Milk Dudd: TheDream feat. Kanye West – Walking on the Moon

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Back before TheDream’s near flawless album, Love vs. Money was released, I posted a leak of this song, Walking on the Moon featuring Kanye West. But once the album came out, I was able to enjoy it in its entirety and this song fell on to the back-burner. Instead I was bumpin’, Take Her Home to My Mama, Mr. Yeah, or Put it Down instead. But…Def Jam still decided to release this song as TheDream’s third single. More likely because of Kanye being featured in the song will raise Dream’s profile in Mainstream media, a bit more. So I pocketed my opinions and watched the video, directed by one of my favourites, Hype Williams.

I’m sorry, this is a big NO for me. The video has stolen from been inspired by Michael & Janet Jackson’s innovative video, Scream. And I understand the recession, but this video looks cheap. From Dream’s homemade studded leather jacket to the played out black pleather gloves, you get the feeling they scaled back significantly on the Dream’s wardrobe in order to afford Kanye’s (he is the fashionista after all). The video models are pretty and Kanye raps his best lines to a dark Choklit model who seems as uninterested in the video as I am. The video looks like it is looking for its star, but Dream doesn’t fit the role, unfortunately. I hope this single does raise Dream’s profile a bit more, because I doubt we will be seeing another video from this stellar album.  Can’t win ’em all I guess.

*Side Note*: If you want to see the real thing, click here.


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 I finally copped this CD today after snoopin around for it in Sunrise Records, after the HMV associate told me with a confused facial expression, “I guess we sold out of all our copies” To be honest, I was about to call it a day after that, but I hope knew my Readers are waiting on this one! Since then, I’ve had the CD on repeat as it copied itself into the iPod and the Nokia. Thoughts so far? I’m down.

Love vs. Money avoids the dreaded sophomore slump  simply because it starts off again where Love/Hate left off. Same producers, but same innovative beats; similar lyrics, but different issues; same monotone voice, but yet, more depth. So the good news is, Terrius “TheDream” Nash is evolving, but not enough to isolate his audience (*cough* Kanye *cough*) or to establish his music as groundbreaking. If you enjoyed his debut album, you will enjoy this one. You may even respect TheDream more, because you realize he is not a fluke, one-hit wonder-artist.

Surprisingly enough, I first heard about TheDream about 6 years ago when I listened to Nivea’s most recent album, Complicated. I caught his name in the production credits and also caught him rapping on a couple of her songs. His swag wasn’t exactly developed just yet, but you could tell he had talent. Even with his solid work at best on Complicated, I knew TheDream was unique. I later became a fan, like most people after hearing Shawty is the Shit, then copping his first CD and playing the HAIL out of it, along with most of my family. He was like a breath of fresh air in the music that was out at the time. Possibly TheDream’s greatest advantage over these other R&B cats is the creative control he has on his projects. A true artist.