Still in the W(Rapper): *New Video* Drake – Find Your Love

Drake released the video for his next single, produced by Kanye West, Find Your Love. Anthony Mandler directed the clip in Jamaica with Video model Maliah Michel and Dancehall star Movado. My first thought of the video was that Drake seemed a bit out of place with the gritty background and badman theme, but I do like that he didn’ t try to act like something he  wasn’t. Movado was a scene-stealer and is extra sinister-looking in the video. I think the video enhances the feelings behind the song for me, and I’m definitely feeling the abrupt ending.

This is a good look for Drake! Oh the power of the P.U.S.S.Y…

Check it out…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Still In tha W(Rapper): TheDream & T.I’s new Single – F.I.L.A

TheDream and T.I team up for the next single, F.I.L.A from Dream’s LoveKing project. F.I.L.A stands for Fall In Love Again, as the song describes a situation where a woman leaves her man for the next one, wanting to feel loved again. The track was produced by Dream & Tricky Stewart and again sounds similar to his other Singles, but like most of his music, I am feeling this one!

There is some confusion as to who this song belongs to, either T.I’s Mixtape, F*ck A Mixtape or Dream’s current project but I’m thinking its Dream’s. Take a listen below, are you feelin it?

Download: The Dream & T.I. – F.I.L.A

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Still In The W(Rapper): Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride it

“He love the way I ride it/ He love the way I ride the beat, like a freak-freak-freak!”

Ciara is on the Grind once again! Her label appears to be behind Ciara on her new project titled Basic Instinct. Ciara recently quipped on her album during a red carpet interview,

“When you get the record you’re going to get a really fun vibe.You’re gonna get an even more sensual side and also confident and cocky. I got like such an attitude on this record, but in a fun way. Kinda had fun like exploring and experimenting with that, so you’ll get all that in one.”

Ciara released her new single, Ride featuring Ludacris. She recently shot the video and released pictures from the set. As I suspected, the song is a certified Banger! Produced by TheDream & Tricky Stewart, Ludacris lends his vocals to the track that remind us of his features on Ciara’s Oh and High Price songs. Fans complained that they wanted more of the Goodies Ciara back and less of the LoveSexMagic Ciara, so Tricky & Dream are the best team to bring that flava out. We already know the video will be hot, so I guess we have something to look forward to this Summer after all…

What do you guys think of the song? Is Ciara back?

Ciara featuring Ludacris – Ride

Still in the W(Rapper): Usher’s Raymond vs Raymond Album Material

courtesy of

So I’ve been taking some slight shots at Usher lately, since I have been skeptical of his return to greatness after his last lackluster (IMO) effort from last year. I had been hearing some very wack material that just wasn’t Usher Raymond caliber type music!n Luckily, his team is really pushing out some decent music lately and some of it has been catching my ear. So I thought I would share and see what ya’ll think!

Trey Songz, Usher & Keri Hilson – I Invented Sex Remix

This is one of the better remixes I’ve heard in a while and a good look for Usher who is looking to get back into sex symbol status that is currently being occupied by Songz Yuuup himself. Usher’s voice and demeanor is playful and sexy on this track and he coos, “Arch your back girl, Us-her back girl” this song stays in the ChokLit-Pod!

Usher feat. Nicki Minaj – Little Freak

I’m not even sure this song can be played on the radio – its that hot! Polow provides a nice beat for Usher to get real dirty on. In this song he is not even beating around the bush – Usher is lookin for a straight menage with some freak-groupies. He sings, “If you f*ckin with me, really f*ckin with me, you’ll let her put her hands in your pants, be my little freak” (Ow!) Minaj returns the favour as she describes scouting the club “looking for a cutie, a real big ol’ ghetto booty/I really like your kitty cat and if you let me touch her…”  The song’s riskay subject matter is saved by Polo’s production and Nicki’s personality that oozes through this track.


Still in the W(Rapper): J.Lo ‘s new Buzz Video – Fresh out the Oven + Louboutins Single

I didn’t think we would be hearing from J.Lo so soon after her last album Brave, for the lack of a better term, flopped. But she will be releasing a new album called Love? this March. Fresh from the Oven is a buzz single J.Lo released that may not even be on her album. I am not a fan of J.Lo’s singing ability or music, but she does make some entertaining pop music. That is what this song is. The video offers a lot of repeated visuals which gets a bit repetitive at times, but overall I enjoyed the video. It was directed by Jonas Ackerland. Thoughts?

This is J.Lo’ s official single, Louboutins, which is produced/written by TheDream & Tricky Stewart. This is J.Lo’s official first single, and the song she preformed when she tripped on stage at tonight’s American Music Awards. This song is catchy and a good pop track for Jennifer.  I’m wondering if J.Lo get free Louboutins for Life now…

J.Lo – Louboutins

Still in the W(Rapper): Alicia Keys speaks to Billboard about Video Concept


Alicia Keys speaks to Billboard magazine about the concept of her video for Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart. This is a different treatment than I expected for this video…I’m not sure I’m feeling it based on her description, but it will be directed by Syndrome (T-Pain’s Can you Believe it, Jazmine Sullivan’s Lions, Tigers & Bears) so there will more likely be a lot of  special effects added to the final version. This is one of my favourite songs out right now so I will be disappointed if the video is lackluster 😦

I noticed Alicia is wearing the purple lipstick that is all the rage in fashion nowadays…just ask the ladies at What Women Want. I’m not 100% sold on this look, but I”m sure that will not matter. Check out the video below. Are ya’ll as excited for the video premiere as I am?

Still in the W(Rapper) – New Janet!


Fresh off of her moving tribute to her deceased brother, Janet Jackson has leaked her own track Sunday night onto the ‘Nets. This is a new track called Make Me. Janet has had some bad luck recently ever since she decided to let boyfriend Jermaine Dupri executive produce her albums. But I think she may have finally learned her lesson and is doing her music solo this time around – but I could be wrong. I just want Janet to hook up with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam again. If the formula works, why change it? Make Me sounds a little more pop, but still similar to some of the the music she was making on her last album Discipline. I can’t say I am amped for this song…but maybe it will grow on me.  What do ya’ll think?

click here to listen to Make Me.

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Still in the W(Rapper): Whitney Houston Album Preview

Whitney Houston

The big news today is Whitney Houston’s new album can be previewed on her website today. For a limited time you can preview her new album so you can purchase the album when it drops September 11th August 31s. Ya’ll already know I’m riding first-class on the Whitney Promo train! I’m listening to the preview right now and so far I am liking what I am hearing. The album sounds more like another My Love is Your Love and I can’t be mad at that. Whitney sounds great! She has lost some of her powerful pipes a bit, but she still has the Voice. Million Dollar Bill is still one of my faves!

In other news, Whitney will be the special guest on the Premiere episode of Oprah’s new season so set your TiVos!

Listen to the album preview here!

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Still in the W(Rapper): Beyonce – Poison


Beyonce has recorded a new song produced by Stargate, called Poison. This will be featured on a new mixtape by DJ Haze caled Big RnB Ego. What can I say – I’m feeling this track. In the song, Beyonce sings about a kind of Love that is as potent and deadly as poison itself: “You’re just like poison/ slowly moving through my system/ breaking all of my defences with time.” The beat is pretty simple, with an electro-dance feel to it. The lyrics are smartly written and Beyonce performs some strong vocals on this one yet again.  We like it over here. What do y’all think?

Beyonce – Poison

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Still In The W(Rapper): Songwriters’ Revenge – Shanell & Ester Dean


Meet Shanell aka SNL aka the Softer, sexier side of Young Money Entertainment. Formerly belonging to ATL girl group, The Girl’s Club and sister to former Danity Kane Member, D. Woods, Shanell has been flying beneath the radar for a minute now. Looks like Lil Wayne has snatched her up and added her to his growing Young Money Entertainment group. I’ve heard some of her music previously. SNL rides with a Vanity 6/Prince-type swagga, with a strong 80s electro soul feel to her music. She is also a talented songwriter who has written from Danity Kane’s last album. I like Shanell as an artist and I think she has a lot of potential, I’m just not sure who her target market is (gay men perhaps?) and if the mainstream will latch on her sound. Judge for yourself. As for this particular song, I like it – sans the heavy guitars on the hook which are a bit overkill in my opinion.

Shanell feat. Lil Wayne – Play in My Band



Ester Dean is a bit of a mystery. For the life of me I cannot find a picture of Ester on the Internet (despite this being the age of the image). She first caught my interest when she featured on a remix (one of many) to Jeremih’s Birthday Sex. Her voice reminds me of Keyshia Cole’s with its rawness and its power. Ester is a songwriter who like fellow Hot ChokLit girl Keri Hilson, is trying to make a name for herself as a solo artist. She is currently signed to Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 Entertainment. While I like Ester’s voice, this song doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Its a typical Polow beat with a chopped-and-screwed  repetetive hook, but the lyrics are far from inspiring. I think Ester may need to return to the Lab with this one, but I’ll keep an ear out for her on future releases. Did ya’ll like it?

Ester Dean – Drop it Low (produced by Polow)