Still In the W(Rapper): Jeremih – Birthday Sex

After visiting my pals over at Plain Gold, this song caught my sweeth tooth.


Jeremih hails from the South Side of Chicago and grew up in a family of musicians. After leaving a degree in Civil Engineering to pursue a music career and a degree in music business, Jeremih hooked up with producer Mike Schultz and the two collaborated to create some good music. Birthday Sex is one of many.  The song has been out for a minute now, appearing on the radar in late 2008. It has since gained some steam as it now has remixes with Red Cafe, Fabolous and with a little Lady named Ester Dean. I couldn’t even find a pic on this chick. But I did find out that she has been songwriting and doing vocal production with Ron Fair over at Geffen records. And Ester’s worked with Keyshia Cole (you can tell when you hear her voice), the Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious and Ciara.

About Jeremih, people are def feeling this track. Its sexy and catchy – sounds like something the Dream might have written, but he didn’t! Check the track below then check out the Ester Dean duet. This girl can BLOW! And I should mention, she is newly signed to Pollow Da Don’s label, so look out for her!

Jeremih – Birthday Sex

Jeremih & Ester Dean – Birthday Sex Remix

Shouts out to PlainGold & DJ HazelEyez on this one!

Jeremih’s Myspace! Check out his music – really solid stuff here!

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Music News Rolo: New Music from Cam’ron, Nikki Minaj & Akon, T-Pain & Ace Hood

So because ya’ll asked for it, I’ve got some new Hip Hop tracks for ya’ll that are currently bumping in the ChokLit Factory.

Killa Cam

Killa Cam

First up, we have my boy Cam’ron. Let’s get one thing straight: I was a big Dipset fan back in the day. I thought they went real hard, I actually bought all their albums – even Juelz’ first one! But naturally, once they started to blow up (re: Juelz), egos started to clash and friendships started to wane. Then Cam kinda fall off.  He fought off a lyrical battle with the Bully that is 50 Cent. He also did some foolishness while being interviewed on Network TV that just brought straight shame. Cam and Jim Jones ended up having a fall-out unfortunately and are currently not on speaking terms, but I can’t lie, I haven’t really kept up on all the beef. Luckily, Cam’ron’s hiatus has helped him to make good music again, and he is back with this Banga, Get it in Ohio. This is hopefully a hint at what we should expect from his sixth solo effort, Crime Pays.  The song is payin homage to the Mid-West and all the ‘work’ Cam used to get out there. I love this beat – this song reminds me of the good ol’ Dipset days. We need to just all get along, fellas!

Cam’ron – Get it in Ohio


Ms Minaj

Ms Minaj

Next up, my girl Nikki Minaj. I am still trying to catch up on Homegirl; I featured her in a music post last week and I’m def feeling this girl. As a female Rap artist, she’s got my ear and I couldn’t even cosign for Remy or even Eve (I liked her style better as a Ruff Ryder). DTP’s Shawna was Bad as well, but she couldn’t be consistent, or sell for that matter. Nikki might just be that great ChokLit Hype the ladies (and fellas?) are checking for. I just think she’s ill with the skills. This track, Keys Under Palm Trees, is a narrative about Nikki chillin in the Jamaican heat, puttin’ in work. Use your imagination. The song is dope and the best thing about it is listening to Nikki tell the story. Very rare! Check it out. Oh, and NO cameos!

Nikki Minaj – Keys Under Palm Trees


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Melt in your Ears: Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson & T-Pain want You to Download!


If you’ve been keepin’ up with Lil Kim Ho Cho’s face place on Dancing with the Stars, you may be quite impressed with the original Queen Bee. I don’t watch the show myself, but I hear she is doing very well. Unfortunately, I recently spotted some pictures of Ms Kim and I was not as impressed. Kim looks Asian to me, and NOT in a good way. I won’t say a whole lot more, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

No thanks.

No thanks.

Luckily for us, Kim is also in the studio recording her comeback album again. Here is a track she recorded with T-Pain and Charlie Wilson as the lead single for DJ Envy’s newest Mixtape-album, Its Moooovvvinnn. I kid you not, on the album title. Apparently, it is supposed to drop in April. Is that right? They must mean Augustember. I kid, I kid!

The original Lil Kim

The original Lil Kim

Listen to the track below. It is a re-make of sorts to the infamous Computer Love song, originally recorded by The Gap Band. You know, the originators of the Audiotune sound in R&B music? So naturally, the lead singer of the Gap Band reprises his role in this song. I’m feelin it!

Lil Kim’s part is cute as well. Check it!

DJ Envy feat. Lil Kim, Charlie Wilson & T-Pain – Download


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ChokLit Fresh: Kanye West & Young Jeezy – So Amazin’


Ahhh the wait is over! Kanye finally released his new video for So Amazin’ featuring Young Jeezy on Thursday while visiting 106&Park. It was filmed in Hawaii, where Kanye has been hiding out recently, working in the studio. I wonder what took so long for the video to be released? We’ve been hearing about it for a minute! Was it worth the wait?

So Amazing was directed by Hype Williams, so the visuals are very appealing – just beautiful. This song is one of my favourite songs on the great album that is 808 & Heartbreaks. And this is definitely not your typical rap video ( I think there were only 1 or 2 females in this one) so it may appear boring to some. But the video was probably not made with these ‘some’ in mind!

Young Jeezy really does it for me on this song. His cameos are getting better and better – from supporting Ciara in Never Ever, to selling the swagg in Usher’s Love in the Club, back to The Dream’s I Love your Girl from last year. Keep watching the video to see Kanye kick it with Rocsi, Terrance & crew. Its a good interview because Kanye tries hard to be ‘humble’ or normal really, and it doesn’t work. He’s gotta be Egotastic!

Do you guys like the vid? Do you find it beautiful or boring? Holla!

*Side Note: Big ups to GLC – I love this dude’s voice

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Butta of the Week: Electrik Red feat. Lil Wayne – So Good Remix

Sooo, yesterday was our busiest day at the ChokLit Factory yet! Thanks everyone for comin through and showing love! But where the comments at? Next time, next time.

I know this is a late posting, but I didn’t know this video was out yet! So, my bad. Better late than never. You already know, I’m feeling this song, and the Remix is definitely a good look for the Electrik Red ladies. They are rockin’ the Chola look in this video with some cute choreography and the same flirty attitude. Only critique, the girls need to work on their lip-syncing skills…

Wayne shows up halfway through lookin like the self-professed Goblin he is – in nerd glasses no less. Is it me or is Wheezy shrinking? Maybe its just me. Anyways, peep the video, thats all for tonight, I’ll catch up on the weekend! Much Love!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Suga & Steez: New Brooklyn Rocawear Campaign

I found this Ad on Kanye’s Blog and thought I’d share. Sometimes I chuckle when I think of the Rocawear Brand of clothing. Their advertisements always portray the clothes (and the people who wear them) as Affluent, Youthful, Urban and Sexy.  But the actual clothes themselves can range from semi-fresh to downright tacky! Also, they can be found anywhere from T.J Maxx or Winners to Unica or Dr.Jay’s.

But I won’t front, ya girl has rocked some Rocawear pieces with the Quickness and has done it well! I have a sassy pair of gold & black Rocawear sandals with a zipper up the heel that do NOT play!rocajacket2

And I love my mesh Rocawear casual jacket with embellishments on the zipper!

So it is always a toss-up with their clothes in my opinion. I haven’t bought anything from their new collection, but I have seen some cute pieces.  And their Men’s stuff is ok as well…but if I want to talk about Urban Men’s clothing, I will only talk about Coogi. But we’ll leave that for a future post.


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Oldie Butta GoodieBar: The GoldMind Edition – Nicole Wray & Torrey Carter

Watch me as I get my Late 90s Nostalgia swag on real quick – Where were you when you first heard these songs?

I was snooping around a friend’s room the other day, peeping her CDs (I believe she must have stopped purchasing CDs in 2001, like the rest of North America!) when I came across a CD single for a guy called Torrey Carter. He had a smooth baby face and was wearing a blue bucket-style Kangol hat.


Take That

His face was not familiar to me at first, but the CD was for his debut single, Take That and featured Missy Elliot. This guy was a Goldmind artist! This started to jog my memory: Take that, Take that, Torrey Carter…who is this Cat again?

Finally I gave in and typed the name and song into Youtube. When the video came up and I heard the familiar strong guitar lick and Missy’s voice blaring out the speakers, “Bang this joint!” That was IT! I was nodding my head harder than a head banger – This was the Jaaaaammmmm!

Read More!


Have Your Say: Are You Feelin Me, Yo?


The ChokLit Factory has been open for Music business for 3 months now and we wanna know how you think we are doing! I want to take this chance to thank everybody who has been there from the begininng and continues to show Mad Love! To all the Visitors, Commentors, Stans and Passer-bys – We Love You! Please keep visiting the Site and showing your support!

Some new developments we are looking into include Mixtape Giveaways from some Great R&B DJs, more Independant Artist Spotlights, More Fashion posts (don’t worry, there will still be a music element to them!), Posts on our Favourite ChokLit couples (or Urban couples really, we don’t discriminate!) and much more! We are looking to expand our Brand as well as our Fanbase, so Follow us, won’t you?


Please take part in our Quick Online Poll so YOU can tell US how WE are doing! Get it? Good!

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Thanks for sharing! If you wanted to add more comments – Good or Bad, make sure you drop a comment off or you can email me, with suggestions or comments.

And don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter! And join the ChokLit Factory group on Facebook!

Again, thanks for all the Love! Keep Shinin’!

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Melt in Your Ears: Brandy,Chrisette, Nikki Minaj

New Music straight outta the ChokLit Factory! Let get it!

Still grindin..

Still grindin..

Brandy – Love You the Most

The biggest sign that shows I am slackin on my CD purchases? I haven’t copped Brandy’s newest album. **Dodging Tomatoes** I know, I know, my Bad. I’ve heard very good things about her latest effort, Human. Unfortunately, it hasn’t performed the best on the charts – but the good news is, Brandy is supposedly working on some new material for her next project!  On this track, Brandy is staying true to her musical formula of well, just singing. No dancing, booty-shaking or stripping from this 90s Diva! But Homegirl is still making great music! Take this new track floating around the ‘Nets, Love you the Most. Very somber, easy track that showcases Brandy’s flowing vocals over the soothing beat. Brandy sounds beautiful on this song!


Ms Michelle

Ms Michelle

Chrisette Michelle feat. Ne-Yo – What you Do

See, I told ya’ll I would keep up with Chrisette this time! Here is a new song she recorded with Ne-Yo, which I believe is her Second Single. Its a laid-back song, a bit of a duo with her and Ne-Yo. I’m liking this; Chrisette is so listenable as a female artist – I would see myself just sitting back and letting her full Album play. Of course Ne-Yo pens another hit! Take a listen!


This is one of the Better pics I could find!

This is one of the Better pics I could find!

Nikki Minaj – I Get Crazy *Note: Link may not be downloadable.

I’ve heard the name, but never knew what Nikki Minaj was about. After visiting her Myspace, I was pretty impressed with the self-described Wonder Woman. Homegirl could give Lil Kim Yung Cho a run for her money! Nikki hails from Jamaica, Queens and is a singer, rapper, songwriter and actress. Her Go Hard freestyle (ok, its def NOT a freestyle!) is BADNESS! Also check the track she did with Drake(all on her Myspace), Best I ever Had – song is Dope. Nikki is co-signed by Wheezy and can back it up! Plus, she looks like a video vixen…where Lola Luv at? Don’t think she got nothing on Nikki! Check out a track she recorded with Lil Wayne, I Get Crazy. I co-sign this Chick as well!

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Laffy Taffy: Because you can’t get ENOUGH of Beyonce’s Single Ladies

On some Icon Ish...

On some Icon Ish...

Months after the release of this song and video, people still can’t get enough of this! I’m not sure what this was done for, but it looks like a promotion with Trident (Gum?) and Beyonce in the UK. Its pretty wicked though! The ladies did a good job and it looks pretty cool with all 100 of them. Give it a looksie!

Still Undisputed as the #1 post on this Site! Ya’ll LOVE B!

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