihanna visited Ellen’s talk show today to preform her hit single, Rude Boy for the live audience. Rihanna was *gasp* dancing, moving her hips, having a good time on stage and singing! Well done! I think she feels more comfortable performing this song and being  flirty while having fun with it. Peep the smile at 3:20 when she attempts her famed Bogle lol!

Sidenote: What are her backup singers wearing???

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Hot ChokLit: 50 Cent & Governor Mix up a HIT!

I’ve been gushing about this song and video for so long, I forgot to actually post on it : P I know you all must have seen the video or at least heard the song by now so let’s discuss the Highs & Lows!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Highs: 5o and newcomer Governor (previously signed with T.I’s Grand Hustle Ent) bring the SEXY! *Whew* Most former 50 haters can’t hate on his new grill and his buff but lean physique. Also 50’s confidence oozes through the screen…I’ll stop now. No, I’ll continue. I will be doing a feature on Governor, my new-found favourite new Artist. Governor’s small part singing part on the song’s hook and bridge were enough to keep me interested in the song.

Lows: Poor Vivica. Yes she redeemed herself recently by stepping out in Atlanta with her new, younger man. But the first time I saw this video I shook my head and said, Vivica, you played yourself!

Highs: Chris Robinson directs a visually appealing, urbanized and slick video. With some eye candy courtesy of video vixen Tahiry and actress Tamala Jones and an artistic scene where 50 and his G-unit soldiers nod their black fitteds to the beat, the video is seamless and original.

Lows: The story suffers a bit at the end when Vivica blows up the building 50 is in…yet he appears at the end of the video only to wipe her tears….mmmm ok… Governor looks good in his scene 🙂

Are You Still Down???

Ok y’all, I know I have not been posting lately and I know there is a lot out there to talk about in the music world and otherwise, so please bear with me! If you’ve been following my whining on Twitter, then you may have heard about my troubles with my VAIO aka my Lifeline. The good people at Staples Depot have decided to honor my warranty (YAYY!!) and are currently in the process of fixing the official ChokLit Factory (my laptop’s name). So hopefully by the end of this week or next week, the CF will be back in business and we can get to talking about such things as why on God’s earth Ms Houston was not nominated for a Grammy? Shame!!! Or reviewing Alicia’s newest CD (since nobody seems to care about my Rated R review? **kanye shrug**) or dissecting Usher’s newest song (are we still holding out for a Q4 release Mr Raymond??)

In the meantime, I am sure there are many countless posts I have written that you may have overlooked or missed, so why not peruse through my gallery of posts? You can always hit up the search button on your right to search on an artist or topic, but here are a few to start you off! Enjoy & keep comin by!

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ChokLit’s Choice: Keri Hilson & Ciara

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Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Faith Evans – I Love You


In 2001, R&B singer Faith Evans released her third album Faithfully on Bad Boy records. I Love You was released after the debut single, You Gets No Love. In the video, a newly 50 pounds lighter, Faith sings about her Love in  a revealing low-cut dress.  This is such a great song and in my humble opinion, it solidified Faith as a major voice in the R&B world. If you didn’t feel her before this song (that would be me) you were feelin’ her after this song.  Faith has a timeless voice; maybe she was born into the wrong generation. Too often Bad Boy would try to peg her as a Urban dance artist but I believe songs like this were her strong suit. And 2001 was one of the last great years in Urban music and videos.

My favourite line: “First time, I saw your face/ My heart just erased, all the guys I knew be-fore you walked into my life/ I was the type to never want for nothing” I’m such a sucka for love songs 😛

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