Guilty Pleasure: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too Trailer

Tyler Perry does NOT sleep! In April 2010, he will premiere his newest sequel to his 2007 hit, Why Did I Get Married. This was my favorite TP movie besides Diary of a Mad Black Woman so I am very excited for the newest installment. How is Jill Scott’s character Shiela new marriage with her new man Sheriff Troy going? How are Janet’s character Patricia her husband Gavin better coping after the loss of their child? Will Anglea and Marcus have gotten past their cheating pasts? And how will Diane and Terry fare after Diane’s selfish ways? This one definitely looks like it will be a good one and will hit big at the Box office. Are ya’ll excited?

Sidenote: Janet learned about the loss of her brother Michael during the filming of this movie. She returned to compete the movie after taking some much-needed time off.


Melt In Your Ears: Mary J. Blige & Taraji Can Do Bad all by Themselves


Over the weekend I took in the Tyler Perry flick, I Can Do Bad All By Myself with some good friends. We caught the late show in the ‘hood’ movie theater so we noticed the audience was a lot more ‘livelier’ than usual. Taraji P. Henson did her thing in the movie, playing a selfish, emotionally void drunk club singer who has to face her challenges when an unexpected event lands her deceased sister’s kids on her doorstep. Although this movie still has its token Madea moments, Taraji’s character is the main star and Tyler does not skimp on the drama aspects at all. Overall, the movie was very entertaining – like we expected it to be. Mary J. Blige makes a cameo as Taraji’s friend Tonya, and does some real spirited singing in the movie. She sings the title song in the video below; it is a very well-written song and carries a strong message as well. According to the movie credits, Mary as well as Ne-yo wrote lyrics for this song. The below video is just a snippet, but you get the gist of it. This soundtrack sounds like a good one! Did anyone else catch this movie? What did ya’ll think of it?

*Side Note: I forgot to mention that this may be the first time Mr. Perry has opted not to have all light-skinned children for his children actors. Also, I believe his screenwriting skills may be improving. So kudos…

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