Laffy Taffy: Get Ya Dance on – Who You Wit?


I thought I’d do a dance post for all ya’ll that like to get Crunk up in the clubs. Y’all know you ya’ll are. While the lames others are chillin’ on the sidelines, watching the action, you have your glass of Nuvo in one hand, and the other hand in the air, ‘cuz this yo’ song! You work up a sexy amount of sweat,  while reppin’ all the hottest new dances with your crew. And fellas, you are not exempt! Ladies love a man who can move – even if you’re just leanin’ back or rockin’ your drink with your two-step. I personally cannot resist a mean two-step a la the Chicago stepping scene. You don’t have to Michael Jackson with it either, as long as you’re having a good time and not worrying what others are ice-grilling you for thinking.

But what about the dances all the kids be doin’? Now, I know you’d like to forget it, but I DO recall everyone and they mommas doin’ the Superman/Soulja Boy dance back in ’07. And now Soulja Boy is a Star. Pause.  Since his rise to fame, there have been many more one-hit wonders Rappers who get on because of catchy, if not annoying songs, paired with two-step-style dance moves (re: easy for dudes, looks cute on the ladies) that blow up on YouTube. Yes, I know know you hate the Stanky Legg, but have you ever done that ish in the Clubs? Its alot of fun. I hear in the ATL and other parts of the South, they gets down with the Stanky Legg! We’re gonna break the dances down for you old folk, then you tell me, Who you Wit?

GS Boys – The Stanky Legg: Get Low
Difficulty Level: 3.5 Jubes out of 5.

The Stanky Legg isn’t as easy as it looks! The trick is to get low enough in a controlled, but loose motion, and you need to have lots of rhythm. Soulja Boy has the best example.  You can dress it up any way you like it, but the movement should be consistent – basically pulling in your leg and bouncing on it at the same time. Ladies can add a little extra movement in the hips too 😉

Gettin Low

Gettin Low

Hurricane Chris – She Fine (Halle Berry): Show off!
Difficulty level: 4.5 Jubes out of 5

This dance’s claim to fame was having the subject of affection, Ms. Berry herself, perform the dance Live alongside Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen show. A viral video hit – Ms Berry threw down…you know she practiced! Can’t see me doing this dance up in the clubs yet, but I hear its popular. This dude def knows what he is doing. The dance involves alot of upper torso movement that begins at the shoulder and moves down to the hips.  Also, you hold your hand out like a mirror and act like you are fixing your makeup in the mirror.  I would recommend lots of mirror practice before attempting this one though…

B-Hamp – Ricky Bobby: Don’t be shy!
Difficulty level: 3 Jubes out of 5

I am not sure the origin of this Houston-based dance. I know Ricky Bobby is the main character in that hilarious Will Ferrell movie, Talladegga Nights. The first time I saw this video and dance, I burst out laughing. Then I started doing it too! Its pretty easy and its fun! My favourite part is the rowing bounce that makes up the majority of the dance. B-Hamp is a Mess!

So those are some of the hottest Hip Hop dances in the clubs right now. So…who you wit??

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  1. I just wanna learn how to walk it out still 😦

  2. Don’t worry Mr. November the walk it out is simple we can teach u. LOL sadly I kno all these dances and I hated that Stanky Leg @ first but ppl were killing it in the club so I had 2 kill it as well. Yes I conform!
    Halle Berry is pretty simple and the Rick Bobby i also love the rowing move. Sadly B- Hamp reminds my of an EX…choklit do u see the resemblance?
    I also think that women should stick to the Halle Berry SMH!

    • LMAO!! I hope B-Hamp doesn’t remind you of who I think it is…no comment I guess!
      I agree with you, The Halle Berry looks very feminine to me…not a sexy look for the fellas imo..

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