Hot ChokLit: Ciara preformance on SNL

Hurry, before NBC takes it down!

I missed Ciara’s performance over the weekend so I am glad WSHH didn’t sleep on this like I did. Both performances are in the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Source

What did you guys think? Ciara looked Great of course! This is her first performance on SNL, I believe. I like that her new Management is pushing her further and further into the Popstar limelight. Her voice sounded on point – meaning she sounded very similar to the recorded material, I know her vocals aren’t anything special… Of course her dancing was on point, always is. I thought it was a bit too much crawlin’ on the Flo’ like a Dawg, and I could have done without the  one-leg, one-cheek jiggle, but I suppose it is nice to see Ciara can do the moves in person (??) Did I just say that, or think it?

Anywhoo, solid entertaining performance. But i find myself yawning at the music itself. I am always excited to see Ciara preform, but more so when it is material I actually like.

Here is Ciara’s live performance of Promise on David Letterman, a couple years back. She was a bit thicker back then. Her vocals, weren’t as great…but her performance and the music itself was hot! Still got luv fo’ ya Ci ci!

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  1. “I thought it was a bit too much crawlin’ on the Flo’ like a Dawg, and I could have done without the one-leg, one-cheek jiggle…”

    HAHAHA. Could not agree with you more on this point! Maybe more singing and less crawling?? And sure, she sounded alright, but hard not to when you’re only offering up the odd ad lib against Justin’s vocals and the track, while distracting everyone with those killer moves! LOL Gotta give her some credit for her performance on David Letterman though…she at least attempted to sing something! She looks great tho!

  2. Your blog rocks! I’ve come on here about every day since I discovered it. What a nice way to stay update about the last -quality!- songs!! You’re doing a great job, keep it up!! I like your filosophy as well, it’s the music that matters!

    • Thanks so much LittleSister! It means alot that people like you enjoy the Blog 🙂

  3. Awwww man I can’t watch the videos, missed it, o well I guess I’ll try to catch the video another time….I actually bought Cici’s album the other day, not sure how I feel about it yet, I need a few more listens, but I like her previous album better (so far) not feeling the whole comic book super hero theme…

    • My fave song is still Tell me what your name is. A ChokLit cookie goes to whoever can tell me what song was sampled for this song (pretty easy if you have the linear notes, I guess). Don’t forget to check out the review I did on Fantasy Ride!

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