Melt In Your Ears: Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know my own Strength

Whitney is back!! The ChokLit Factory started on the strength of Ms Houston’s work, as we did our posts explaining why we believed she was the G.O.A.T. Well we are glad to hear and she is finally making her comeback as mentor Clive Davis promised back in 2007.

Whitney has paired with some familiar faces this time around, producer David Foster and writer Diane Warren for her new single titled I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. The song is beautiful and inspirational as Whitney sings,

I didn’t know my own strength
And I crashed down, and I tumbled
But I did not crumble
I got through all the pain
I didn’t know my own strength
Survived my darkest hour
My faith kept me alive
I picked myself back up
Hold my head up high
I was not built to break
I didn’t know my own strength

I think this is a perfect song for Whitney as it tells a bit of her story; how she had to overcome all of her inner demons to try to get back on top again. Of course the song does not have any historic high notes, or the long, sweeping notes we are used to hearing from Ms. Houston. But I believe she acheives the intentions of the song;  evoking an emotion.  I know it’s not radio-friendly and doesn’t have autotune or T-Pain in it. But aren’t we so very thankful for that?

What did you all think?


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  1. Very good song from Whitney. I will be praying for her to make a big splash with the new CD. I will also pray she doesn’t have that filthy Osama Bin Laden looking for her now. I read the book and I know there’s truth to it of some kind. Be safe and keep singing Whitney!

    • Ruby, please enlighten us on this theory of Osama ‘wanting’ Ms Houston…

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