Melt in your Ears: Monica feat.Ludacris – Still Standing


Ok, so I know I’m MAD late on this! I guess Monica had premiered her Reality show, The Single back in July of last year on Peachtree TV (TBS). It was filmed in Monica’s hometown of Atlanta while recording THE Single for her upcoming album, Lessons Learned. (So no, Monica was not dropped from her Label, J records yet) Anyways, while flipping through channels tonight, I came across the show and tuned in. It was actually a very well-put together documentary of sorts!  You saw Monica with makeup; Monica with no makeup; Monica with her adorable sons; Monica curled up in bed with fiancehusband Rocko and her first born lil Rock – you get the point.  Anyways, her and Bryan Michael Cox(the go-to guy for all R&B reality shows it seems) are looking for that one single Monica needs to start out above the Rihanna’s and the Ciara’s. This is Monica, by the way, not no New Jack.

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Anyways, long story short, the show was good and the song is banging! Unfortunately, upon listening to it without the visual aids of TV, on my laptop, it comes across as just mediocre. The beat is nice, the lyrics are SERIOUS (but who really cares about lyrics nowadays i guess…) and Monica sounds great on it. But judging from the lack of any real promotion (this is Feb. 2009, thanks) or a music video or album release date, me thinks J records has just given this song the good ol’ Heave Ho!! But I enjoyed it! Very inspirational…What do ya’ll think??

Last chance, huh? Really J records? Like that??

Last chance, huh? Really J records? Like that??

Monica feat. Ludacris – Still standing

P.S Shouts outs to Luda 4 shoutin’ out Jesus!

P.P.S If I can find a link to the actual show or a snippet, I will update the post!

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  1. I love me some Mo! I loved Still Standing as well, but her label wasn’t in love with it. So she went back to work with more writers and producers, including Missy and NeYo. Currently, she is working on a reality show with BET which will coincide with the release of her album in June. 🙂

    P.S. Dimewars has the episode broken down into segments

  2. Thanks Lola! I checked out Dimewars, but couldn’t find the one segment I wanted to post, but maybe I need to look harder…
    I love me some Mo as well, really hoping for the best with this next project too…

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