Guilty Pleasure: Sex & The City 2 Trailer

So of course nothing was given away in this new trailer for the second movie of the SATC franchise, but that does not stop our excitement! All we know is the movie takes place 2 years later, Carrie appears to still be married, Charlotte has her perfect life, Miranda’s hair is red and Samantha looks like she is again up to no good!

Of course we were checking out the fashion as well – multi-colored turbans anyone? May 28th, can’t wait!

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Melt in Your Ears: Sade – Soldier of Love

Yes I know this song has been all over the Internets for the past couple weeks, but as you all know, I was late 🙂

Sade coming back is sort of a big deal so I had to post. This will be Sade’s newest album since their 2000 album Lovers Rock, that spawned their huge hit (and one of my faves) By Your Side. This is a different sound for the band and sounds nothing like anything on the radio right now – which is a good thing! This will have to grow on me, but I am glad to hear they are back! What do you guys think of this one?

Soldier of Love will be released February 8th.

Sade – Soldier of Love

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Still in the W(Rapper): Usher’s Raymond vs Raymond Album Material

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So I’ve been taking some slight shots at Usher lately, since I have been skeptical of his return to greatness after his last lackluster (IMO) effort from last year. I had been hearing some very wack material that just wasn’t Usher Raymond caliber type music!n Luckily, his team is really pushing out some decent music lately and some of it has been catching my ear. So I thought I would share and see what ya’ll think!

Trey Songz, Usher & Keri Hilson – I Invented Sex Remix

This is one of the better remixes I’ve heard in a while and a good look for Usher who is looking to get back into sex symbol status that is currently being occupied by Songz Yuuup himself. Usher’s voice and demeanor is playful and sexy on this track and he coos, “Arch your back girl, Us-her back girl” this song stays in the ChokLit-Pod!

Usher feat. Nicki Minaj – Little Freak

I’m not even sure this song can be played on the radio – its that hot! Polow provides a nice beat for Usher to get real dirty on. In this song he is not even beating around the bush – Usher is lookin for a straight menage with some freak-groupies. He sings, “If you f*ckin with me, really f*ckin with me, you’ll let her put her hands in your pants, be my little freak” (Ow!) Minaj returns the favour as she describes scouting the club “looking for a cutie, a real big ol’ ghetto booty/I really like your kitty cat and if you let me touch her…”  The song’s riskay subject matter is saved by Polo’s production and Nicki’s personality that oozes through this track.


Black Licorice: Omarion feat. Jay Rock – Hoodie

I will tell ya’ll a story about Omarion. I saw him perform once at a Scream-style concert with other artists including Lloyd and Marcus Houston. Omarion was so playful and appreciative of his fans and it showed in his performance! He also sang very well and danced his ass off as usual. So I have a little soft spot for Omarion – I think he’s a talented, humble guy…Moving on, here is the video for his second single, Hoodie featuring California rapper Jay Rock. Omarion pays homage to his hometown in this gritty Michael Jackson Beat-It tribute video. The song sounds similar to Get It In, which didn’t fly too well around these parts. It’s cool that Omarion is riding his (so) hard hip-hop image wave, but where’s my real R&B at O? I hope this album is not going to be another disappoint. I’m hoping for music more along the lines of his former hits, O, Touch and Icebox. With what he’s released so far, I’m not fully impressed just yet.  Check the video below. Also, that female in the liquid leggings and red hair is Omarion’s MOM. Go girl!

Omarion drops Ollusion January 12th.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Melt in Your Ears: New videos from Mary, Mariah and Rihanna

The Bish is back!! Ok guys, thanks for sticking around and continuing to check the site out during my absence.  So lets get right back into it, because I’ve missed a whole lot!

First off we have Mary’s newest video for her second single, I Am. Mary looks great in the video, showin us how to really do the blond highlighted bang! Mary’s new album, Stronger With Each Tear is out right NOW! Go cop that ish!


Next we have Ms Mariah and her video for H.A.T.E.U. I feel like I’ve already seen this since I’ve been seeing promo pics of Mariah in this swimsuit for weeks now…I just think this video is ridiculous. This is literally a swimsuit covershoot or a homage to Victoria Secret’s 2010 collection. The video has no story and no purpose. I love Mariah’s music, but these lackluster videos really have to stop. Ok I’m done. Wait – TheDream’s version was better. There, I said it.


Are You Still Down???

Ok y’all, I know I have not been posting lately and I know there is a lot out there to talk about in the music world and otherwise, so please bear with me! If you’ve been following my whining on Twitter, then you may have heard about my troubles with my VAIO aka my Lifeline. The good people at Staples Depot have decided to honor my warranty (YAYY!!) and are currently in the process of fixing the official ChokLit Factory (my laptop’s name). So hopefully by the end of this week or next week, the CF will be back in business and we can get to talking about such things as why on God’s earth Ms Houston was not nominated for a Grammy? Shame!!! Or reviewing Alicia’s newest CD (since nobody seems to care about my Rated R review? **kanye shrug**) or dissecting Usher’s newest song (are we still holding out for a Q4 release Mr Raymond??)

In the meantime, I am sure there are many countless posts I have written that you may have overlooked or missed, so why not peruse through my gallery of posts? You can always hit up the search button on your right to search on an artist or topic, but here are a few to start you off! Enjoy & keep comin by!

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