Suga & Steez: The VMA Awards Edition

The biggest events of last night’s VMAs were shrouded in drunken hip hop star buffoonery and stage-crashing hilarity. So much so that we almost forgot to care about what everyone was wearing! Sadly one of my fave red-carpet wearers, Rihanna was not present, but the ladies still showed up and showed out last night in some sweetly memorable frocks.  Here are some of my ChokLit faves!

The Frocks

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Solange Knowles showed off her shorter do, complimented with a sleek fitted black dress that is adorned with a beautiful bow. I also am loving her satin-dressed heels. I notice Solange is wearing heavier makeup nowadays, possibly to take away for the lack of weave, but still, I’m loving this look on her!

Keri isn’t playing this time around in this satin jumper with the very low zipped-down front and white zig-zag accents on the shoulders. She is repping for the tomboys and I digg that about Ms Hilson. The hair is always on point. I guess Keri has taken Ciara’s spot as the female ATL ambassador @ the MTV awards…Go Keri?

And of course we can’t forget about B. Not always my fave red carpet beauty, but I am definitely loving this red satin (again, I guess satin is that material right now) number with the open ruffled front. Its a simple look that Beyonce pairs with black satin close-toes sandals. Her hair is that loose wave again. B definitely plays it safe this time around and I’m not mad at her. Can we talk about her bracelet for a hot second tho – F-A-B 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was actually pleased to see J.Lo back on the red carpet again. Made things feel comfortable again. Jennifer looked great – what twins?? I will just have to ask her to remove the satin-y shawl (I am getting sick of typing the word satin). The dress works, the shoes work, the slicked-back hair and makeup work and we’ll leave it at that. Welcome back J.Lo – I seen you get buck when Miss Janet made her entrance for her Scream/MJ Tribute performance. A true dancer at heart.

The Shoes

Now we’re gettin to the nitty gritty. Sometimes I feel like I would slice a trick for a hot pair of shoes – lol not really, but my true shoe fiends feel me…right? Anywho, I just wanna peep the toes!

I fell in love when I saw Shakira bustin’ these thigh-high boots. Thigh-highs are my obsession of the moment so she gets an A for effort with this laid-back ensemble. Nevermind the fact that her and Pink wore the same dress to the event…Yikes!

These hoofers belong to Alicia Keys. Sadly I didn’t feel her outfit was worth commenting on (hit up ConcreteLoop or NecoleBithchie for the full pics) but I just loved these strappy sandals with mirrored accents. Alicia’s shoe game is usually on point and tonight was no exception.

*Side Note: I Loved her performance with Jay-Z. Alicia is a great performer – her voice sounded amazing!

Amerie rocked a very simple turquoise dress to the event with minimal makeup and these hot classic black heels. I even digg the spiky anklet. This was the best part of her ensemble.

The Face.

I know many of us have Boo to say about Cassie, but I must admit, homegirl gets ‘er done when she needs to! She gives great face and last night was no exception. I am only co-signing from the neck up, her makeup looks flawless. Usually I can digg what Cassie is wearing, but she lost me on the rest of this ensemble.

Well thats my shortlist – what did ya’ll think?? And no, I will not even dare mention from Amber Rose was wearing…

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  1. i actually disagree on the Cassie tip
    her outfit might not work on ANY ONE
    else but i think for her – it just works…

    great blog by the way.

    • Hmmm I’d rather just take the face on this one 🙂 Thanks for you comment Slim!

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