Guilty Pleasure: *New Video* Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me?

Beyonce decided to make yet another video from her hit album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, the bonus track, Why Don’t You Love Me. Why now? Why not? The song was co-penned by her sister, Solange and produced by The Bamaz.  Melina (Ashanti’s Good Good, Rihanna’s Rude Boy) directed the clip. The song is mediocre, but I think the video is super cute and Beyonce looks beatuiful! I see she is really feeling that Betty Page wig that she rocked in the Telephone video 😛

Check out the video below…did you like it?

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Suga & Steez: The 2010 Grammys Award Show

Although I had a great time twittering with my followers on my Twitter Sunday night, overall, the Grammy’s were terribly boring. I had more fun with the AMAs a couple months back. But there were some noticeable highlights on the show.

The Michael Jackson Tribute where Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Usher and others sang trubute to the King. Usher was a bit weak on his vocals, but Carrie surprised with some impressing ones.

Image courtesy of JustJared

Jennifer Hudson shows off her post-baby hot body alongside her pipes for the MJ Tribute.

Image courtesy of JustJared

Beyonce wins big at the Grammys, taking home 6 trophies – the most ever won by a female artist in a single night. She preformed a Medley of, If I Were a Boy and Alanis Morisette’s You Oughta Know. I found the performance a bit bland, but Beyonce killed on the vocals, as usual.

Lady Gaga showed up like this but gave a solid performance alongside special guest, Elton John. I liked the overall theme of her show; performance-wise, she never disappoints! She should also be happy she took home two Grammys: Best Electronic Dance Album & Best Dance Recording for Poker Face.


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ChokLitFactory Exclusives: Top 25 Songs of 2009 – PART I

The wait is OVA! We finally have the long-awaited LIST of 2009 for all you ChokLit fiends haha!

2009 was a decent year for R&B music and Urban artists. Unfortunately, we did not see a lot of new roads being paved or new acts breaking through, though  artists like K Michelle, Young Steff and K’Jon made some decent headway. 2009 was really the year of the veterans. Maxwell hit us back just like he said he would with a much anticipated album, Ne-Yo showed the us how to be a Gentleman, Mimi showed us she was imperfect, Alicia fell in love while R.Kelly came back for his crown. Meanwhile, in the Urban/Pop world, Rihanna brought some heat, Beyonce maintained her crown, TheDream survived the sophomore slump, while Ryan Leslie quietly retained his genius. Lets get on with the list already! Let me know your thoughts on these!

25. Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby – Besides being a homemade tribute to Snoop Dogg and his wife’s marriage, Charlie Wilson lands the perfect song for his syrupy drawl with this hit song. Written by Babyface and originally recorded by Calvin Richardson, Charlie definitely does the song justice.


24. Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful – Musiq managed to lie mostly under the radar this year with the release of his album Onmyradio during the end of 2008. I blame his lead single Radio that didn’t go over well with fans. Luckily, So Beautiful was that type of song that his fans were waiting for. One of those feel good, chill & reminisce songs. So Beautiful is a great addition to Musiq’s catalog.


23. Ne-Yo – Never Knew I Needed – During an impromptu interview about the meaning of the title song to The Princess & the Frog movie, Ne-Yo explains, “It is about two people who feel like they know what they want…know what they need in life, then realize through meeting each other that they don’t know what they need…the realization becomes that what they need is love and they find that with each other“. That is a pretty spot-on description of the relationship of the two main characters from the movie. Ne-Yo writes and performs the song and does a very good job writing a clean, PG-rated song with substance. The soundtrack to the film was released in November 2009.


22. K Michelle – Fakin’ it – Memphis-bred K Michelle has made a bit of a presence for herself oh the Mixtape circuit with songs like Self-Made featuring Gucci Mane, but her standout track has been Fakin’ It. It features Missy Elliot as a musical co-signer and is produced by up-and-coming production team Hitz Committee. In the song, K Michelle sings about faking ‘it’ for the man she loves but who is clearly clueless in the bedroom. The message is not Choklit-approved, but the song is dope!

*Sidenote: Here is some footage of K Michelle doing a stripped-down performance that showcases her talent. This is an Artist!!! Great voice!


21. Young Steff – Slow Jukin’ – Even though newcomer Young Steff had a serious hit on his hands with this song, and we  sung our praises for the young 20 year old dancer/singer, his career did not really jump off as we had hoped. Still, Young Steff has a bright future ahead of him. Slow Jukin is that song them 16-year olds be playing while slow-grinding on each other, tryin to act all grown. While all the 25-year olds be gettin’ their grind on behind closed doors 😉

Keep reading!!


HOT ChokLit! Beyonce & Lady Gaga – Video Phone Remix

Funny story, I was on debating on Twitter and literally laughing my ass off thanks to Freshalina’s antics for so long last night, I didn’t have time to post on one of the most anticipated videos of the past….couple months. The current Queen B has paired up with the reigning Queen of Extra on the remix to Sasha Fierce’s Video Phone. The song is the same, just with a new verse sung by Gaga and perhaps a newer verse by Beyonce as well (I can’t tell). Interestingly enough, I was planning to do a post on the idiocy of the lyrics in this song….but perhaps I feared the wrath of the B stans and fell back. Regardless, this beat song has grown on me and I love Gaga’s verse on this! Not sure why but I love when she says “Hubbba Hubbba” as well as the overall tone of her voice.

Beyonce gets real duurty in this video too! She makes Rihanna’s barely there getups look like Sunday church attire. The choreography is fierce and director Hype Williams borrows the same stylist from the GoldDigger video he did for Kanye to make B into a fierce-looking Bettie Page. WERK!!!

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Suga & Steez: The VMA Awards Edition

The biggest events of last night’s VMAs were shrouded in drunken hip hop star buffoonery and stage-crashing hilarity. So much so that we almost forgot to care about what everyone was wearing! Sadly one of my fave red-carpet wearers, Rihanna was not present, but the ladies still showed up and showed out last night in some sweetly memorable frocks.  Here are some of my ChokLit faves!

The Frocks

pic from

Solange Knowles showed off her shorter do, complimented with a sleek fitted black dress that is adorned with a beautiful bow. I also am loving her satin-dressed heels. I notice Solange is wearing heavier makeup nowadays, possibly to take away for the lack of weave, but still, I’m loving this look on her!

Keri isn’t playing this time around in this satin jumper with the very low zipped-down front and white zig-zag accents on the shoulders. She is repping for the tomboys and I digg that about Ms Hilson. The hair is always on point. I guess Keri has taken Ciara’s spot as the female ATL ambassador @ the MTV awards…Go Keri?

And of course we can’t forget about B. Not always my fave red carpet beauty, but I am definitely loving this red satin (again, I guess satin is that material right now) number with the open ruffled front. Its a simple look that Beyonce pairs with black satin close-toes sandals. Her hair is that loose wave again. B definitely plays it safe this time around and I’m not mad at her. Can we talk about her bracelet for a hot second tho – F-A-B 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was actually pleased to see J.Lo back on the red carpet again. Made things feel comfortable again. Jennifer looked great – what twins?? I will just have to ask her to remove the satin-y shawl (I am getting sick of typing the word satin). The dress works, the shoes work, the slicked-back hair and makeup work and we’ll leave it at that. Welcome back J.Lo – I seen you get buck when Miss Janet made her entrance for her Scream/MJ Tribute performance. A true dancer at heart.


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Still in the W(Rapper): Beyonce – Poison


Beyonce has recorded a new song produced by Stargate, called Poison. This will be featured on a new mixtape by DJ Haze caled Big RnB Ego. What can I say – I’m feeling this track. In the song, Beyonce sings about a kind of Love that is as potent and deadly as poison itself: “You’re just like poison/ slowly moving through my system/ breaking all of my defences with time.” The beat is pretty simple, with an electro-dance feel to it. The lyrics are smartly written and Beyonce performs some strong vocals on this one yet again.  We like it over here. What do y’all think?

Beyonce – Poison

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Black Licorice: Shakira – She Wolf Video

Pic via

Pic via

The other night I was making it a Blockbuster night with my girl Cinnamon and we came across this new music video of Shakira’s. The imagery was very strange to say the least, with Shakira looking like a possessed contortionist in a cage. The song itself didn’t sound like anything we’ve heard from Shakira in recent memory: mostly a trippy dance track with Shakira singing in that yodel/mumble that she does so well. Still, I fuxx with this song and video. Its really different and like nothing on the radio or television right now. But isn’t that a good thing? Check it out below. Shakira is hottie, eh?

**Side Note: People are mumbling that Shakira is biting Beyonce in this video. Do we see this? Maybe they are saying this b/c of Shakira’s one-piece suit inthe video. But Beyonce did not invite these outfits…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Hot ChokLit: Beyonce – Sweet Dreams Video


I am not sure when the video for Sweet Dreams was released, but I do know it is one of many videos from Beyonce’s current album, I am….Sasha Fierce, that she has made and are featured in her tour. I believe Beyonce has a video for every song on the album. I was a bit disappointed in her video for Ego, which was a favourite song of mine off the album. Sweet Dreams was originally a demo named Beautiful Nightmare that was leaked over a year ago to let the fans know what B was up to. The song had been renamed and re-mastered, but it is still good. Anyways, Beyonce is workin’ the dance moves in this video! Although the quality of the video isn’t the best, I really like the creative aspect and the choreography. A couple times in the video, Beyonce is actually krumping a bit to the track! Check it below.

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Photo via

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Melt In your Ears: LeToya Luckett – She Ain’t Got… Video


Finally LeToya delivers the video for her second single, She Ain’t Got Sh*t on Me. The video is directed by Bryan Barber who also directed her video for Not Anymore. This song is creating quite an online stir because people are either feeling the video a lot or they hate it! Also the release comes right on the heels of the BET Awards fiasco where LeToya was allegedly taken off the performing list at the urgence of Matthew Knowles (ie. if LeToya preforms, Beyonce will not!) Somehow I do not see how Beyonce would ever be jealous or feel threatened by LeToya…but this is the Music industry! Crazier things have happened. Also I do hear LeToya gets more love in Htown than B does…

I think the song is a lot of fun and is a different but welcome look for LeToya. Actually, this video reminds me a bit of her video for She Don’t with Slim Thug. I love the breakdown where LeToya sexily writhes around her cheating man as he sits on a chair. She looks great in the video. Lady Love will be in stores August 25th!

What did you all think?

Melt in Your Ears: RichGirl brings the HEAT!

Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven

Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven

This must be Girl Group season. Despite no R&B Girl Group having any real mainstream success since Destiny’s Child, Record labels are flocking like moths to a flame for these new girl groups poppin’ up everywhere. Between Electrik Red, Sophia Fresh and Danity Kane, the one thing lacking with these groups has been the powerhouse vocals Destiny’s Child Beyonce brought to the table.  Now here comes along a little group called RichGirl.  Audra, Brave, Lyndriette & Seven make up the 4 young ladies of RichGirl, a group headed by producer Rich Harrison of Amerie’s 1 thing fame.  2 of the females were associates of Rich’s through the industry connects while the other two were recruited through Myspace and through an audition process.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course all 4 women are beautiful, and represents all 4 different shades. But wait – they can SING! All of them! Peep their first video, He Ain’t With Me Now (Tho), a hard-hitting track with tonnes of energy, sass and percussion. The girls channel Amerie’s energy from 1 thing, but give their own taste to it. And their voices are on point. RichGirl is expecting to release their self-titled album this Summer on Rich Harrison’s label, RichCraft. Also check out their first U.S single 24 inches below. There is another version featuring Bun B floating around and expect to hear a remix coming up for 24′ inches featuring Jim Jones & Lloyd Banks.

I think these girls have choklit mounds of potential! Also, the opening singer favors Beyonce in the voice. What do ya’ll think of RichGirl?

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