Hot ChokLit! Ciara feat. Missy Elliot – WORK video

CiaraWorkNow don’t get mad at me if your favourite mindless music video channel is not playing this video to death – unless you live in the UK. The single for Work featuring a noticeably slimmer Missy Elliot was released only in the UK, though if successful, it will be released in the US at a later date. Currently Ciara is prepping her newest Single, Like a Surgeon, which is my ChokLit Jam (after, Tell Me what your Name Is).

I must say, this video is HOT. From the treatment of Ciara posin’ up in the hot sun at a construction site, while rocking some furocious couture; to the scene with Ciara and her hard-working dancers gettin’ stank with it in a sand pit at the construction site, complete with work belts and baggy jeans. Kudos to director Melina (also directed Beyonce’s Diva, Keri Hilson’s Energy & Ashanti’s Good Good), wicked Choreographer Jamaica and Ciara’s dancers that are stay crunk. I wasn’t a fan of the song too much, but the video definitely upped the hype factor of the song – I can see this being played in a club for sure.

I wish Ciara continued luck with this project. Her CD Fantasy Ride has sold about 150,000 copies to date in the U.S. I know my sister bought it claimed she was very dissappointed. But I’ve also heard some people like the CD and bump it often. Also, this is Ciara’s most successful CD overseas, so I can see why she is promoting it heavy across the pond. Ciara’s management and label are playing it smart; records don’t sell nowadays so you have to commit to building your Brand. Then keep building it. You can’t let them see you sweat just because your sales are dismal.

Did ya’ll like it?

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