Melt in your ears: Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic


New week, new music! Sorry for the slow posts ya’ll, I’ll catch up for tomorrow, but I do have a treat! Found this new track by Ciara floating around the ‘Nets. At first listen, I was like, really Cici, this is what Fantasy Ride’s gonna be about? Really?

Truth is, I’ve been worried for ol’ girl this time around…Go Girl flopped horribly, even with the HOT video for it. But she came back a little better with the cute song (still needs momentum tho), Never Ever – which paired up with Young Jeezy, was not a bad look. She looked great in the vid too. But doesn’t that video make you miss the Cici who made Promise?

ANYWAYS, click the link below to hear the track. Listen to it a couple times, it’ll grow on you… Its got that Princy-vibe that Justin’s been biting lately, but I think it works overall and is a good look for Cici vocally. Thoughts??

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – LoveSexMagic

**Link is fixed on this song!

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  1. Sometimes I log on here just so I can stare at this picture of Ciara. And yes I’ve copied and dragged this photo to my desktop…just not on my desktop at work. Yet. Is it safe to say we are in full out panic mode on Fantasy Ride? How can we feel confident about this project when they put up all that money for Go Girl and then they scrapped the whole thing? We all agree Promise put Ciara in the pantheon of R&B singers so why can’t Mr. Polow tha Don just do her whole album….oh that’s right, those beats are for Keri Hilson….grrr……

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