Music News ROLO: Chrisette’s First #1 & Ciara’s Dissapointment


First off, ChokLit Kisses go to my girl Chrisette Michelle! She has scored her very first #1 Album! **Applause** Her sophomore CD, Epiphany is getting a lot of love from R&B fans, so good for her! It topped the Billboard charts this week with 83,000 units sold. Mind you, according to Billboard, this is the slowest-selling number one album in Neilsen’s 18-year history! That means ya’ll really ain’t tryin’ to buy your traditional CDs anymore huh? Do you prefer iTunes instead, or is LimeWire your BFF?  Anyways, it is always good when good music catches a break every now & then. I am working on getting my hands on the CD so I will update you all on what I think about (though I hear really good things!) Has anyone heard Epiphany yet? What do you think?


Now the bad news. Last week I heard rumblings of Ciara & Chrisette battling it out for the number one spot and I was a little surprised… But sadly, Ciara had to bow in at number 3 on the charts with under 81,000 units of Fantasy Ride sold. The Hannah Montana soundtrack came in second. I should also mention that Ciara’s previous effort, Evolution, sold 338,000 copies in its first week out, beating out Chart-Champ Eminem! So this is a huge disappointment for Ciara and her fans and her Label who suffered a setback when Go Girl did not take off and Fantasy Ride took a tumble. All the push-backs let an uneasy feeling with her fans (including myself) and gave Fantasy Ride a premature bad rap. Then the lackluster singles released for the actual project still left people wanting more. She did get a boost with her Justin Timberlake feature, but many fans complained Love Sex Magic sounded like a leftover from Justin’s previous effort FutureSex/Love Sounds.

I have to say it: style may win over substance some of the time – but NOT all of the time! Yes, we may like to look at you (Cassie, Rihanna, Tierra) but that does not always mean the people will care and will want to support you as an artist. that being said, I don’t think Fantasy Ride is a horrible album.  Check out my review here. Hopefully Ciara can bounce back. And I hope she doesnt dump her management again. All I know is, somewhere deep in the ATL, Keri Hilson, Sandra Rose and Phillana Williams are chuckling- HARD. Keep ya head up Ci…

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  1. *sigh* It still comes down to branding her name/image or whatever. Like when I think of Keri I think R&B/Hip Hop, I think collabos with heavy hitters, etc…the problem is her management. Is she pop? is she R&B? is she a dancer? In 2007 they attached her to the I will not Lose campaign with rocawear and then what? she just disappeared. She seems to have good chemistry with Luda (Oh, High Price) she just stick to a formula….Did anyone hear about the Jay-Z/Ciara Best of Both Worlds 10 city tour in July? I don’t know, that may raise her profile….

    • I did hear about this concert! This would be a great opportunity for Ciara! Mr. Knowvember, how many copies of Fantasy Ride have you purchased? 😉

  2. Mr.Knowveber…you raise some very great points. Ciara is all over the place and she confuses her fans…I do believe that artists always have to reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the industry…however,they have to find a sound/look that is unique to them…I think that when Ciara first came out, she was different…she was the girl who was tomboyish but with a girlie touch and her dancing was like no other…her songs were playful yet hip…and with her second album we saw a gradual growth…I believe with this effort is needs to go back to the drawing board and refocus…she needs to create somewhat of a brand…something that people can buy into and identify with…I appreciate her new music but the album as a whole is overwhelming…

    • Heeeey Baby Ro! 🙂
      I totally agree with you 100% Great comment! I think her tomboy-style was the reason she stood out and made people get into her, including her ATL round-the-way sound. She has abandoned that sound and that image in the false hopes that her fans will continue to rock with her. But I think she left alot of them behind.

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