ChokLitFactory Exclusive: ChokLitFactory’s Top 25 songs of 2008 Part III

Ok, we are back! Finally, we get rid of all the suspense and lace you the TOP 8 songs of 2008! It wasn’t easy crafting the top 8, but I believe I made the right decisions. Some of these songs, you may not even heard of before! What would ya’ll do without me? So check ’em out, then speak on it! What do you guys think?

*Side Note: I’ve gotten rid of the players, so you all know the drill. click or hover on the link and press PLAY!
Here we GO!

8 – Raheem Devaugn – Customer



Raheem started off 2008 with a hit song and a critically-acclaimed record. Customer came out of nowhere and ended up being a hit with the 106&Park crowd. And Raheem seemed to find his writing niche: highly metaphoric, sweet love songs sung to ChokLit ladies 😉 

 Raheem DeVaughn – Customer


7 – Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers and Bears



 So, I’m kinda of cheating on this one…technically, this song was just released as a single in the 09, but I had to include it on the list since I first heard it performed by Jazmine in concert  back in 2008. Also because this song may get lost in the Choklit sauce, it being released so early in the year. This song is so dramatic; its music is brooding and deep, clearing the way for Jazmine’s unique vocals. And her lyrics are heartfelt and so true. Many people can attest to that feeling of being afraid of love more so than other earthy dangers. Def one of the best songs musically and lyrically, I’ve heard in years. And Jasmine got robbed blind at the Grammys too ya’ll….

Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears


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