Still In tha W(Rapper): TheDream & T.I’s new Single – F.I.L.A

TheDream and T.I team up for the next single, F.I.L.A from Dream’s LoveKing project. F.I.L.A stands for Fall In Love Again, as the song describes a situation where a woman leaves her man for the next one, wanting to feel loved again. The track was produced by Dream & Tricky Stewart and again sounds similar to his other Singles, but like most of his music, I am feeling this one!

There is some confusion as to who this song belongs to, either T.I’s Mixtape, F*ck A Mixtape or Dream’s current project but I’m thinking its Dream’s. Take a listen below, are you feelin it?

Download: The Dream & T.I. – F.I.L.A

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Still In The W(Rapper): Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride it

“He love the way I ride it/ He love the way I ride the beat, like a freak-freak-freak!”

Ciara is on the Grind once again! Her label appears to be behind Ciara on her new project titled Basic Instinct. Ciara recently quipped on her album during a red carpet interview,

“When you get the record you’re going to get a really fun vibe.You’re gonna get an even more sensual side and also confident and cocky. I got like such an attitude on this record, but in a fun way. Kinda had fun like exploring and experimenting with that, so you’ll get all that in one.”

Ciara released her new single, Ride featuring Ludacris. She recently shot the video and released pictures from the set. As I suspected, the song is a certified Banger! Produced by TheDream & Tricky Stewart, Ludacris lends his vocals to the track that remind us of his features on Ciara’s Oh and High Price songs. Fans complained that they wanted more of the Goodies Ciara back and less of the LoveSexMagic Ciara, so Tricky & Dream are the best team to bring that flava out. We already know the video will be hot, so I guess we have something to look forward to this Summer after all…

What do you guys think of the song? Is Ciara back?

Ciara featuring Ludacris – Ride

Still in the W(Rapper): J.Lo ‘s new Buzz Video – Fresh out the Oven + Louboutins Single

I didn’t think we would be hearing from J.Lo so soon after her last album Brave, for the lack of a better term, flopped. But she will be releasing a new album called Love? this March. Fresh from the Oven is a buzz single J.Lo released that may not even be on her album. I am not a fan of J.Lo’s singing ability or music, but she does make some entertaining pop music. That is what this song is. The video offers a lot of repeated visuals which gets a bit repetitive at times, but overall I enjoyed the video. It was directed by Jonas Ackerland. Thoughts?

This is J.Lo’ s official single, Louboutins, which is produced/written by TheDream & Tricky Stewart. This is J.Lo’s official first single, and the song she preformed when she tripped on stage at tonight’s American Music Awards. This song is catchy and a good pop track for Jennifer.  I’m wondering if J.Lo get free Louboutins for Life now…

J.Lo – Louboutins

Still in tha W(rapper): Vistoso Bosses – Delirious

ChokLit young'uns
ChokLit young’uns

Ok, I admit it, I am in my mid 20s – and quite grown, Thank you! – but I am really digging this track by Atlanta’s own, Vistoso Bosses. Taylah and Kelci make up this singing/rapping duo, both 16 years and together since 2006. They are currently signed to Collipark Records (home to Soulja boy and formerly, the Ying Yang Twins). The song itself is quick, catchy and sweet. There are subtle guitar licks and easy synthesizer sounds that remind us of the airy, R&B-pop of the 90s (Blaque anyone??). The standout of the track is the shy but sweet vocals sung by Taylah (Kelci raps, I believe). Taylah showcase a youthful yearning in her voice that makes the listener feel the butterflies in her stomach. Kelci delivers her 16 bars with the sass of an ATLien young’un, with a bit of Left-Eye growl. The song has been on for a minute and is now available on iTunes for purchase. Not sure what else to expect from these girls, but they sound like they definitely have a future ahead of them.

Vistoso Bosses – Delirious

 Vistoso Bosses’ Myspace page

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