Laffy Taffy: Rasheeda & her ‘Boss B*tch Clique’, Plies gives back to the Homeless…

Every and then I see a video that make me want to LOL for real! Music is Entertainment and videos are an obvious extension of that, so there is #noshade when I see a video full of tomfoolery, I just blog that ish!

ATL Rapper Rasheeda has scrapped together enough cash to film another video to promote her Boss B*tch Mixtape she released in March. She also released a video for her Remix for Say Something that she recorded with Nivea. I am still on the fence about how I feel about Rasheeda’s rapping style, it doesn’t do too much for me.

The video features Rapper Diamond, Singer Kandi (from ATL Housewives), Former video chick Lola Monroe (who has literally been overshadowed by Nicki Minaj’s ASSets – literally!) and Toya Carter, who lends her Nawlin’s swag to the track. The video, at over 8 minutes is about 6 minutes too long! The girls did their thing, though I cannot say who stands out. I will say that Lola Monroe is looking like the Terminator with that pink Go-Gadget eyelash on her eye in the first scene…

You can Download Rasheeda’s Boss B*tch Mixtape here

or the Bedrock Remix song here.

No stranger to eyebrow-raising videos, Florida Rapper Plies is showing now signs of slowing down as he released a new video for his song, She Got it Made last week. If Plies’ attempt at singing his own hook isn’t enough to make you chuckle, the absurdity of the story will.  The Fat Catz directed this video of a ‘homeless’ woman (with an un-kept Remy hair weave) dreams of shopping at high-end boutiques then gets an anonymous makeover by the Soft-hearted rapper, including a duffel bag full of cash O_O

Ladies, keep ya head up! One day, Plies may sponsor you too!

Sidenote: This song is catchy as hell though…

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  1. The video is way too damn long, the length is so uncalled for! None of them stand out, the lyrics just amuses me more than the original song. Rasheeda is a beautiful woman, Toya is lovely, Lola is usually gorgeous, this time…not so much.

  2. I forgot to comment on Plies…ahh man nevermind.

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