ChokLit Fresh: Young Money’s New Single – who laid the Hook Best??

Young Moo-la ba-bee

Young Moo-la ba-bee

First off, we must give respect where respect is due. You may have your qualms about Lil Wayne, but you must admit he has an ear (and an eye) for talent. I haven’t been keeping up with the lineup changes as much as I should, but adding Miss Nikki Minaj, Drake, and now Shanell and Omarion were some good looks for YM. Now they have released an ensemble track as a lead single (to a full length album perhaps? yes, I’m late) that is produced by Kane Beatz. The single features Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nikki Minaj, Drake, Tyga (when did he join YM?) and Jae Millz. There are two versions to this song. It was initially recorded when Omarion was still a part of Young Money (they have since parted ways) and was called Girl You Know. Now that Omarion has left to pursue his own endeavours (O recently signed a deal with EMI records) YM has tapped the talented singer Lloyd for their official single, and also laid a new hook with him for the song now dubbed Bed Rock. The only problem is, the song now sounds too much like an ensemble track because none of the artists appear to be rapping about the same topic.

Regardless, the song is hot. It’s very simplistic, but it works – for me at least. I love the beat on this as well. Only question is, who sang the hook best? I am a big fan of Omarion’s voice period. I’ve always liked the strain in his voice, since it gave him character as a singer. I was definitely excited when I heard he was signed to Young Money, especially after having being dropped by Sony not too long ago. However, I am also a big fan of Lloyd’s as well. Lloyd’s voice is velvety-smooth and is very unique as well. But if I had to choose, I would have to give it to my man O on this one. Although Lloyd has the better hook, Omarion’s voice suites the beat just a tad bit better for me.

But what did ya’ll think??

Omarion’s version:

Lloyd’s version:

**Side Note: I’mma need Wayne and his Young Money crew to start throwin’ some money into more photo shoots for their artists (namely for Nikki) so we Bloggers can have more stock photos to choose from 🙂 And who the f*ck is Gudda Gudda??

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Butta of the Week (continued): Amerie – Heard ‘Em All video


Here is the full version of Amerie’s video, directed by Anthony Mandler. I noticed that Weezy isn’t in the video or wasn’t included in the single release at all. Hence Amerie begins the song a little awkwardly without the 16-bar intro. Still, this video is pretty hot.  Amerie has definitely stepped up her dancing game on this one, although the moves are not overly difficult. I actually really like the concept of the video as well as its styling and overall feel. Amerie looks comfortable in this grimey yet fashionable role, especially since we are used to seeing her a lot more girly and feminine. Expect to see this video very often on 106 & Park. Did ya’ll like it?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Butta of the Week! Amerie feat. Lil Wayne – Heard ‘Em All


Amerie’s second single off her forthcoming Love & War album almost slipped through the Choklit cracks. But here it is in all its glory. Heard ’em All features the best of what can safely be called, ‘Amerie’s sound’. It evokes that brassy D.C go-go sound Amerie is well-known for, along with staccato melodies and an urgent, quickened pace. Amerie sounds great on the song as she warns all potential suitors to keep their distance unless they have something real for her.  Also check out a sneak peak of the making of the video for Heard ‘Em All. The remix I posted features Lil Wayne, although I do not see him in this video footage. This definitely looks like the type of song Amerie needs. Why R U was an ok song, but I don’t think it generated the buzz she needed. Amerie really needs a hard-knocking hit to make a dent in this Beyonce/Rihanna-focused music industry & media. The choreography is lookin’ hot too! What do ya’ll think of the song and video?

Amerie feat. Lil Wayne – Heard ’em All

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Music News ROLO: FILA – Forever I Love Atlanta Part II

iloveatlFinally we have the conclusion to the Atlanta music section on The CF that I benefited from while traveling down South a week  ago. One thing I will give Atlanta – or the South in general, is their ability to support their own artists and musical style. While other Coasts stay beefin’ and hatin’ on each other, the South stays supporting. Even though I noticed now, more than ever, that East Coast Hip Hop has infiltrated the clubs and radio in Atlanta, you can still always find that elusive hood Atlanta track that you will most likely not find anywhere else – at least not until Mainstream National Radio picks it up. Case in point: The Stanky Legg. ‘Nuff said. I have to admit, it took me a little while to find some of these, so I hope ya’ll enjoy!

*ChokLit’s Choice:


*Juvenile feat. Pleasure P – Hands on You

This is one of my fave R&B/Hip Hop mash-ups right now. Pleasure P croons lustfully over a beat while Juvenile raps some token ‘we don’t love these h*es’ lyrics, with his bouncy flow over a techno-sounding beat. Yet it all works. Juvie the Great is back and I for one can’t wait.  Are ya’ll still sleepin’ on Pleasure P??

youngjeezyD4L feat. Young Jeezy – Scotty (Remix)

Scotty is actually a track originally from D4L debut album, Down For Life released back in 2005. The beat on this track was such a Monster that Jeezy decided to revive it, making it became a big hit in the clubs. Rarely would a night of clubbing in Atlanta be without this song, so naturally I had to seek it out once I got home and settled. Jeezy really does do the song justice and gives it  some much-needed street cred. You’re welcome.

kandi2Black feat. Kandi – Try it out

I do not know much about this Rapper called Black, but I do know this song, Try it Out aka Get with this Pimpin’ was a Skripper club anthem, and hence got some radio and club love as well. Everything in the South seems to be born and bred out of the Strip clubs. And having a stripper pole in your home is as regular as owning a coffee table. But what about our daughters?? Social commentary aside, I like this song!


Keri Hilson – Slow Dance

Lastly, we have Slow Dance – the epitomy of the Atlien slow groove aka sex grind. Ciara perfected it with Promise, and now Keri Hilson having been passed the proverbial torch, takes her turn at one.  The instrumental alone is very suspect in its similarity to Promise…but aside from that, Keri’s voice rides this track effortlessly as she oozes sex appeal. Atlanta radio definitely showed this track some love.

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Sweet Tooth: Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill Video


Whitney Houston has released the video to her newest hit Million Dollar Bill, to coincide with her new hit record I Look To You, that debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard charts. The video has a bit of a throwback vibe to it, which accompanies the song itself, that also has an old-school feel to it. Whitney looks young, healthy and vibrant. Ms Houston reminds me of that Aunt that comes back hard after that divorce lookin’ flyer than ever at your family reunion. I am lovin’ the comeback so far! Have you copped the album?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you missed the Oprah/Whitney 2 part interviews like I did, you can view them over at WSHH:

Whitney Houston Interview Part One

Whitney Houston Interview Part Two

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Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Dru Hill – Tell Me


LOL @ Sisquo lookin all deranged...

Dru Hilll was the GROUP back then. Back when Male R&B groups (not boy bands) were still making it in the R&B world. Before going solo was the trend. Before the ‘Thong Song’. Dru Hill had church choir harmonies, a flamboyant lead singer, jerky dance moves and an incredible talent for crafting melodies. As a result, Dru Hilll has delivered many many quality R&B songs during the 90s. I still listen to their music today – even the work they put out recently. Sadly, mainsteam music listeners no longer has patience for a male group unless you are a teenage heartthrobs…and preferably white. But I do remember when R&B groups like 112, Jagged Edge and Jodeci were still great and were still making great music. This is one of my all-time fave Dru Hill songs. Sisqo is killin me with the silver hair in the video and the above picture, but I just love his voice on this track especially. I think all of his antics overshadowed the great talent he had as an artist. Sadly, Sisqo is seen as more of a joke or an afterthough nowadays, but I always thought he delivered some great music. Not to take away from the other group members of Dru Hill. Universal is being all protective of its properties so click on the link to see the video. And share your thoughts on this song or other Dru Hill songs. I know you have one!

Dru Hill – Tell Me

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Melt in Your Ears: New Music from Alicia Keys!


One of my favourite artists, Alicia Keys has released some new music. Following her success of her last album As I Am, Alicia will likely be releasing a new album this Christmas on J records. Her new song is called Doesn’t Mean Anything. Keys follows the same formula of sincere heartfelt love songs with piano-driven production, stirring lyrics and strong vocals. The more I listen to this song, the more grows on me. I had the pleasure of seeing Alicia in concert last year for her As I Am tour when she visited Atlanta and it was a great show. I am excited for her new project!

Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything

Also check out the song Alicia did with Jay-z; you know, the infamous MTV performance that was bum-rushed by Bow Wow Lil Mama. This is one of the better songs I have heard from Jay-Z in a while – I think this is the Single he should have released. But timing is everything I guess.

Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

Hot ChokLit: Keri Hilson – Slow Dance

Blink and I almost missed this one! Keri released her4th single from her album, In a Perfect World, in video form. Slow Dance is one of those slow burn records that has enough Bounce to be able to bump to in the clubs with your designated club buddy. Of course Keri looks fab in her skintight snakeskin dress, and her frilly lingerie. We also have a bit of eye candy for the women for once – Keri’s love interest in the red fitted. I really see Keri stealing Ciara’s ATL crown for good – but I guess CiCi didn’t want it anymore anyways. Watch for short cameos by Monica, Polow Da Don, Chris Brown and Omarion. The video was directed by Chris Robinson.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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ChokLit Fresh: Ester Dean – Drop It Low (feat. Chris Brown) video

Finally, the true identity of Ester Dean is revealed as her new video for her song, Drop It Low was released today. But still hiding behind large sunglasses and Keri Hilson-esque hair, I cannot say I could pick Ester out in a crowd after seeing this video. Ester enlisted the star power of once popular Chris Brown to add some needed publicity for the Single. I will admit at first I wasn’t really feeling the song too much, but it did start to grow on me. This video features cameos from Nelly, Keri Hilson (we see you Keri!!), Omarion (I never saw him), Rich Boy and CB of course. The dancing is cute at best, while CB does some ill footwork – even going sweaty and shirtless at the end. People are saying CB is making a comeback. I won’t hold my breath. But no hate here! Check the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Suga & Steez: The VMA Awards Edition

The biggest events of last night’s VMAs were shrouded in drunken hip hop star buffoonery and stage-crashing hilarity. So much so that we almost forgot to care about what everyone was wearing! Sadly one of my fave red-carpet wearers, Rihanna was not present, but the ladies still showed up and showed out last night in some sweetly memorable frocks.  Here are some of my ChokLit faves!

The Frocks

pic from

Solange Knowles showed off her shorter do, complimented with a sleek fitted black dress that is adorned with a beautiful bow. I also am loving her satin-dressed heels. I notice Solange is wearing heavier makeup nowadays, possibly to take away for the lack of weave, but still, I’m loving this look on her!

Keri isn’t playing this time around in this satin jumper with the very low zipped-down front and white zig-zag accents on the shoulders. She is repping for the tomboys and I digg that about Ms Hilson. The hair is always on point. I guess Keri has taken Ciara’s spot as the female ATL ambassador @ the MTV awards…Go Keri?

And of course we can’t forget about B. Not always my fave red carpet beauty, but I am definitely loving this red satin (again, I guess satin is that material right now) number with the open ruffled front. Its a simple look that Beyonce pairs with black satin close-toes sandals. Her hair is that loose wave again. B definitely plays it safe this time around and I’m not mad at her. Can we talk about her bracelet for a hot second tho – F-A-B 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was actually pleased to see J.Lo back on the red carpet again. Made things feel comfortable again. Jennifer looked great – what twins?? I will just have to ask her to remove the satin-y shawl (I am getting sick of typing the word satin). The dress works, the shoes work, the slicked-back hair and makeup work and we’ll leave it at that. Welcome back J.Lo – I seen you get buck when Miss Janet made her entrance for her Scream/MJ Tribute performance. A true dancer at heart.


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